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I started looking into this subject a couple of years ago. But I believe I can give you some good advice. The most common by far is the bowie with the wooden handle the W Also they produced the stock number a bowie with a handle made of synthetic stag for the handle. These two variations appear during the time period of to at least There are at least 4 more variations in knife markings and wooden handle type from then to when Western started date coding their knives on the blade.

The Western Cutlery Company story and that of several other manufacturers could begin inthe year that Charles W. Platts emigrated from Sheffield, England. Platts was descended from a long line of knife makers and, in turn, his descendants were to have a significant impact upon a number of U.

A few years later, he became superintendent of the factory belonging to the Northfield Knife Company in the nearby town from which the company took its name.

Knife created by james black in eldred, blade, co. Bowie nhs park aree priority resource tool for any occasion. Many of a quick view of a vintage bowie was also be in boulder, as a. Western dating Find best western w49 bowie knives in , went out a cool vintage western, a/v technology, 2 x. They were made bowie knife bowies as. Dec 15,   Western Bowie #8 - Western Bowie, Model W49 - Time Frame - /74 to The only difference between this version and the version #6 is a change to the stamp on the mark side of the guard. At some point during , Western dropped referencing Boulder, Colorado on their knife stamps. Oct 13,   The knife on the left is the 2nd variant of the W49 and is blade marked: WESTERN / BOWIE / USA. The knife in the middle with the larger pins and modified guard is an example of the 5th variant, c It is blade marked: WESTERN / USA / W49 with the letter "A" which signifies the first year that Western implemented the alphabetical date code.

Charles and his wife, Sarah, reared five sons and each learned the cutlery craft at the Northfield Cutlery firm. Although other sons and their descendants remained active in the cutlery industry, the focus here is on Harvey Nixon Platts.

c Western Bowie W49

His experience led him to work in the blade grinding and finishing department of a new knife factory operated by Cattaraugus Cutlery Company. The company's early owners, J. Champlin and his son Tint, were joined temporarily in the business by four brothers of Mrs.

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Champlin formerly Therese Case. These Champlin brothers-in-law were W. Also working in the Cattaraugus office was Debbie Case, who lived with her brother, Russ, and their father, W. InH. Platts and Debbie Case were married and, within a couple of years, they had become parents of two sons, Harlow and Reginald. Charles Platts, still a respected cutlery leader, and his other sons reentered the picture when they moved from Northfield to Little Valley in and began work with Cattaraugus.

Practically every department of the Cattaraugus factory now had a Platts family member at work and the result would be nearly inevitable; they decided to start their own cutlery business. InCharles Platts was joined by his five sons in forming the C. Inwhen Charles Platts died, it was H. In addition to managerial responsibilities, H. Ever expanding to new territories, his sales trips took him father west through several states and into the midwestern plains states.

More than a few of Platts' sales trips were made in the company of another cutlery salesman, brother-in-law Russ Case. Platts would sell knives on one side of the town street while Case sold on the other side, each selling knives branded with their own name.

A new company, with J. Russell Case and H. Platts as organizers and major stockholders, was to emerge from this family and working relationship.

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Traditional Pocketknives Come Full Circle. Mike Hoover puts stone slabs on a knife! Art In Stone. Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife. All About Pocket Knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching, and discussing all things knives.

Privacy Terms. Existing Seller? Access Your Seller Dashboard. Need an affordable and effective way to buy and sell knives online? Knife Blades Used by Case W. Glossary of terms About Blade Steel. Illustration of pocket knife parts Blade Shapes and Descriptions. All About Pocket Knives All About Pocket Knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching, and discussing all things knives Skip to content. Quick links. Platts, was able to draw on his extensive friendships and family connections in the cutlery world to start Western States Cutlery and Manufacturing of Boulder Colorado.

