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While Taurus is capable of philosophy and altruism with the best of them, those ideals are at the core of the Aquarius soul, and everything they do is in pursuit of furthering humankind as a whole. Another wrinkle is that Taurus people are very good at making and keeping hold of their money, whereas Aquarius people believe that everyone is created equal and should be treated as such - the divide of the rich and the poor and the have or have nots wrinkles their nose. Both signs have a playful side that is well worth exploring together, however. Aquarius and Taurus are alike inasmuch as they have a laid back yet often wry and witty approach to life that means they get on well with others, and particularly one another. In love, however, while an avoidance of overly demonstrative and soppy romance is appreciated, Taurus is certainly more romantically minded than Aquarius, and both signs can often feel like their efforts are overlooked or receive minimal reactions in the other. The Aquarius woman, meanwhile, is fully aware that society is pressurising women to appear a certain way, and cheerfully snubs her nose at the very idea of that. Hers is to be an individual to the very end, and how she dresses, moves and presents herself is unique to the very letter.

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Travel Tales, Tips, and Pics. On my trip to Ireland, I discovered a town called Lisdoonvarna. Would I have any luck in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland, finding my match? It must be time for the magic potion. Most people know, I am a single, solo traveler. I travel solo because it is hard to find someone who wants to travel when I can go. Or if they can go with me, they change their minds and decide not to go at the last minute.

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