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Can my girlfriend lose custody of her child for living with a convicted felon? Let me start by describing my background. What happened was I was engaged two years ago and was renting furniture and other items from a rent to own store, Can a convicted felon marry another convicted felon? One is still in prison the other is no longer under supervised release. Both are federal cases. My father just finished serving a federal prison sentence.

Never killed anyone. Was just curious. If I felt my child OR myself were in danger, my fiance wouldn't be present in the home, however, I DO understand my sons fathers point of view. If it is between my son and my fiance Just hope it doesn't come down to that.

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You said you were 23 and this stuff happened 10 years ago Just how much of an age difference is there between you two? Chances are that you could do better Just keep your chin up and keep looking Lawmoe Full Member Posts: Karma: He cannot decide who you marry. However, a court can decide if it is in the best interest of teh children to be exposed to that person.

Dating an ex felon Felon with a suspect in love with our 40's, and those interested in march scene-stealing. Canoga park felon be several various other dating . Ex Wife Dating Felon Not trying to brag, I found my neighbor on this site looking partner and banged her the same day. So My advice: check it out ASAP! One Ex Wife Dating Felon of the best app I ever use. US$2, New Female Members Near Kansas City/ Jul 07,   For example, dating a person with a criminal history probably will not help your case. If you are currently dating somebody with a criminal history, a judge may feel the need to keep your child away from that environment. Even if it was a past relationship, dating a criminal or ex-criminal shows poor judgment on your part.

Depending on the crimes committed and how long ago, the court may certainly change custody. I know this sounds terrible, but I have a felony record from when I was about 23 years old.

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I am now I had just gotten home from a tour with the army, went back to hometown, and got into a big scuffle trying to "prove" I was a "man. It was a felony assault and battery. To this day, I don't have a mark on my record. I think the time since, the type of crime, where and why, all that matters. If it was a recent drug charge, abuse charge, etc. Good Luck - and remember - everyone has made, or makes, mistakes they wish they could undo.

I know I have. Hello to the poster! I just saw it now and have to respond. I am married to a felon with a long and sundry record of assualts.

My husband has a little girl who is 4 she lives with her mother. We have just found out that his ex-wife is dating a convicted felon and living with his daughter. Is this OK and is there anything we can do about this? May 10,   My ex-wife is dating and consistently allowing a convicted felon around my 2 children This man is still on parole, having recently been released from a medium security prison. He served 10 years for a violent crime. I worry about my children's safety and wonder about my rights as a father. My ex wife is dating a felon - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, online dating can provide.

In my case Dh was diagnosed with Bi polar disorder and since getting meds and treatment has not had so much as a brush with the law. I am in PA. In the begining I had joint custody with 50 50 placement.

Who is Williams dating?

The X has been bitter about the divorce. The guy really has an ax to grind. Just a generally angry individual. Long story short I ended up with EOW and had to fight for half of all summers, which I got.

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We had to endure my kids not being allowed to be in the home if my husband was present for two years. We had to go thru a total of four psychological evals.

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Two were custody evals and one psych eval for DH and one for me cause the judge thought I was crazy. My X and his new wife have been alientaing the kids like crazy. Older one was diagnosed with depression once already.

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But custody evaluator will not change custody due to my husband's past. He has had no legal invlovement for seven years. The reult is that my husband feels constantly guilty and as though he is looked down upon by our whole own. This isn't a delision-its real. BF and SM spread Dh's story all over the place.

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Over the years my family has had numerous contacts with counsleors of all sorts. Nobody has ever filed a CPS report except the X and his was unfounded and a "spite report". Yet I do not have custody. As for my own background.

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I have never had any legal invlovement, I am a nurse, hold child abuse and criminal clearances and a certified parent educator. My Dh also ha a child abuse clearance! Bottom line is Judges here are elceted. Remember Me? Find questions to answer Find today's questions Find unanswered questions.

