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All the Vampire Diaries Deaths-Ranked! Check out what Wesley, Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev - who played their characters' mutual love interest Elena Gilbert, and other stars from The Vampire Diaries have been up to in recent years. Dobrev has dated a few celebs over the years. They split after about seven months. They broke up in

Unknown to Stefan at the time, Lexi talked Damon out of leaving with Stefan, citing his profligate lifestyle and how Damon's behavior would not be good for Stefan's rehabilitation. She seemed to be proven right when, after Charlotte had brought a bleeding victim back to the bar, Stefan started to lose himself at the sight and smell of human blood. Lexi's interference proved instrumental in the brothers' long estrangement, as Stefan left for the North African campaign believing Damon had abandoned him yet again.

Stefan in the 60s. Stefan returned to Mystic Falls this year along with Lexi. Stefan asked Lexi to go to New York City to help Damon get his humanity back and to get his act together. He was in Chicago with Lexi at a Bon Jovi concert, which unbeknownst to them was Katherine watching them from afar.

Stefan in summer, Stefan meets Matt for the first time. Stefan was first seen as a mysterious, handsome and new high school student at Mystic Falls High School. He was born and raised in the town of Mystic Falls and had just moved back to town, where he lives with his nephew Zach in the Salvatore Boarding House he lived in Salvatore Estate.

Zach refers to him as "Uncle Stefan", even though Stefan looks significantly much younger. When Stefan first arrives at the high school, all the girls are irresistibly attracted him and want to gain his attention.

It is at the high school that Stefan inevitably and fatefully meets Elena Gilbertwho bears an unusual, and striking uncanny physical resemblance to Stefan's past love fromKatherine Pierce. Upon meeting each other, Stefan and Elena are instantly, undeniably drawn to each other and the two instantly connect.

Over a gradual period of time, Stefan and Elena bond, fall deeply, passionately in love and eventually develop a romantic relationship. According to Caroline ForbesStefan's favorite color is blue. Stefan wears a large, silver ring made from enchanted Lapis Lazuli stone a stone which was enchanted by Emily Bennett back in that allows him to walk around in the sunlight without burning. Unlike Damon, who drinks human blood and feeds off of innocent people, Stefan has chosen a vegetarian diet, living on an animal blood diet.

His best friend, and supposedly one of his few friends, was a vampire named Lexi Branson. In Candlesit was mentioned that she visited him every year on his birthday, and this was the only day he allowed himself do any crazy or stupid stuff.

He has jumped naked into the Trevi Fountain and he has also got drunk on a tour to the Statue of Liberty. When Damon killed her, he was furious. He was thinking about killing Damon. He instead let him off with a warning, staked him, but missed the heart on purpose.

It is revealed that it was Stefan who rescued Elena from the car crash which killed her adoptive parents he tried to rescue them too, but he was too late. When Damon turned Vicki Donovan into a vampire, Stefan tried to teach her the ability of self control but she couldn't handle it. She ran away and went to the Halloween Party at school, but when Vicki was threatening.

Elena and Jeremy's life, Stefan had to kill her. He has a bitter relationship with his older brother Damon. They overcame some of their differences when they tried to free Katherine from the tombbut after they opened it, they discovered she wasn't there. When Damon learned that Katherine wasn't there and that she had never really loved him he was heartbroken, leaving both Stefan and Elena to do their best to comfort him. In Let The Right One after the vampires were released from the tomb, a vampire named Frederick and some other vampires kidnapped Stefan and tortured him and tried to kill him.

Harper tried to protect him, but they tied him up. He was saved by Damon and Elena. They killed most of the vampires, but because Harper tried to help Stefan, he told Damon not to kill him. Elena gave Stefan some of her blood so could be stronger Frederick put a stick into him and almost killed him but Stefan was faster then Fredrick and killed him. But then he became addicted to human blood, and drank it behind Elena's back. When Damon told Elena what he was doing, they got into a fight.

He drank her blood and almost killed her but was stopped by Bonnie when she cast a spell on him. Elena and Damon then locked Stefan up in the basement to try to get him back to normal. In Blood BrothersStefan felt really guilty about all the things he had done and thinks that Damon did was his fault since he forced Damon to turn into a vampire. He also told Elena how he and Damon became vampires.

Stefan felt so guilty that he tried to take his ring off and was about to commit suicide, until Elena convinced him not to do it. When they came back, Damon told him two things. He hates him because he wanted Katherine all to himself.

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In Founder's Daywhen the tomb vampires was about to attack the during the Founder's Day festival, Stefan was affected by the device when John Gilbert started it like all other vampires in town. He was about to be taken by a deputy, but Alaric and Elena came when Stefan was spotted, Alaric sent the deputy to towards another vampire instead of Stefan, saving his life.

Stefan drags Katherine from one wall to another after almost being fooled by her. In The ReturnStefan arrived at Elena 's house and examined Jeremyconfirming that he wasn't a vampire.

Stefan then watched Jeremy while Elena goes to the hospital to check on Caroline. When Stefan comes downstairs, he sees "Elena", who is really Katherine.

