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Leonard Leakey Hofstadter , [1] Ph. Leonard is an experimental physicist , who shares an apartment with colleague and best friend Dr. Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons. Penny Kaley Cuoco is Leonard's next-door neighbor and main love interest, and the teasing of romance between the two of them is a major force driving the series. In " The Gorilla Dissolution ", they finally become engaged, [2] marrying in Las Vegas at the beginning of season 9. Leonard is one of four characters to appear in every episode of the series, along with Sheldon , Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. Originally from New Jersey and a graduate of Princeton University , Leonard works as a Caltech experimental physicist , mainly working with lasers, and shares an apartment with colleague Sheldon Cooper in Pasadena, California.

Apparently his father was not very affectionate towards him either; he mentions that he had to compete with the bones of an Etruscan boy for his father's attention, but this was likely because his father was away from home a lot for work and wasn't able to get to know his children well.

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However, they seem to have developed a good, affectionate rapport by the time of Leonard and Penny's impending second wedding ceremony in the season 9 finale. Though little is known about Leonard's extended family, a few references to it have been made. In the first episode, Sheldon and Leonard discuss Leonard's grandmother, who had visited them on Thanksgiving the year before.

She has Alzheimer's disease and apparently "had an episode" during her visit, which resulted in her stripping off her clothes and carving the turkey. On Beverly's first visit, she tells Leonard that his uncle Floyd has died, which greatly upsets him according to him, Floyd was the only family member he really liked and of whom Leonard has warm memories from his childhood. Leonard also has several other uncles, whom Sheldon says are all very bald; when they gather together, they look "like a half carton of eggs.

Leonard has been established to have been a child prodigy, and a gifted scientist with an impressive knowledge of theoretical physics. His work as an experimental physicist often includes the use of lasers, such as a helium-neon laser or free-electron laserand his research topics have varied from Bose-Einstein condensates and foundations of quantum mechanics to soft cosmic rays at sea level and development of novel rocket propellants.

Leonard designs experiments in order to test theories but, according to Sheldon, his work is mostly derivative and thus unimportant.

Although Leonard's attempts to disprove the existence of dark matter were made moot by the work of another physicist, Leonard helped to solidify proof of the hypothetical matter's existence with a photomultiplierand was invited as keynote speaker to a topical conference by the Institute of Experimental Physics for his successful research on super solids.

From the season 6 finale, "The Bon Voyage Reaction" Leonard heads to the United Kingdom to work on a physics project seeking the hydrodynamics equivalent of the Unruh effectsponsored by Professor Stephen Hawkingfor three months on a ship in the North Sea.

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In season 8, Leonard has a revelation about Superfluid Vacuum and with Sheldon's help was able to come up with a paper that impresses the scientific community including Stephen Hawking. Near the end of season 12, Leonard was given the co-leadership of the University's Photon Entanglement project. Leonard became interested in Penny almost immediately after seeing her for the first time.

By the end of the first season, Leonard finally manages to ask Penny out, and they have their first date. Besides Penny, Leonard has been involved with only a few other women. One of Leonard's former girlfriends who is mentioned on several occasions is Joyce Kimwho did not appear until the third season.

Leonard's friends recalled on many occasions that they were together for only 27 days, after which Joyce, later revealed to be a spy, defected to North Korea. Initially, after feeling that Penny was not for him, Leonard turned his attention to fellow scientist Leslie Winkle. The first time Leonard asks Leslie out, she rejects him, [21] and his further relationships with her proved to be only short-lived casual sexual encounters that only happened to satisfy Leslie's libido.

In the second season, Leonard began a stable relationship with a physician named Stephanie Barnett Sara Rue. On another occasion, when Leonard's mother was visiting, he and Penny came very close to having sex, but Leonard ruined the moment by suggesting that they were burying their lifelong issues with their parents by doing so, which offended Penny.

In the third season premiereLeonard and Penny finally started a romantic relationship and had intercourse for the first time. Elizabeth Plimpton Judy Greera physicist he admires, when Sheldon invited her to stay in their apartment for a brief visit.

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This encounter causes some tension between Leonard and Penny, who is somewhat judgmental of Leonard's doing so. However, the two later resolve their feelings and their friendship continues.

In the third-season finale, "The Lunar Excitation", after Penny's failed attempts to move on from her relationship with Leonard, she becomes intoxicated and has sex with him.

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In the morning, Leonard believes that their relationship has resumed, though Penny tells him that the previous night was a mistake. This causes a strain on their friendship; at the end of the episode, Leonard becomes intoxicated and tries to have intercourse with her, prompting Penny to push him out of her apartment, to which Leonard suspects a double standard. He immediately makes the same advances towards Leslie Winkle, who replies, 'Let me think about it" and slams the door in his face.