Dating as a felon, Advice/experience would be appreciated. Discussion Whats up guys/girls I was unfortunate enough to be charged with a heavy charge at a young age of 14, I'm now 19 and have been free since April and I'm trying to get into dating but I'm completely new to dating and flirting and all that. If you don't My Ex Wife Is Dating A Felon get My Ex Wife Is Dating A Felon a sex buddy within two weeks of using our site, we'll upgrade your free account to premium for a whole year. Free Signing up only takes less than 1 minute. Try it now. Most members get more My Ex Wife Is Dating A Felon action within one week/ Dec 02,   My ex wife is dating a two time convicted felon. He was a meth dealer, in possession of Meth, and had a gun one time after he got out of prison which put him back in prison along with all the other drug possession charges. he was in prison in and in to He is 42 years old, he has 3 daughters.

Search Topics. Login Not a member? Join our community. Jae Posts: 1, Reputation: 1. Jun 4,AM. Can a convicted felon live in the household with a child that is not his?

My husband has a little girl who is 4 she lives with her mother. We have just found out that his ex-wife is dating a convicted felon and living with his daughter.

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Is this OK and is there anything we can do about this? EmoPrincess Posts: 1, Reputation: For what was he convicted? JudyKayTee Posts: 46, Reputation: Jun 5,AM.

I have no idea about sex offenders in Illinois. Please post the Law because this is difficult to understand. Is OP in Illinois? In general it depends on the crime and, more, importantly, if the "convicted felon" is a DANGER to the child - mentally or physically. Originally Posted by jpbuzzworthy. I was just giving an opinion that it's unlikely that there will be a restriction, since even Sex Offenders are not restricted in Illinois. Most all members are allowed to post on various topics.

With the exception of the "Law" boards. Unless you have extensive knowledge of law, or better yet, are a lawyer, then it does no one any good to clutter up the board with speculation and outright guessing.

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There are "real experts in law" here. Let them have a go at it. We all were new here too. We all had to learn the right way to use this site.

No, it's a case of giving correct advice to people who are in need of correct medical or legal advice.

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No need to leave - just try to stick to topic and give sound advice. Or go on the conversation threads where it's all about opinons.

My ex wife is dating a felon

All other topics except medical are purely opinion with the possible exception of thinking that kissing is statutory rape. Please don't use prohibited language on the legal threads - it's not necessary. And - for the third time - if you don't want to be a part of the site, don't want to post - sign off and don't sign back on. Like I said earlier. I WILL leave the site. I have deleted several posts, it is easier to clean up if we will not address bad posts but merely report them, Now of course replys to them remain, cut and pastes remain, which almost ruin this good question.

It got way off track on rape, we don't know he is not a bank robber or a cattle rustler. Hello: Let me see if I can bring it back on track. I'm a convicted felon.

apologise, but, opinion

I can live with anybody I want. Does that answer the question? Agreed excon, merely being a felon does not stop you, if you were convicted of a child abuse or a sexual crime with a child, your probation or parole may have restrictions. Not your question?

My ex wife is dating a married man. Thanks x 3 Disagree! Anyway, No. Becsuss I can do better. I you a college graduate, have goals have dreams. Someone with a record is gonna have a much harder time advancing in life. Anyway, I went on a date with someone convicted admitted he was dating when he was felon for like 2 years. If My Ex Wife Is Dating A Felon you are ready to send messages and flirt then we have voted number #1 casual app for any kind of relationships like straight, bisexual, threesome, group fun, etc. Body type. Oana. by admin. 0 like. Fingering. Type: Boy. escort real. 0. May 28,   Facts: Ex-wife dating a convicted felon (armed assault). The man is sleeping over at the ex's house regularly, while the former couple's two, very young (11 and 9) daughters are at the mother's home. What can the father do to prevent his daughters from having any contact with the new boyfriend?3/5(33K).

Ask your question View similar questions. Convicted felon marrying another convicted felon [ 2 Answers ] Can a convicted felon marry another convicted felon? Grants or aid for child of a convicted felon [ 1 Answers ] My father just finished serving a federal prison sentence. Can a convicted felon lose primary residence of their child? A convicted felon marrying another felon [ 2 Answers ] I am a felon and my fiance' has just been picked up by the feds and we were going to get married in 2 weeks.

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