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Stefan quickly realizes who it is and immediately throws her over the couch. Katherine breaks his arm, and then leaves when Damon and Elena walk into the house. Stefan asks Damon how Katherine had fooled him and Damon replied that he had kissed her, thinking he had kissed Elena.

This upsets Stefan and he was about to attack his brother, but Elena stopped him. Stefan and Elena went to question John about the attack, but John insulted Elena's love for Stefan and offended her. Stefan then threatened John's life by giving him blood to turn him into a vampire, and would do it if John didn't leave town. Stefan arrived at the Lockwood Estate in time to stop Katherine from attacking Bonnie.

Stefan tried to get Katherine to spill why she was there, ignoring her flirting. Katherine told him she had com. Elena took care of Stefan's wounds until Damon came and she went to see how Jeremy and Jenna were. Damon was ready for a fight, but Stefan refused, knowing this was what could tear them apart with Katherine on the loose. Katherine got under Damon's skin and Damon killed Jeremy with the intention of turning him into a vampire, but due to Jeremy's ring, Stefan was able to identify that he was still human.

Damon thought he hadn't been trying, but Stefan admitted that he actually had and Mason was unnaturally strong. Damon decided to compel Cartera worker, to get in a fight with Tyler Lockwood and see how Mason reacted. Stefan spied the fight from a far and witnessed Mason's unusual fighting against Carter. When they left, Carter was confused by why he did what he had done, and Stefan told him he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stefan took her off to the bathroom to clean the blood of her face. Caroline was disgusted and horrified by what she had done and freaked out when she saw her eyes change to black. Stefan got her to calm down and showed that this was completely natural. Caroline asked him why Katherine had done this to her, but Stefan didn't know.

Afterwards, Stefan convinces Bonnie to create a lapis ring for Caroline and begins to teach her how to live on the animal diet. At the realization that Mason Lockwood was a werewolfhe even tried to protect her. In Kill or Be Kille Stefan tried to make peace with Mason who told his secret to Elizabeth Forbesthe sheriff, who went about trying to destroy the brothers. This time Caroline came to the brothers rescue. Knowing that he was too weak from his diet, Stefan decided to start taking small amounts of human blood every day, and Elena who was against it at first, started to help him by giving him her own blood.

In Plan BStefan jumps into a well to try and find the moonstone that Mason hid, but didn't realize the water was full of vervain and he couldn't move, his face and body beginning to burn; Elena comes down to rescue him. After a dangerous situation in which Jenna, Elena's aunt, stabs herself after being compelled by Katherine, Stefan and Elena realize that it was a mistake not listening to Katherine and allowing themselves to challenge her, and decide to break up, despite their affection and deep love for each other.

At the party when Katherine came he had to dance with her or she would kill someone. Katherine told Stefan that she wants the moonstone back and when he told her that she can't have it Katherine killed Aimee Bradley and left her in Stefan's arms he put Aimee's body in his car.

Stefan returns to the party and says to Damon they need to call the whole thing off, but Damon convinces him to change his mind. Later Stefan and Damon is in the room were Bonnie had cast a trapping spell.

Caroline lured Katherine inside the room, then the brothers attacked Katherine. Stefan and Damon continue fighting, and when Damon is just about to drive the stake through Katherine's heart Jeremy comes and says " Everything you're doing to her is hurting Elena" both Stefan and Damon stop. Trapped inside the room Stefan realizes something.

He remembers that Katherine told him that she gave George Lockwood something that he needed to make him help her fake her death, he figures it's the moonstone. He asks Katherine why she needs it back but Katherine doesn't answer him. Lucy appears, getting their attention, she gives the moonstone to Katherine.

All of a sudden Katherine starts gasping and falls.

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Lucy says that Elena is fine and that the spell is broken. She apologies for her involvement to the Salvatore's and leaves. Stefan the goes out to Elena while Damon traps Katherine in the tomb.

Stefan tries to get back with Elena, but she refuses and decides to wait until she makes sure that she and her loved ones are safe first. In RoseStefan and Damon have to rescue Elena, when she is kidnapped and held by two vampires called Trevor and Rose. When Stefan finds Elena, he and Damon work together to bring down another vampire called Elijah. In the tenth episode he goes into the cave to save Jeremy from Katherine. He got stuck in the tomb with Katherine because Bonnie is unable to release the spell over it.

However, Elijah made a deal with Elena; to get Stefan out of the tomb, and so he kept the deal and got Stefan out and compelled Katherine to stay in the tomb until he told her to come out. He has now started drinking vervain to build up tolerance to it.

In Crying WolfStefan brought Elena to a lake house where Elena and her adoptive family used to go. When they arrived, Elena took a few moments and went into the house, leaving Stefan outside.

She tricked Stefan into believing that the house was left to John Gilbert after her parents died, but she revealed the truth shortly after.

Elena then invited Stefan into the house. Brady shot Stefan in the chest, probably not hitting his heart and left Tyler with a gun and a stake to watch over him while Brady took Elena. Elena was smart enough to hide around the house while Brady searched for her.

