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Priya first met the guys on April 12, He offers to return home with her to India, but she isn't interested and can't take a white boy home to India. She is licensed to practice law in 3 different countries presumably in the United States, Great Britain and India. She is one of the lead attorneys for the biggest car company in India based on statistics, Tata Motors , having planned an internship at a large Indian car company in when she was finishing her law degree. She goes to Toronto for a corporate merger and later helps set up a secondary derivatives market which would allow overseas car firms to hedge their investments against potential advancements in battery technology. Penny , Amy and Bernadette call her a bitch. In " The Irish Pub Formulation ", Priya is passing through California and resumes relations with Leonard, sleeping with him in his apartment that night.

Priya returns and resumes dating Leonard, despite Raj's protests. Amy gets Penny to admit that she is extremely jealous of Priya, giving her the chance to measure the brainwaves associated with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Bernadette insists that Howard leave his mother and move in with her. He eventually does so, but tells her a sad story about how much his mother depends on him. She then agrees that he can move back. Now Leonard and Priya are dating and since she lives with Raj, Leonard and Howard decide to have dinner there instead of the normal venue which disturbs Sheldon.

Sheldon stops by the Cheesecake Factory where Penny tells him he has to accept that the gang will be hanging out at Raj's place more often. Amy tells him that Leonard is the nucleus of their social group and not Sheldon.

As a result, he sets up a new group consisting of Kripke, Stuart, Zack and LeVar Burton whom he tweeted with him as the nucleus. Sheldon's plans are dismissed by the others in favor of Zack's dating stories and getting drunk and singing karaoke. Naturally, Sheldon does not like that very much, so he decides to go back to his old friends, who, in the meantime, realized that they actually missed Sheldon. In the end, LeVar Burton finally does show up at Sheldon's place, but when he sees Kripke, Stuart and Zack singing karaoke together, he leaves immediately.

Meanwhile, Bernadette and Amy want to take Penny out dancing to get her mind off of Leonard and Priya. As she changes clothes, she tells the girls that it is the first time in her life she is satisfied with being single and does not want to have sex with a random guy to make up for it, however when Amy finds the encased snowflake that Leonard gave to her after his expedition, she changes her mind as her feelings for Leonard come back to the surface again.

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Priya has begun to dominate in her relationship with Leonard, buying him new clothes which Leonard is not comfortable with. She also feels threatened by Leonard continuing to hang out with Penny, even though they have broken up, so during sex, she tells him to break all contact with Penny. Leonard initially hesitates, but still tries to tell Penny to stay away from him, albeit indirectly. Penny does not get the right message, but Leonard takes comfort in the fact that he tried.

Later Penny interrupts Leonard's date with Priya and is completely oblivious to what is going on. Leonard once again indirectly tries to tell Penny to stay away from him, but this time Penny gets the message and realizing that Priya was behind this, decides to break all contact with Leonard.

Raj and Penny both try out the trick and are amazed by it. Though at first his attitude is dismissive, Sheldon eventually becomes obsessed with discovering the trick's secret, as even Penny could figure it out. He goes to the extent of using a barcode reader in order to recreate the trick.

It is then revealed to the audience that the card trick is just a prank played by Howard, Raj and Penny on Sheldon. Raj and Penny willingly pretended that Howard was successful, knowing fully well that Sheldon would go nuts trying to figure out the trick's secret.

When Sheldon wants Howard to perform the trick on him in the end, Raj manages to get a peek on Sheldon's card and uses hand signals to tell Howard the right answer.

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Sheldon is puzzled once more, still not knowing that he had been pranked all along, while Howard and Raj both laugh gleefully. Sheldon's World of Warcraft account has been hacked and all of his WoW stuff have been stolen. He enlists the help of the other guys in finding the hacker.

Meanwhile, Amy, Bernadette and Penny criticise Priya and her arrogant, dominating behavior. Penny takes Amy's comments lightly, but after an encounter with Priya in the apartment lobby, she agrees with Amy.

Howard manages to trace the hacker and reveals that his name is Todd Zarnecki. The guys then drive to Carlsbad to get back Sheldon's WoW stuff. Todd refuses to return Sheldon's stuff, and snatches the bat'leth that Sheldon had intended to intimidate him with. Defeated, the guys decide to return home, but their car breaks down midway, prompting Leonard to call Penny to fetch them.

When Penny hears their story, she not only realises that Leonard did not want to see Priya that night, but also drives them back to Todd's house where she delivers a groin attack and forces him to return Sheldon's stuff. Bernadette considers breaking up with Howard at the same time that he decides to propose marriage to her.

Raj hopes that she will reject his proposal so that Bernadette will become available for dating him.

