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Some guys fall in love with the culture; others fall in love with a woman. You want to be the kind of guy who knows what it takes to find the perfect job and the perfect woman in this country. Have a look at the following seven facts about the Korean dating culture and promise me to think about them before your next date. Approaching strangers is not common in this country. In fact, I once told a Korean friend of mine that walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself is not uncommon in the West. He just looked at me, completely baffled.

They want to get out, and they see dating a foreigner as a way to escape the high expectations.

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They know that a Korean mother-in-law expects them to work all day and to be a perfect mother and housewife. Always keep in mind that your Korean girlfriend loves you and the culture you grew up in.

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What about holding hands? Showing affection in public is considered impolite.

1. Dating in Korea is all About Getting Introduced

They are, but they only show it when you are in a private environment. You need to be willing to celebrate. Every day is a celebration. Korean couples celebrate their relationship every hundred days and every 14th of the month.

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Yes, every month and every day has a different theme. Korean people are extremely proud of their relationships.

7 Facts about the Korean Dating Culture that Will Surprise You

They cherish them and your girlfriend expects you to do the same. The concept of Jeong is a bit hard to explain.

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Basically, the word Jeong describes the feeling of affection that couples have and that makes them want to share things. It might not work with all Korean girls but it definitely works with the ones who believe in the concept of Jeong. I have to warn you.

Dating Habits I picked up in Korea

Sooner or later you will wear couple shirts. And it gets even better. There are different types of blind dates you can choose from.

You can either be introduced by a friend or by your parents, or you can go on group blind dates. The choice is yours.

Just make sure that you can trust your parents when it comes to choosing the right partner. You might be up for a surprise. As someone who works in Korea, you know how much leisure time you have.

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Yes, exactly. Korean people are well-known for having extremely tight schedules and working until they burn out.

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The fact is your Korean partner might not have too much time on their hands. The pressure starts in school and continues on when your partner has a stable career. In fact, it only gets worse.

Even though South Korea has experienced rapid industrialization, and is considered to be one of the Four Asian Tigersits culture is still very traditional. Just imagine you meet someone you really like.

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You go on your first date and everything seems to be perfect. You have the same values, the same goals, and the same vision of the future. Yes, Kissing in public is frowned upon, but showing your affection with smileys, text messages, and regular phone calls is completely normal. Every meal has to be photographed and uploaded on Facebook.

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And it takes another two minutes to upload the selfie on Instagram with the perfect hashtag. Koreans are extremely proud of their relationships and showing the world how happy they are is one of their biggest passions. You might hate it, but you have to get used to it.

South korean dating culture

In fact, being in a relationship is something to be proud of. They celebrate at least once a month.

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You will end up on YouTube and someone might even ask you if your better half is paying you to wear it. They are sold everywhere. Think twice before you laugh at the idea. One day you might come to Korea and fall in love with a local.

Jan 20,   Korean dating almost always involves the woman fantasizing about marriage. If she truly likes a man, she will hope to be married one day. Most Korean women value family and wish to have children of their own. May 05,   One part of the local dating culture that you may find especially fun - or especially annoying - are all the things couples do together. Unlike in the West that has just Valentine's Day for couples, Koreans have additional couples' holidays like White Day, Pepero Day, and even Christmas.

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