Brady was stabbed a couple of times by Elena. Elena rushed towards the door and out and when Brady came out in pursuit, Stefan pulled his heart out, literally. Stefan explained to Tyler that Elena had to be sacrificed to break the curse and Tyler released him.

He is later seen with Elena, protecting her, as John falls down the stairs, dead. Katherine kidnapped Elena and posed as her, but Stefan knew where Elena was, and he gets stabbed with vervain. He then teams up with Damon to find Isobel and Elena. After that, they give Elena their house to protect her from vampires. Damon and Stefan realized that they have a new secret weapon: Bonnie.

He can see that something is troubling Jeremy and after talking with him, he finds out that Bonnie might die if she uses too much power to kill Klaus. He goes to Damon asking if he knew that already, and Damon admits he did.

Later both Stefan and Damon help Jeremy who is being attack by students, Stefan then realizes that it was a distraction. He meets up with Elena, both rushing to find Bonnie and Damon. After Elena has freed Elijah from the dagger, Stefan respects her wishes and lets her try to talk with him alone and soon after is seen protecting Jenna from Klaus who is still in Alaric body. Later Stefan tells Damon to stop treating Andie Star like that.

Stefan vampire diaries dating

The brothers start to fight about Damon loving Elena, after Stefan says that Damon doesn't have Elena's respect. They are interrupted by Elijah and Elena.

However, when Damon fed Elena his blood, Stefan fought him and ended up with a stake in the stomach. Stefan then took Elena on a hike to watch the sunset and to have one last romantic day together. During the sacrifice he tries to exchange himself for Elena's aunt Jenna Sommers as the vampire but Klaus refuses saying he has plans for him.

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan watches in horror as Elijah, instead of killing Klaus as planned, fled with him. Klaus' plans are revealed in As I Lay Dying.

Klaus offers him a deal to save Damon from a werewolf bite: he will become his right-hand man, leaving everything including Elena and Klaus will cure Damon. Stefan accepts and drinks the number of blood bags Klaus gives him. Klaus then gives his blood, the cure, to Katherine to be delivered to Damon. At first Stefan is shocked, but relieved when Elena sends him a text saying Damon is okay.

As Stefan watches Klaus place Elijah's body with the rest of his family. Klaus then calls out a teenage girl from behind the crate and forces Stefan to kill her and drink her blood as his initiation. Stefan does so, and Klaus is pleased. Stefan and Klaus find Ray. The girls give up Ray Sutton ' s location, a werewolfbut Klaus tells Stefan to kill the blonde quickly and make the runner suffer, before walking out. Stefan obliges. Then Klaus and Stefan arrive at a bar to find Ray.

Ray is suspicious and soon figures out that he's in the company of vampires. Stefan's compelled everyone in the bar so Ray is all alone - and refusing to give up the location of his pack. Still, that doesn't bother Stefan, who menacingly suggests that they're going to play a drinking game - "truth or wolfsbane". Back in the bar, Ray's being tortured, he's chained up and Stefan's throwing wolfsbane soaked darts at him. He's still refusing to give up details of his pack. Fortunately for Ray, he gets a slight reprieve when Klaus gets word that Damon has been sniffing around.

Stefan promises to go and deal with it - and vows to return to Klaus. Damon meets Stefan who tells him to stop causing problems. Damon, of course, claims that he doesn't care about Klaus, but Stefan tells him again to let him go.

Damon warns that if Stefan carries on, they'll be no saving him, but Stefan says he doesn't need that - though Damon points out that Elena thinks differently. Stefan, at this point, shows just how far he has fallen. He calls out to Andiewho is up high on a beam in the studio roof. Terrified, she sobs that Stefan has compelled her and she can't move. Damon tells Stefan that it's "not cool" but Stefan chillingly replies: "Oh, come on.

A little bit cool". He then tells Andie that she can move, she falls and breaks her neck. Stefan returns to Klaus, who has extracted the wolf pack information from Ray. Klaus announces that he now has to go through a three-stage process. First, he feeds Ray his blood, and then he swiftly breaks his neck.

Klaus says he knew Stefan would come back, and Stefan, for his part, claims that he doesn't care about anything anymore. Interestingly, Klaus accuses him of putting on a "good show". He says Stefan will never stop caring about his family, but the blood makes it easier to let go.

Later Stefan leaves the bar in Tennessee. He calls Elena, but when she picks up he remains silent, Elena realizes who is on the phone. She tells him he will be alright and tells him to hold on to the fact that she loves him.

Stefan nods and begins to cry. In The End of the Affairit is revealed that Stefan use to be a lover of Rebekahan original vampire and Klaus' sister.

Klaus takes him to Chicago about their memories who was erased by Klaus and their days and Rebekah is now dead, waiting for her resurrection.

Elena stays at Stefan's old apartment, hides from Klaus and Stefan who hides from Elena before he takes a wine. As Elena attempted to shoot him with a vervain dart, Stefan tells her that he doesn't want to come back.