Feb 28,   The two met in the comic book store, and she ended up giving Leonard her number. There was only one problem: he was dating Priya. Leonard followed his heart and met with Alice despite his relationship status, and the two ended up making out on his couch. Later on, we see them on a date at her apartment where they begin kissing again, but this.

The gossip swirling around these developments intrigue Amy and Sheldon enough to conduct an experiment in memetic epidemiology. They launch pairs of false gossip, only one of which is tantalizing, and measure how quickly they each spread. Bernadette accepts Howard's proposal, disappointing Raj. When Leonard takes a shower with Priya, he gets charged with two violations of the roommate agreement: Leonard denied access to the bathroom when Sheldon had to urinate and Leonard was not the only person in the shower.

However, Priya uses her legal skills to nullify the charges. When the guys take advantage of Priya's skills in order to eat Greek food, which Sheldon does not like at all, on pizza night, Sheldon seeks shelter at Penny's, who invites him to join her on a girls' night out with Amy and Bernadette badmouthing Priya. After the girls have some cocktails and Sheldon mentions he had learned to dance at cotillions as a child, they decide to take Sheldon dancing.

After dancing, Sheldon takes a drunken Amy back to her apartment. Amy tells Sheldon to fight dirty against Priya. She then proceeds to kiss him and then rushes to her bathroom to vomit.

The next day, Sheldon blackmails Leonard into signing a revised roommate agreement. If he refuses, Sheldon will send an e-mail to Priya's parents about her dating Leonard a non-Indian. Priya insists that he sign or their relationship is over. He signs. Bernadette reveals that Howard and her have been invited to a double date by Priya. Amy proposes to use Bernadette to spy on Priya and spread disinformation about Penny and Leonard.

Meanwhile, Raj, who is still very lonely, visits Sheldon, who is busy developing a version of three-player chess. He tries to get advice about whether or not he should try to cure his social anxiety using an experimental drug.

Sheldon finally advises Raj to take the drug and accompanies him to a coffee shop to observe the drug's effectiveness. It ends up working very well, as Raj starts to talk to a woman named Angela, who also seems to like him.

However, Raj loses all his inhibitions and strips completely naked, thus scaring off Angela. In the end, Sheldon, Leonard and Howard play a test game of Sheldon's chess while a still-nude Raj is watching them. Bernadette and Howard decide to inform their respective parents about their engagement.

Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, Ph.D., is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which he is portrayed by actor Johnny butterfishny.comd is an experimental physicist, who shares an apartment with colleague and best friend Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).For his portrayal, Galecki was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Created by: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady. Leonard and Priya. In the shower. Leonard and Priya first met on April 12, Howard and Leonard made a pinky swear not to hit on her, but it was revealed that Leonard had sexual relations with her, which the other guys did not know about. They meet each other again in "The Irish Pub Formulation", and officially start dating in "The Cohabitation Formulation", but it . The reason Big Bang Theory has Priya is the same reason Friends had Emily: To make us appreciate and pine for the Penny-Leonard romance the same way we appreciated and pined for Ross and Rachel.

After Howard hears the good news while talking to his mother, who is in the bathroom, he decides to make the move and tell her about the engagement. To his horror, she collapses from an apparent heart attack. Howard takes her to the hospital. When the others hear about this, they rush to the hospital. Sheldon is initially reluctant to visit the hospital and only agrees to come after Penny pressures him to go.

When Bernadette finds out that Howard was telling his mother about his engagement before she collapsed, she is very upset, as she believes that she is the reason all this happened. The doctor informs them that it had not been a heart attack and that she wants to see Bernadette. It is revealed that she actually had food poisoning from the restaurant and was worried about Bernadette's well-being, whom she actually likes a lot.

Bernadette ends up being mad at Howard, as he led her to believe that it was all her fault. While in the hospital, Priya and Penny start searching for the cafeteria and bond in the process. They mainly discuss Leonard's skills in the bedroom. Sheldon has other things to worry about, as he tries to avoid contact with anything in the hospital. When he tries to avoid a coughing patient, he seeks shelter in a random room.

Much to his horror, it turns out to be a bio-hazard room. Sheldon is eventually quarantined in the hospital for two weeks after the exposure, with his friends keeping him company. Bernadette announces her Ph.

Later Bernadette decides to buy Howard an expensive watch as a present and tells him to "let her worry about the money", a comment that disturbs Howard. Meanwhile, Leonard's and Priya's noisy sexual encounters sends Raj to spend the night at Sheldon's apartment. When Leonard finds him in his bed, he proposes that Raj moves in with Sheldon until Priya finds her own place. Raj likes the idea, signs Sheldon's roommate paperwork and moves in with him.