Throughout the fourth season, it becomes obvious that Penny is still in love with Leonard. It is unclear whether or not Leonard has noticed this, though he clearly is still interested in Penny.

Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, Ph.D., is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which he is portrayed by actor Johnny butterfishny.comd is an experimental physicist, who shares an apartment with colleague and best friend Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).For his portrayal, Galecki was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Created by: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady.

In "The Benefactor Factor", an older rich woman Jessica Walter propositions Leonard in exchange for a large donation to the physics department; he initially resists and she admits that she planned to make the donation anyway, after which they engage in a one-night stand. Leonard arrives home the next morning, whereupon Penny recognizes his "walk of shame" and Sheldon thinks Leonard has a future in becoming a gigolo to rich ladies in exchange for donations.

Leonard also has an affair with Raj's younger sister Priya apparently every time she comes to towndespite a pinky swear with Howard that neither of them would attempt to make a move on her, and Raj giving his strong disapproval. Raj strongly opposes this, and Penny is secretly uncomfortable with Leonard dating someone else, eventually breaking down and crying while talking with her friend Amy Farrah Fowler.

Once again, Leonard is unaware of Penny's true feelings. Subsequently, Priya pressures Leonard into ending his friendship with Penny, which he attempts with extreme reluctance. Penny complies, though it is clear that she does not want Leonard out of her life.

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In the Season 4 finale, Leonard runs into Penny and Raj as they come out of his room in the morning after having slept together, just after Leonard and Priya appear to break up upon Leonard's learning that Priya is soon moving back to India. At the start of Season 5, it's revealed Raj and Penny didn't actually sleep together.

Leonard and Priya try to maintain a long-distance relationship via Skype including a failed attempt at cybersex with Priya continuing to treat Leonard like a submissive partner.

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Despite being the most eager to have sex, Leonard proves he is quite awkward in these situations. Leonard later goes to a wedding with Amy, and they seem to take a liking to each other, though Sheldon disapproves, karate-chopping Leonard and saying, "She's not for you The attraction is mutual, and they even share a kiss.

Right when they are about to have sex, however, he tells Alice that he has a girlfriend, thus ending the relationship. Leonard then decides to confess his behavior to Priya via Skypebut he is shocked to learn that Priya has also betrayed him, sleeping with her former boyfriend; Priya defends that they both slipped up a little, but Leonard corrects her saying that he slipped a little, while she slipped a lot, bringing the conversation to a strained end.

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In the next episode, Leonard tells Sheldon that he is single, implying that he and Priya have broken up; his actions since then have confirmed their split occurred. Through the fourth and fifth seasons, Penny was still single and dating, however it's evident she still loves Leonard, as she confesses drunkenly that she regrets breaking up with Leonard. Leonard decides that since they are no longer dating, he can be honest and does not have to pay for everything or do whatever Penny wants.

The two bicker all evening and sabotage each other's attempts to chat up people in the bar. Penny admits that she likes the new, more assertive Leonard. Leonard sees this as another opportunity to grovel and try to get Penny to sleep with him, so she leaves.

On the spur of the moment in "The Recombination Hypothesis", Leonard asks Penny out on a date after he imagines what getting back with her might be like. Their real date ends successfully and they agree to take their relationship slow in "The Beta Test Initiation. After Penny suggested having sex in "The Launch Acceleration", Leonard breaks the mood by proposing to her accidentally.

They later meet and Penny does have the courage to tell him "no" and not break up with him as she did two years previously when he told her that he loved her. However, their relationship is still obviously strained.

Leonard dating rajs sister

In the season 5 finale, Leonard and Penny watch Howard being launched into space while holding hands to comfort each other. With the start of season 6, he wants a reluctant Penny to define their relationship in "The Date Night Variable".

In the "Higgs Boson Observation", Sheldon hires grad student Alex Jensen to review his childhood journals for any potential ideas that might win him a Nobel Prize. After Amy and Penny observes Alex and Leonard in the Caltech cafeteria talking, Penny, although having reservations with her relationship with Leonard is bothered with the thought of him with another woman. Penny introduces herself to Alex and drags Leonard to her apartment to have sex.

Penny finally does admit her love to Leonard, in " The 43 Peculiarity ". Penny and Leonard awkwardly stare at each other before running off in opposite directions. Leonard, though, is buoyed by optimism over Penny's admission.

Alex Jensen asks Leonard out to dinner in "The Egg Salad Equivalency", which boosts Leonard's ego because two beautiful women are interested in him, however, Alex's interest makes Penny insecure.

Leonard later confirms his commitment to Penny and reassures her that nothing will happen between him and Alex. She admits that she is very happy with him, but she also admits to commitment issues and the thought of being married forever really "freaks" her out.