After Rebekah's reawaken, Klaus compels him to remember. Still in Chicago with Klaus and Rebekah at the start of Disturbing BehaviorKatherine signals to Stefan who is in a clothing store that she wants to talk with him. She knows he has a plan, and warns him that Klaus is smart and will figure it out. As Gloria starts to search for Rebekah's necklaceStefan begins to worry that Elena will be found. Gloria later says that what she saw in her vision bothered her, that the girls she saw were talking about him.

She tells him he could tell her, or she could torture him for it. As Stefan speeds to attack her, she only glances at him and he falls to the floor in pain. Gloria sets up everything to torture him for the information, and finally sees where the necklace is. Katherine arrives and stabs Gloria in the neck.

Katherine offers that they should work together, yet Stefan still refuses. Stefan goes to where all Klaus' family members coffins are held, and almost opens one before Rebekah comes in. He asks her out about the man that was looking for them, but she give him a straight answer. She kisses him, testing if he has any feelings for her, and is disappointed, asking him if he would ever love someone like his previous girlfriend Elena.

Klaus comes in a few seconds later telling them Gloria is gone, and Rebekah says Stefan isn't on their side, that he's been asking about Mikael. Klaus attacks him. He is shown to wake up in the back of a truck, where Klaus welcomes him back to Mystic Falls - to find out what Stefan is hiding. Klaus started using mind compulsion on Stefan in The Reckoningto get Stefan to obey to his orders and kill two students, Dana and Chad. He then compelled him to kill Elena if the clock reached 0. Stefan showed great strength when he fought the compulsion and told Elena to run.

Unfortunately, Klaus then used compulsion one last time and ordered Stefan to turn his emotions off. Stefan was forced to attack Elena. In the end of the episode, Stefan is shown back at the Salvatore boarding house, saying as Klaus left town, he's been ordered to keep Elena safe for the reason that her blood is needed to create hybrids.

Stefan Salvatore

His attitude is much like that as when Damon first arrived in Mystic Falls in the season one premiere. Damon is unimpressed by his brother's behavior, most importantly the way he is feeding off of girls in the house.

As Rebekah enters telling them Klaus left her behind and she doesn't have a place to stay, Stefan shows he doesn't really care about that. Elena, Damon and Alaric later formulate a plan to catch Stefan off guard and lock him up, to try and restore him to his normal self. The plan fails thanks to Vicki interfering and trying to kill Elena, but Elena does see a glimmer of hope for Stefan: that there may still be a part of him left. Stefan later asks Elena why did she save him from the burning car, and calls her pathetic when she says she still has hope, causing his ex-girlfriend to stab him.

In Ghost Worl after Bonnie casts a spell revealing all of the ghosts, Lexi appears. She knocks him out and locks him in the county Jail.

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She brings Elena and shows her how to get him to feel something, by torturing him. Stefan tries to get Elena to let him go by saying that he loves her, but Lexi and Elena see through it, causing him to howl in rage and say that he wishes that he never met them.

After Lexi disappears, Stefan asks Elena if she's given up, but Elena says no, but Stefan couldn't either, because he would lose her if he did, she would not love a ghost. The two of them go to a bar and drink, both beer and blood.

Stefan asks why Damon he freed him, but Damon brushes the question off. Eventually, Mikael shows up and drives his fist through Damon's heart in an attempt to get Stefan to tell him where Klaus is, after hearing that Stefan is connected to him.

At first, it seems as if Klaus' compulsion made it so that he didn't care, but he eventually agrees to lure Klaus to Mystic Falls. However, he later tells Damon that he did it to get freedom from Klaus, not because of any feelings for his brother. She tells him that she is going back to go through with the plan, but that will mean Damon's death.

She tells Stefan to care enough about Damon to save him. After Stefan interrupts the plan, which results in Mikael's death, Klaus undoes his compulsion, and Stefan and Katherine leave. Katherine states that, while humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness. Stefan states that he can't go back to feeling after everything he has done.

But Katherine tells him that he needs to feel, because she needs him to get angry. He then calls Klaus and tells him that, despite fulfilling his promise and undoing the compulsions, he took everything from Stefan. When Klaus tells him to let bygones be bygones, and that an eternity of bad feelings gets old, Stefan counters saying that revenge never gets old, and reveals that he stole the coffins that hold Klaus' family. Klaus threatens to kill everyone Stefan has ever met, and Stefan says that if he does that, he will never see his family again.

Damon gets angry with Stefan when he realizes that Stefan stopped him from killing Klaus in order to save his life again. In Our TownStefan's obsession for revenge, drives him to kidnap Elena in an effort to get Klaus to call off his hybrids. He threatens to drive Elena off Wickery Bridge unless he calls them off. He agrees at the last moment.

Elena is very hurt and Stefan tells her that Klaus took everything from him and now all he has left is to get revenge on Klaus. Elena says he had her but he says, "I lost you the minute I left town Then, Jamie came to protect Elena but Stefan compels him to leave.

