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But can she tell Caleb to stop without revealing the real issue? Fortunately, Hanna saves Caleb just when the officers were about to pll the school files "A" planted on his laptop. Their and is safe liars now. Things are now bittersweet for started because if she stays with him, little can spencer have a normal relationship spencer other couples have without hiding out in his apartment.

However, she must also face the fact that his ex is now in the picture. Besides having to decide if the relationship is worth it, she also has to deal with her family having more secrets in the house and her brother Mike continuing to grow in his rebellious ways. Aria's relationship with Ezra will also be tempted by the arrival toby a new dating interest, Jason DiLaurentis.

In liars winter premiere, Ezra and Aria reveal their relationship to Byron and Ella, but their reaction isn't what they hoped for.

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Maybe Holden, a mysterious boy from Aria's past, can help? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. When even. Contents [ show ].

They were my favourite couple all the way through. Pretty Liars Liars is so different now, don't toby toby wr. Guest Cast Add characters here when they have appeared in 2 episodes or less in the season. Character Appearances. The drama continues moments after the explosive season one finaleand the spotlight is and on four guilty-looking liars. On and eve of many "goodbyes," AriaEmilyHanna and Spencer must come to terms with being kept apart.

Plus, Ezra begs Aria to meet him so they can work things out. Will she?

As AriaLiarsHanna and Spencer try to keep their distance from each other, each girl looks to distractions to help fulfill the "separate time" request liars their parents. The girls find that a pretty hand is needed to liars out of some tricky situations. Plus, Aria has a chance encounter with someone who brings back surprising memories.

As the shocking news about Ian makes the rounds, AriaEmilyHanna and Spencer and their families all try when cope with the outcome and some much needed closure. On the eve of the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show, the girls are spencer when Alison's mother returns to town and requests that they participate liars the show. The girls are uneasy as each confronts pll matters. Ezra and Jason are invited to a dinner pll at the Montgomery's and vie for Aria's attention.

RSS feed for comments on this post. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Search for:. The Toronto Sound June The Toronto Sound May Toby replies that A already knew.

Spencer continues to yell until Toby gets out a transcript from Radley of the night that his mother killed herself.

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Toby is looking through his mother's transcript again, while Spencer researches more about Tippi's phone number. Realizing Toby's stressed out and upset, Spencer approaches him.

He says he wants to find out more about his mom, but it's not in the transcript. She looks at him for a moment and tells him that the other girls are going to find out about what he did with the RV.

Toby says he knows, and then stands up. Spencer informs him that they should probably tell the girls before they find out, but Toby says he doesn't have the courage to do it. She gives him the address, and they're about to go, but Toby tells her that he's going alone, since Spencer has to worry about Melissa. She asks him why he has to go now, and he says, "Now is all I've got. The girls don't believe her at first, until Spencer admits it's true.

The other girls are shocked by this revelation, and upset with her. They're about to reveal it to Hanna, but Hanna says whatever they need to say can wait, so she still doesn't know yet. Unfortunately, Spencer cannot tell them the reason he moved the RV, due to the fact that she promised Toby she wouldn't until he's ready.

Later on, Toby comes over to Spencer's house. She tells him that the other girls know he moved the RV, and are upset with her. Toby says he can't tell them the reason he moved the RV because then he'll never know what really happened to his mother. Spencer understands, but she's still annoyed.

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She knows she has to win her friends' trust back. Toby tries to apologize for all of this, but Spencer simply says "I know", implying that she's still a little bit upset. He points out some creepy things in Ravenswood as they continue to drive.

When they arrive at where they think she is, a creepy man says he's the only one here, and continues to trim the bushes. Spencer grabs Toby's hand and tells him they should leave, and then they drive back into some location in Ravenswood.

Spencer sees Mrs. Grunwald in a building, and she rushes in to get answers. When Toby notices she's gone, he rushes into the building while Spencer begins confronting Mrs. When Mrs. Grunwald seems to be lying, as she says she knows nothing about Alison, Spencer gets irritated and then leaves the hair salon with Toby. Toby tells Spencer she needs to let go and stop trusting birds, Spencer gets a little frustrated.

She says that she may be trusting birds, but he's trusting -A. Shana begins to get into Jenna's car, and Toby points it out. They get back into Spencer's car, and Spencer starts driving quickly so she can keep up with Jenna and Shana. Unfortunately, they lose Jenna and Shana when a dead crow hits their car.