At first only a jobbing business, by construction and machinery purchases were underway to begin manufacture of knives. Through name changes-to Western States Cutlery Co. In that year, the company was sold to Coleman, becoming Coleman-Western. Eventually purchased by Camillus inWestern continued until Camillus expired in Pictures will be added to my posts over time as quickly as I can get my act together. This method is to ensure that the right pictures get put in the right posts.

Also, some of the knives are "temporarily misplaced", hiding in the wrong tubs. One of my favorite knives of all time is the Western W49 Bowie Knife and its variations.

I have identified multiple variations of the W49 with the earliest dating back to WW2. I am certain that there are variations that I have not even encountered yet. The chrome plated ones were in really nice shape other then some chipping to the chrome and handle wear and maybe minor pitting.

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The other three were heavly pitted from the jungle. Expect to see hard use and pitting on any knife used in Vietnam as the jungle destroyed them pretty good. When I see a Vietnam used knife for sale that is in mint condition I usually pass. If the knife has the original leather sheath I expect to see some pretty hard use on that leather. The chrome one I own has a replacment sheath made of canvas. I have two other knives my cousin gave me in when he returned from Vietnam. They all have heavy use and both have the sheaths replaced after they rotted away.

Bottom line if you want a western Bowie that was actully used in Vietnam you need good provinence on the knife. It should show jungle use. If you can located a chromed one I would say there was a good possibility that it was used in Vietnam.

The marking are very important. If there is a letter on the blade under the Western name it is post The ones marked W49 with large handle bolts are questionable to me. Have no idea.

Dec 06,   Bottom line if you want a western Bowie that was actully used in Vietnam you need good provinence on the knife. It should show jungle use. If you can located a chromed one I would say there was a good possibility that it was used in Vietnam. Apr 11,   In Western's catalog they say that all of their fixed blade knives are marked on the guard with the stock number of the knife. I have fairly good evidence that the W49 of the 2nd version, (blade marked on the name side of the blade only with WESTERN/BOWIE/U.S.A., in 3 lines), was still the knife being produced in Western Cutlery Company started production in The knife designs survived two ownership changes in its long history before the final owners, Camillus Cutlery, went out of business in Western knives are outdoor knifes used for hunting and fishing, and early models and those used by .

The one I have is chromed on the blade, crossguard and handle pins. See picture Without taking the grips off there is no way to tell if it was a factory job or post purchase.

I have never found any reference to Western chroming their knives. It could have been a special order as there were Western Bowies ordered by 5th Special Forces with blade inscriptions. My cousin who served in Vietnam from to said he saw knives in country with chrome plating to protect them from moisture.

Western bowie knife dating

Western started making stainless versions of some of their knives as early as There is a version of the Western Bowie that appears in the catalog. This knife has a stock number of S It differs from the W49 by the stainless steel used in the blade and the synthetic stag material they used for the handle. I don't know how long they made this knife but by the catalog it has disappeared.

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No the one I have is chrome plated. You can see where some of the plating is peeling with age and use.

Stainless steel does not peel off as you know. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but it seemed like the right place to add this.

Thanks to Tom Williams who had it in with some old Western documents. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

New Listing VINTAGE WESTERN FIXED BLADE KNIFE with Sheath, Bear File and Hone. $ shipping. Ending Feb 24 at PM PST. Brand: Western Type: Bowie Features: Sheath Included. Vintage Western USA Made Blackjack # Bowie Hunting Survival Knife. $ shipping. 'sWESTERN CUTLERYW47UNUSED BOWIEHUNTING & FIGHTING KNIFE NO. The Western Knife Company was a manufacturer of hunting knives which began operations in Boulder, Colorado in The company is probably best known for its "Bowie" style hunting butterfishny.com company was purchased by Coleman (the famous manufacturer of outdoor equipment) in Camillus Cutlery Company purchased Western in In February, , Camillus closed as a result of bankruptcy. was the first year that Western knives started using the alphabet, starting with the letter "A", to date code their knives. It was also the last year they were made in Boulder, CO. - They moved to Longmont, CO. in and continued the alphabet dating code for another 15 years until they were sold at auction to Camillus in

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