Stefan gets shot by Jamie, after realizing that Jamie has been compelled by someone. Unable to move he has to lie on the ground together with a tied up Elena. After she knocked out Jamie she helps Stefan to pull out the wooden bullets and she tells him, she kissed Damon.

Stefan is quiet but he seems hurt by the news. Elena seems confused by his reaction and he later tells her that she is better than Damon, that she is better than both of them. Stefan leaves and goes to Damon who was surprised to see his brother. He then hits Damon due to kissing Elena.

He then becomes concerned when Damon reveals that he undaggered one of the Originals. After that he was accused by Elena of having killed Brian Walkers, he asks her if Damon has recently killed someone and leaves. He and Damon have a conversation about un-daggering Elijah and Damon explains that Elijah's in the perfect mood to help killing Klaus. They reveal their past with Tatiathe Original Petrova. After Klaus made the offer that the Salvatores would keep away from Elena, Stefan disagrees, causing Klaus to overpower him and burn his hand in the chimney while Damon and Elijah go away.

Stefan states he should kill him and Klaus asks where the Ripper has been. Elijah frees Stefan and Damon, meaning that this is family business. Afterwards they look to see if the coffin got opened. They find Bonnie and Abby knocked out and the coffin opened.

Whatever was inside is gone now. In Dangerous Liaisons it is learned that Elena had been invited to the Mikaelson Family home for a ball and that the mother, Esther has requested an audience with her. Stefan and Elena agree that she should meet with Esther while Damon doesn't want her to go. They all end up showing up to the ball and Elena is escorted in by both brothers.

Later, Stefan watches as Damon and Elena begin to dance but as the waltz shifts to a sequence that switches partners, Elena runs into Stefan. They dance and while the energy is intense they share a light hearted chat about Stefan's usual lack of enthusiasm for dancing.

The subject then switches to Damon and Stefan tells Elena that Damon needs to figure out that she can look out for herself. Elena tells Stefan she needs to talk to him and she asks for his help in getting her into the room with Esther alone. She mentions that he cares about killing Klaus more than anything and Stefan says she's not wrong, though he has a conflicted look in his expression.

Elena mentions her appreciation that he still at least lets her make her own decisions. Stefan helps Elena and later takes her home. They talk about Damon's self destructive behavior that night. Elena says she said something she didn't mean and Stefan admits that he did too. Stefan says goodbye and as he walks out Elena stops him and asks how he can't feel anything and tells him that feeling anything is better than acting like he doesn't care. Stefan reveals that he can't because he hates himself for what he did to her.

He says "If I let myself care, all I feel is pain," and then leaves. In All My ChildrenElena calls Stefan but he declines to answer, an emotionally pained expression on his face.

He also appears to be writing in his diary for the first time in a while. Stefan asks Damon why he killed and turned Abby into a vampire while it should of been him. Damon says he can see that Stefan just wants to be the old him again and Stefan responds shaking his head and saying, "That part of me is gone for good. Stefan reveals that he stopped drinking human blood since the night he threatened to drive Elena off of Wickery Bridge.

In the episodeit was revealed that this was the year that Stefan went into "ripper" mode again. He and Damon showed up for a funeral of a family member and Damon later convinces Stefan to start drinking human blood again.

Later Stefan is shown drinking the blood of a woman. He looses control and ends up killing her. Stefan panics and goes into a frenzy, crying, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Damon notices that Stefan seems to be having a hard time going back to his animal diet. Later, Damon tempts Stefan into drinking from a human girl and tries to stop him before he gets too carried away.

Elena catches them and seems very upset. Stefan is hurt and angrily walks away from Damon. Later on Stefan is at the house sitting and looking upset. Damon walks in and tells him, "You did really well tonight.

Stefan asks Damon why he is trying to help him and Damn responds, "Because right now, you're all I got. In Break On ThroughElena runs into Stefan at the Salvatore boarding house and catches him serving himself blood from a blood bag.

Stefan seems uncomfortable with her presence as he is about to drink the blood. He then told Elena about Samantha Gilbert and says if the same thing is happening to Alaric then there is nothing she can do about it. Elena seems disappointed with Stefan's comment and leaves. Damon tries to tell Stefan to control his blood lust and to accept the fact that he is a vampire. Later, Stefan and Elena are about to go into Alaric's apartment and Stefan tells her that he is not trying to hurt her, he just can't be what she wants him to be right now.

In reference to Alaric, Elena tells Stefan that she wasn't planning on giving up on either of them. This seems to effect Stefan. As they return to Elena's home Stefan realizes that someone is bleeding upstairs.

He tells Elena he is going to need her help and they go upstairs to find Meredith badly injured and bleeding. Stefan seems to be tempted by the blood but then looks at Elena. He finds the strength to stay long enough to heal Meredith by feeding her his blood, and then leaves, resisting the urge to drink from her. At the end, Stefan is shown having a drink and he reveals to Damon that he is toasting to "control". Damon is later taken by Rebekah and tortured.

When Elena asks to go rescue Damon, Stefan refuses and insists that they carry out the plan. The truth of the vampire bloodlines is revealed and Stefan goes to rescue Damon, offering Klaus the remaining white oak stakes in exchange for Damon's freedom.