The three of them discuss it a little bit, and then Toby asks Caleb for a minute alone with Spencer, and Caleb jokingly says they can, but they shouldn't start making out or something. Spencer laughs a little and says that she missed him while Caleb and him were playing 'Hardy boys', but now isn't the time for that.

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She goes into the kitchen with Toby and they talk. They go into his truck and Toby turns it on, when music starts playing. The music is Toby's mother singing, and he begins to cry. Spencer doesn't want him to trust -A anymore, but he doesn't listen. Spencer meets with her friends, and they're wondering why she keeps sneaking around with Toby. Hanna asks her if she's pregnant, causing Emily to tell her to shut up. Spencer reveals that Toby is getting gifts about his mother's death. Later on, Emily tells her to tell Toby not to trust -A.

At the hoedown dance, Spencer and Toby arrive, with Emily by their side. Spencer says that she doesn't know the difference between a two-step and a polka, so she asks Toby if he'll lead. He says sure, but then jokes and asks what a polka is.

When does spencer started dating toby

She calls him and messages him multiple times, but he doesn't respond. He's really in his loft, very upset about what happened the set-up with A. Toby starts walking out of his loft and to the Brew, when he sees Shana. Shana drops a paper on her way out, so Toby picks it up and reads it. It reveals information about Wren and Melissa.

Toby immediately calls Spencer. It's implied that she invites him over, because he is at her house in the next scene. Toby keeps pointing out that Wren is her ex-boyfriend. After they change the subject from Wren, Spencer confronts him about leaving. She expresses how concerned and scared she was that A had done something to him. She tells him he can't disappear anymore. He tells her that he usually leaves when he feels like the walls are closing in on him, but this time, he stayed for her.

He tells her that she was right about A. She tells him that she doesn't want him to stop looking, but he says that he doesn't want A's version of the story, and that's as close as he wants to get to A ever again.

She wipes a tear off her face, and Toby takes her hands. The next day, Spencer is with her friends. She's on the phone with Toby as they reach the magic show in Ravenswood. Spencer says, "I love you" over the phone to him before she hangs up. In Who's In The Box? He gets out as her friends leave, and Spencer and Toby reunite in front of Rosewood High. They hug each other, and Spencer asks about his mom, until Mona drives by quickly, making the subject change to her. Later, Spencer is at Toby's loft.

They continue to talk about his mom. Side note: a Spoby bear is hidden in this scene. Their conversation leads to the subject of Radley.

Pretty Little Liars - 03x05 - Paige get's jealous; Toby shows up at Spencer's

Spencer and Toby confront a woman from Decladine about the issue with his mother. Spencer backs him up. At Spencer's house, Toby compliments Spencer's work. She suggests that he talks to his dad about the thing with his mom, and he says he will, but he has more important things.

By that, he means Spencer. He kisses her, but she pulls away when her dad comes home. Toby starts to talk about how smart she is to her dad. He tells Mr. Hastings about Radley, and he says that Radley could be shut down.

He reveals that Spencer's dad cancelled on their meeting. Spencer says that she doesn't think that meeting with her dad is a good idea, anyway, since they don't know the real reason he wants to help. She thinks her dad is hiding something. Toby half-jokes that they don't know a lot of things, such as "Astrophysics, Portuguese, how to make flan".

He insists that he should do this, and Spencer seems reluctant, but she agrees to talk to her dad about it.

She gets up to leave, but Toby pulls her back to the couch to kiss her. They start to make out on his couch, and then Spencer says she knows how to make flan. Toby jokes and says he's not surprised. They both laugh before starting to make out again.

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Later, after Spencer gets into an argument with her dad, she goes to Toby's loft and asks if she can move in with him for a while. In Close EncountersSpencer is in Toby's loft in the morning after she moved in with him. She is wearing Toby's boxers and shirt.

There's a knock at the loft door, and it's her dad. He's surprised to see her there, since she lied and said she was with Hanna. Toby comes out in only a towel, starting to say, "Spence, I got the hot water Spencer's dad tells Toby to put some pants on, and then they have a talk about Radley.

Spencer finds out that her dad has an ulterior motive for wanting Toby to sign the Radley papers. She calls Toby and tries to warn him. When she goes to his loft after she's just followed Emily, she discovers that Toby's already signed the paper. She's upset that her dad manipulated him into signing it. Toby gets upset and tells her to let it go. He gets up and walks away. In Shadow Playnoir Toby interrogates Spencer for much of the episode.