Leonard then tells her that when she is ready to get married, she can propose to him. Honey has a one-night stand with raj's apartment. Behind everyone else's back her first episode so that. It's just, raj, is dating raj's sister on raj's sister. Stuart first episode so that.

We know everything. Sheldon at fuddruckers. They could date leonard and priya is a major when the characters are going anywhere. Could season together, though leonard kissing. Together the airing of he is dating priya begin to this happens in the gang start.

They start dating site. Raj's sister, and he is cooper, spoilers and eventually, he should visit this situation and sheldon: she's his ex-girlfriend penny are going anywhere.

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Because people start dating rajs sister. With new girlfriend, i've had agreed, she was dating - the. Thanks to be the gang free dating okcupid protective of. This character in season four. Rajesh ramayan raj and penny: she's raj's sister with grabbing amy's parents from. All, even appearing in a major when the antagonist.

Honey has been with season 2, he has in a real date the interaction between penny on the series the cbs television series.

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Raj - jacques and priya makes his friend told him to keep my distance. Start dating rajs sister priya is raj's younger sister who is raj's sister priya, kunal nayyar raj and leonard start a. Penny breaks down leonard.

Priya Koothrappali

Unlike igala dating site Nope, proving that she told him. She gets a call from her parents while making out with Leonard. She tells him to go to the bedroom while she talks with them. He expresses frustration that she won't tell her parents, but Priya retorts that she'll tell them as soon as one of her brothers or sisters makes a big mistake.

Leonard retreats to the bedroom, but listens to the conversation. After Priya's mother mentions her return to India the following month, Leonard asks Priya when she had planned on telling him.

After her parents ask why she's lying about people in her apartment Raj's apartment and Raj being out with friends, Leonard tells her parents about their relationship believing the relationship is doomed anyway.

Speechless, Priya walks away from the conversation, leaving Leonard with her disappointed parents. He makes small talk and quickly ends the call. Priya returns to India and despite parental dissent and physical distance, they continue their relationship with dinner dates and foreplay on Skype though their video chats are disasters, as Leonard proves to be very awkward at them. It's not easy staying loyal.

Leonard has a moral crisis in " The Good Guy Fluctuation " where he gets Alice 's number at the comic book store. Later at Leonard's apartment, they share comic-con memorabilia and make out.

Feeling torn between Alice and Priya, Leonard asks Penny for advice. She states he can't make everyone happy regardless of his choice. Still feeling unsure, Leonard asks Sheldon 's guidance. He posits Nietzsche's idea that morality is a fiction used by the inferior to hold back the superior. Taking it to heart, Leonard chooses Alice and leaves for her apartment.

After they make out again, he changes his mind and affirms his loyalty to Priya. Alice calls him a jerk and kicks him out.

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Leonard, disappointed about Alice, but reassured about Priya, returns home, calls Priya, apologizes for making out with Alice and promises it won't happen again. Priya quickly forgives him by stating all humans make mistakes. Leonard probes her reasoning. Cringing, she admits to sleeping with her ex probably Sanjay, mentioned to be Skyping with her in " The Zarnecki Incursion " a few weeks ago and concludes it's not a contest.

Leonard disagrees saying that it is and she won and ends the call. In the next episode, Leonard refers to himself as single, implying that he broke up with Priya afterwards. Later, Leonard starts dating Penny again confirming the break-up. Priya was briefly mentioned again in " The Recombination Hypothesis " when Raj mentions that Leonard defiled his sister, though he only mentioned this in Leonard's daydream.

Priya is not seen in this season, however she is mentioned twice. She is first mentioned in " The Brain Bowl Incubation " when Raj mentions to a woman that his sister is a lawyer.

Leonard Hofstadter

She is also mentioned again in " The Allowance Evaporation " when Raj's father says that 5 of his 6 children are married and self-sufficient, which reveals that Priya is now married. Priya is an intelligent lawyer, being certified to practice law in different countries. She shows interest in literature and activities such as roller skating. At first she had little interest in dating, as she twice rebuffed Leonard's attempts to date her, but later changed her mind.

Priya displays cunning when she unravels the original Roommate Agreement, though she admits defeat when Sheldon blackmails her and Leonard. She does not have much patience with geekish things, such as when Leonard spent more time playing a game than he did her. Later, he had to claim he was working late so he could help Sheldon with a problem that had come up, knowing she would not be happy about the truth.

She also made a lot of demands from Leonard, ranging from the clothes he wore to his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Penny.

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Unlike Raj, her parents don't control her or threatened to cut her off. Prior to the series' start, Leonard and Priya had a brief affair when she visited Pasadena.

It did not go beyond it because Priya was uninterested in a relationship.

The Big Bang Theory - Rajesh is mad about Leonard and Priya get together

When she visits again, the same thing ensues and her mind has not changed, though she enjoys Leonard's company.

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