Klaus realizes that Stefan had not given him all of the stakes but Rebekah releases Damon anyways. Later, Elena enters Stefan's room telling him that he scared her by trying to go up to Klaus on his own.

Stefan says she doesn't have to worry about that anymore because he realizes hating Klaus and getting revenge isn't worth it. He seems disappointed saying it was all for nothing and that he is back where he started. Elena tells him that's not true and that he was dragged through hell but he came out the other side. Stefan reveals that hating Klaus was easy because it allowed him to ignore everything happening around him, everything he let slip away.

Elena reveals that she never stopped loving him but Stefan seems troubled at the notion that she has feelings for Damon. He says to Elena, "I love you, I will always love you. She says she doesn't know what she feels. Stefan nods and walks away in sadness. In Heart of Darknessit is revealed that Elena is going on a trip to Denver with Damon due to Stefan's idea that she figure out her feelings for Damon.

Stefan stays to watch over Alaric and he tells him in regards to Elena, "No matter what i go through to get her back Later on, Klaus tells Stefan he is still waiting for his "old friend to come back," after Stefan notes that Klaus won't kill him.

Stefan responds saying that he has been trying to fight off the "ripper" part of himself but that now that he has accepted it, it can't control him. He then tells Klaus, "And neither can you.

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So, unless your gonna stake me, why don't you get the hell out of my house. Stefan seems excited by her invitation and when he goes to pick Elena up they exchange compliments.

Aug 02,   Paul Wesley has confirmed that he and former "Vampire Diaries" co-star Nina Dobrev did not get along on set during the early seasons of the hit CW series. "I think the point that Nina was. Mar 23,   The relationship between the cured vampire doppelganger, Stefan Salvatore and the vampire, Caroline Forbes. Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. Stefan saves her after Damon attempted to kill Met: September 7, (Pilot).

They joke about the bad luck they usually have at the dances and Elena responds saying that they need to live their lives. Stefan jokes, saying, "Who gave you that horrible advice? When they arrive at the dance and begin to slow dance Stefan mentions that he has been meaning to apologize to Bonnie. Elena brings up Damon and their trip to Denver but Stefan stops her saying, "If you and I find our way back to each other, you can tell me if you want to. Otherwise, I don't need to know, I don't want to know.

He expresses that he is just honored to be her date that night. Later on, Stefan and Klaus are standing outside talking about Esther. Klaus mentions that the dance's s theme reminds him of their friendship and "brotherhood". Damon walks up, saying "Well he already has a brother This episodes exhibits more growth for Stefan as he apologizes to Bonnie and tries to comfort Caroline and Tyler.

After it is revealed that Alaric is going to let himself die, Stefan watches Elena break down and asks her to come with him. He takes her hand and leads her to the gym, explaining that that is the place where he hit rock bottom. He says to her, "After I bit you I never wanted to feel anything again.

Stefan & Caroline - Their first kiss - The Vampire Diaries 6x14

Elena responds saying "Who gave you that horrible advice? Elena is saddened and says that she doesn't have anyone anymore. Stefan comforts her and tells her, "You have me. In Before SunsetStefan appears the most upbeat he has been all season. He offers Elena and Jeremy help with painting Alaric's old bedroom. Him and Damon worry after Bonnie shows up with news of Alaric and it is revealed that Elena is missing.

Stefan, Damon and Klaus finally agree to save Elena and Caroline together. While waiting to complete their plan, Klaus talks to Stefan about Elena. Stefan mentions that he will turn his back on everything to make sure Elena is safe. Klaus tells him that he is Elena's better option and says "Personally I think she is wasting her time with Damon.

He says "Damon and I have been through a hell of a lot worse than you. As Stefan stops Klaus' heart, Klaus looks on in shock and sadness and Stefan's expression seems conflicted as well. Stefan seems satisfied at finally being able to stop Klaus but a part of him appears sad as well.

As Stefan and Damon take off to put away Klaus' body they talk about Elena and Stefan mentions that if she chooses Damon he will go away and let them be happy. Damon agrees to do the same and implies towards the trouble they go through for "one girl". Stefan responds saying, "She is a pretty special girl" and Damon agrees.

This episode reflects one of the strongest points in the relationship between both brothers. Stefan later appears and Elena hugs him. Stefan seems very comforted and relieved to be with Elena in that moment.

In the kitchen, Stefan talks to Matt about the importance of free will. Later, Stefan allows Elena to decide whether she wants to trust Elijah or not and she decides that she will.

After it is revealed that everyone is in danger from Alaric, Stefan prepares to take off and help keep everyone safe. He comforts Elena with his promise. As he walks away Elena stops him, implying that she wants to say something to him but then she changes her mind.

Stefan begins to walk away again but then turns around, walks over to Elena and kisses her. He looks at her longingly and says, "That's just in case there is no later," and then finally leaves. Later on, Damon reveals to Stefan that Klaus is dead and they both seem very sad. Stefan reveals that he is concerned that Damon won't be able to say goodbye to Elena. Though it is not explicitly said by either brother, in this moment it becomes clear that they each care for each other very much.