However, when they go to an interrogation room, Spencer and Toby end up kissing. Later, Toby hits Ezra and rescues the girls. He keeps telling Spencer something that she doesn't understand, and then Spencer goes back to reality, and realizes what Toby said in her hallucination.

In Free FallToby returns for real, and reunites with Spencer at school. Spencer is initially distant due to her drug problem, but she claims she isn't mad at Toby for taking the money, but rather disappointed.

Toby says his mom wouldn't have been disappointed because she would want him to make his life full and share it with the people he loves. Toby asks, "You wanna start by sharing a sandwich? Spencer agrees, and they hug at school. Spencer and Toby have lunch together. Toby tries to make plans to get alone time with her, but she seems distant and busy. The bell rings, and they hug and kiss before Spencer leaves, even though Toby can tell that something is wrong.

Later, Spencer lies to her mom and says she's going to be with Toby all night to get out of going out with her mom. She is really planning on working on the whole Ezra situation. She calls Toby and tells him that she can come over, but on the later side. However, Spencer's mom finds out about her drug problem when Dr. Griggs's office calls. She tells Toby about it, and they confront her when she gets home.

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It is revealed that Toby had a big date planned for her, but it's cut off when they have to deal with the drug problem. Toby gives Spencer the present he was planning on giving her on the date, which is a Scrabble letter necklace with 'S' on it, representing the Scrabble game they played the night before they first kissed.

Toby leaves in disappointment, and Veronica takes over. Spencer is really upset to know that she ruined the date. He's still upset with her. Things escalate when Spencer argues with her parents, and then storms out of the house. Toby tries to follow her, but can't find her.

Eventually, Spencer returns home, and her parents and Toby are waiting there. Toby tells her that she needs help, but Spencer just goes upstairs and cries.

Not even for a second.

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Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Ignoring the call, Spencer leans over to kiss Toby, but when the phone rings again, Toby stops kissing her. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session. A breaking news story breaks in regards to the identity of the Jane Doe who was buried in Alison's grave, so everyone gathers in Emily's living room. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode.

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Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her.

Taking This One to the Grave. Spencer tells the Liars that Toby, having broken his leg in his car accident and now sitting in a wheelchair, going to be in the cast for about a month.

As Detective Holbrook and two officers come in to arrest Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young, Toby and Spencer call out to each other. How the 'A' Stole Christmas. Laughing, Spencer tells him no, and playfully pushes his head away.

Spencer places a decorative Christmas house in front of Toby, as everyone else huddles around the island bench. Toby is watching a black and white movie, when Spencer walks over and hands him a cup of tea, before kissing the top of his head.

Spencer, Toby and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. As Ezra sits down, Aria tells them that they should all say a prayer, and they link hands with one another.

Toby and Spencer listen as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. Suddenly everyone hears the sound of bells and something falling down the chimney. Through a Glass, Darkly. Peter explains to Spencer that the DA is dropping the charges against her, and that the police believe Alison set her up.

At her house with Toby and Caleb, Spencer questions what Toby means when that it was his knife. Behind bars. As Caleb goes to leave and Toby physically stops him, Toby calls on Spencer. Spencer tells Toby of course, before coaxing a reluctant Caleb into agreeing.

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Toby stops and when Spencer catches up to him, Toby tells her that she looked him in the eye and then she deliberately went behind his back. Toby comments that he wanted to do the right thing, and Spencer mentions that if he thought that, he would have picked up the knife the first time.

Spencer tells Toby that he keeps on talking about doing the right thing as if they have no idea what it is, but in this case, they needed to protect themselves and that meant getting rid of the knife.

After looking at each other, Spencer comments that Toby once told her she can tell him anything, and after another pause, Toby tells her that he has to go.

14 Reasons Spencer & Caleb Should Stop Hooking Up On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Looking over her shoulder, an upset Spencer watches as Toby walks away. The Bin of Sin. Sitting at his desk at the Rosewood Police Department, Toby is filling out some paperwork when his cell phone starts ringing. Spencer tells Toby to wait, but he hangs up on her.

Pll when do toby and spencer started dating

Pretty Isn't the Point. At a gas station, Spencer is waiting while Jonny pays for some fuel when Toby, in his police car, pulls up next to the van. When Toby questions what Spencer is doing here, Jonny steps in and says that Spencer had nothing to do with this and he can let her go. After closing the car door on Jonny, Toby pulls Spencer aside, telling her to walk away. Just walk away. Watching as Spencer begins to walk from the gas station, Toby gets in his car and drives off.

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