After Matt forces Elena to decide which brother to say goodbye to, she calls Damon and reveals that she has chosen to say goodbye to Stefan. They are both sad, but Elena expresses that Stefan came into her life at a time when she needed someone and she fell for him instantly. She explains that despite her feelings for Damon, she always loved Stefan. Afterwards, Rebekah calls Stefan and reveals that she wants to kill Elena while Stefan tries to stop her.

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In the last moments of the episode, it flashes back and forth as Stefan tries to save Elena. In the past, it shows Elena's father asking him to save his daughter and Stefan's confusion as he sees her face.

In the present Stefan reaches to pull Elena out but she refuses and motions for him to save Matt first. They exchange intense looks and Stefan finally surrenders to Elena's plea, pulling Matt out of the car. After Damon realizes Alaric is dead, it is revealed that Stefan ran out of time to save Elena and that she has died. The last shot of Stefan shows him sitting over her dead body as tears fill his eyes and he mourns the loss of her human life.

Stefan, with a few choice comments from Damon, tells Elena that she was in an accident, that Meredith Fell had healed her with vampire blood the other night and that she had died with vampire blood in her system. Downstairs, he and Damon argue about what to do next: Stefan wants to do everything they can to find a way out of Elena's transition, while Damon wants her to accept the inevitable, feed on human blood and not risk dying permanently.

It is there that Stefan confesses his regrets about Elena not feeding in order to complete her transition. In a heartfelt moment, Stefan tells Elena that he loves her. Elena, who continues to weaken without blood, confesses that the reason she was on the bridge was because she was coming back for Stefan, and that no matter what happens, it's the best choice she has ever made.

Desperate to save Elena, Stefan quietly plots with Rebekah. With Rebekah's help, Stefan brutally kills a guard by cracking his head open against the bars. Stefan alerts Elena to the growing pool of blood on the ground. Elena gathers what little strength she has left and manages to dip a finger in the blood and taste it, completing the transition. After Stefan, Elena and Rebekah escape and are let free, Stefan then uses his blood to heal Matt after Damon had bitten him.

Matt then tells Stefan that he wishes that he would stop saving him, that Stefan should have let him drown and saved Elena. Stefan tells Matt that the only reason he saved Matt first was because Elena insisted upon it, that Elena sacrificed her own life to save Matt and instead of bemoaning what has happened, maybe Matt should try to live up to the sacrifice Elena made for him and earn the life he has because of it.

Later, Stefan sits with Elena on the rooftop of the Salvatore mansion. They make small talk about what will happen next with the Council. Stefan tells Elena that he wishes that he could promise that everything would be okay, that he could save her from craving blood and a heightened sense of pain, but unfortunately, being a vampire will be all those things. Elena then tells Stefan that even though there will be struggles, the important thing is that she will get to live and be there for everyone she loves, including him.

Stefan then gives Elena a daylight ring that Bonnie made. He puts the ring on her finger and tells her that they will take it one day at a time. They share a romantic moment as they kiss and watch the sunrise together.

In MemorialStefan wakes up in the woods with Elena, where they spent the night in preparation for an early hunt. The scene is inter cut with a scene from the night before, when Stefan argued with Damon about the best way for Elena to feed.

Stefan tells Damon that he wants Elena to try the animal blood diet so that maybe she can avoid hurting or killing anyone, something that Stefan feels would be especially hard for Elena. Even after Damon voices his opinion to Elena herself, Stefan and Elena leave for their camping trip as planned.

Stefan helps Elena take down and feed on her first deer. While Stefan instructs Elena on using vampire speed, she is distracted by Stefan's touch. She describes the sensation, that it feels like he is touching every single nerve on her body. Stefan continues the sensual description, explaining that everything is heightened, including emotions, sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

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Elena, overwhelmed by desire, begins to passionately make out with Stefan against a tree. Soon, however, Elena begins to feel sick, pushes Stefan away, runs away with vampire speed and vomits up the animal blood.

Later, in Stefan's bedroom, Elena finishes leaving a message for Caroline to ask for help adjusting as Stefan walks into the room with two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

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He wants to celebrate her first feed, but Elena is less enthusiastic, reminding him that it kind of made her sick. Stefan explains that it took him a while to get used to animal blood, but it gets easier over time. Elena observes that Stefan is awfully cheery, and he responds that he's just happy she is here. Elena gives into Stefan's high spirits and pops open the bottle, laughing gleefully as it overflows. Stefan and Elena kiss, but are interrupted by a phone call from Damon.

Later, Stefan helps remove peculiar wooden bullets from Tyler's chest. Stefan explains to Tyler and Caroline that the bullets were specially carved, and that if he were a normal vampire instead of a hybrid, he would be dead. Tyler tells Stefan that the hunter who shot him was clearly looking for vampires, and that his gloves were soaked in vervain. Stefan scrutinizes the special bullets, intrigued by the etchings on them.

When Stefan touches one of the bullets, it burns him, and Caroline speculates that the bullets might have been spelled by a witch.

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Stefan visits Bonnie to ask her about the bullets. When Bonnie answers the door, Stefan sees how despondent she looks and is immediately concerned. He asks her to invite him in, and after she does he embraces her, comforting her as she cries. After relocating to the living room, Bonnie explains that watching the spirits torture her Grams was like she was dying all over again. Stefan tries to assuage her fears, suggesting that the witches might just be messing with Bonnie's head to teach her a lesson.

Bonnie tells Stefan that she has been unable to perform magic without reliving the horror of watching her Grams be tortured.

Bonnie apologizes for the state she's in and for avoiding everyone, and asks what he needs help with. Stefan tries to back out of it, but Bonnie insists that he tell her what's wrong. Stefan then shows Bonnie the special bullets that he took out of Tyler and tells her that the bullets burn to the touch.

He suggests that the bullets might just be steeped in vervain, but asks Bonnie if she has ever seen the writing on the bullets before. She says that she hasn't, and that it is not magical writing. Stefan then tells Bonnie that he thinks they have a new vampire hunter in town. When Stefan arrives at the church for the memorial service, he sees Elena walking away from Damon, who is putting a blood bag into a satchel. Stefan confronts him about it and Damon explains that he brought the blood bag for Elena, and they argue again about what is best for Elena.

Stefan insists that if Elena hurts someone, she will be desperate to turn the guilt off, maybe even enough to shut off her humanity. Damon suggests that what Stefan is really afraid of is that Elena will become like Stefan's ripper alter-ego or, worse, that she will be like Damon. Damon insists that losing control and killing people is inevitable for a vampire, and the sooner Elena accepts that, the better.

Stefan remains adamant until Damon reveals that Elena hasn't been able to keep any blood down, including animal blood, human blood from a blood bag and Damon's blood. Stefan, already surprised that Elena had kept her difficulties from him, is especially shocked that Elena drank from Damon. Eventually Stefan walks into the church and, after briefly talking to Tyler and Caroline, finds a seat as Carol begins the service for Pastor Young and the council. Elena volunteers to say a few words in Pastor Young's memory as Damon enters the church.

Damon sits down beside Stefan and they watch Elena as she begins her speech. Damon remarks that Elena is not looking so good, and they banter quietly about jealousy and keeping secrets. As Elena is giving her speech, she and the other vampires smell blood dripping from the ceiling.

Damon intuits that it's a trap and very quietly warns everyone not to move. Elena almost loses control before Stefan comes up to the podium and leads her back to her seat. Back in their seats, Elena is barely holding it together, and Stefan and Damon argue under their breath about what to do.

Finally, Matt suggests that Elena feed from him. Stefan agrees to it and lets Matt take Elena. Matt pretends to console Elena while she feeds from his neck. She even casually says Elena has been off since her parents died and just needs to get her mojo back. Caroline's attitude isn't as sweet as she wants to appear. There are times when Caroline just needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.

She goes to Elena, but more often than not, Elena is distracted and her mind is elsewhere. She tends to ignore her friend's drama, thinking Caroline's problems trivial. That may be the case sometimes, but that doesn't mean Elena should ignore her friend. It's especially rude as Caroline is always willing to listen to Elena vent about her problems. But Caroline is gracious and excuses Elena's absentmindedness most of the time.

When Elena and Stefan start showing an interest in each other, Caroline pushes Elena to dish about their first night together. Elena responds that they only talked, which leaves Caroline frustrated. Caroline pushes back, telling Elena, "Just jump his bones already!

Ok, it's easy. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, sex! There's nothing wrong with Caroline's confidence and how she makes her own choices for her body. But the pressure she puts on Elena to embrace the same lifestyle is not something a good friend does. Caroline rightfully called out Elena on her ability to turn everything into a conversation about herself. As Caroline prepared to turn off her humanity to deal with the grief of losing her mom, Elena turned the conversation to the time she turned off her humanity after losing Jeremy.

The moment showed not only how self-centered Elena could be, but also how hypocritical she was. Caroline lamented how all the other vampires got to escape their grief and that she should be allowed the same.

Elena should've taken a different approach. Caroline set her eyes on Stefan in the beginning, but the younger Salvatore went for Elena. The rejection made Caroline resent Elena, as she always felt like everyone chose Elena over her. Bonnie commented that it wasn't a competition and Caroline responded that yes, it was. I'm your Bonnie backup. That much jealousy and resentment isn't a great foundation for friendship. With her humanity turned off and running rampant, Elena threatened to kill Sheriff Forbes if Caroline got in her way.

To make her point, she did cause some minor damage that the Sheriff could heal from. Although it could be argued Elena only did these things because her humanity was off, it can't be denied that the pettiness stemmed from somewhere. Flipping off her humanity switch just showed how many negative emotions Elena held at bay and filtered with it on.

She had a flippant attitude for hurting someone she called her best friend. Elena had a special knack for keeping Caroline on the outside.

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