Priya Koothrappali

He then prepares a fancy dinner for them which delights Sheldon who decides Raj is a much better roommate than Leonard. Penny stops by, stays for dinner and the both of them get drunk from the wine Raj served.

Penny confesses to Raj that she "screwed up", as she should not have broken up with Leonard, and that she would be "on" Raj if they were not friends. When Priya receives a video call from her parents, Leonard overhears them saying that she is moving back to India and storms out revealing their relationship to her parents.

At the end of the episode, Sheldon discovers Leonard sleeping on their couch, just before Howard shows up and announces that he had a fight with Bernadette over the watch.

Penny wakes up and after noticing Raj laying next to her, becomes horrified when she realizes that she hooked up with him.

Leonard dating priya

She tells him that last night never happened and tries to sneak out of the apartment; however, they are busted by the others. Penny just states that "it's not what it looks like" and leaves. Sheldon then asks "What does it look like? The fourth season received particular praise for character developments. Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx praised the additions of Bernadette and Amy to the cast, writing that "With Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette promoted to semi-permanent status, the show is now able to spend large chunks of each episode focusing only on the women, and in the process has made Penny a much more well-rounded character rather than just a foil for the nerds".

Club wrote that "Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco's interplay remains the show's secret weapon", [27] and Eric Hochberger of TV Fanatic wrote: "Really though, everything about the main story worked amazing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Big Bang Theory season 4. Main cast [ edit ] Johnny Galecki as Dr.

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Leonard Hofstadter Jim Parsons as Dr. Koothrappali Alice Amter as Mrs. Koothrappali John Ross Bowie as Dr. This section's plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Leonard designs experiments in order to test theories but, according to Sheldon, his work is mostly derivative and thus unimportant. Although Leonard's attempts to disprove the existence of dark matter were made moot by the work of another physicist, Leonard helped to solidify proof of the hypothetical matter's existence with a photomultiplierand was invited as keynote speaker to a topical conference by the Institute of Experimental Physics for his successful research on super solids.

From the season 6 finale, "The Bon Voyage Reaction" Leonard heads to the United Kingdom to work on a physics project seeking the hydrodynamics equivalent of the Unruh effectsponsored by Professor Stephen Hawkingfor three months on a ship in the North Sea. In season 8, Leonard has a revelation about Superfluid Vacuum and with Sheldon's help was able to come up with a paper that impresses the scientific community including Stephen Hawking. Near the end of season 12, Leonard was given the co-leadership of the University's Photon Entanglement project.

Leonard became interested in Penny almost immediately after seeing her for the first time. By the end of the first season, Leonard finally manages to ask Penny out, and they have their first date.

Besides Penny, Leonard has been involved with only a few other women. One of Leonard's former girlfriends who is mentioned on several occasions is Joyce Kimwho did not appear until the third season.

Leonard and Priya on Skype

Leonard's friends recalled on many occasions that they were together for only 27 days, after which Joyce, later revealed to be a spy, defected to North Korea. Initially, after feeling that Penny was not for him, Leonard turned his attention to fellow scientist Leslie Winkle.

The first time Leonard asks Leslie out, she rejects him, [21] and his further relationships with her proved to be only short-lived casual sexual encounters that only happened to satisfy Leslie's libido. In the second season, Leonard began a stable relationship with a physician named Stephanie Barnett Sara Rue.

On another occasion, when Leonard's mother was visiting, he and Penny came very close to having sex, but Leonard ruined the moment by suggesting that they were burying their lifelong issues with their parents by doing so, which offended Penny. In the third season premiereLeonard and Penny finally started a romantic relationship and had intercourse for the first time. Elizabeth Plimpton Judy Greera physicist he admires, when Sheldon invited her to stay in their apartment for a brief visit.

This encounter causes some tension between Leonard and Penny, who is somewhat judgmental of Leonard's doing so. However, the two later resolve their feelings and their friendship continues. In the third-season finale, "The Lunar Excitation", after Penny's failed attempts to move on from her relationship with Leonard, she becomes intoxicated and has sex with him.

In the morning, Leonard believes that their relationship has resumed, though Penny tells him that the previous night was a mistake.

This causes a strain on their friendship; at the end of the episode, Leonard becomes intoxicated and tries to have intercourse with her, prompting Penny to push him out of her apartment, to which Leonard suspects a double standard. He immediately makes the same advances towards Leslie Winkle, who replies, 'Let me think about it" and slams the door in his face. Throughout the fourth season, it becomes obvious that Penny is still in love with Leonard.

It is unclear whether or not Leonard has noticed this, though he clearly is still interested in Penny. In "The Benefactor Factor", an older rich woman Jessica Walter propositions Leonard in exchange for a large donation to the physics department; he initially resists and she admits that she planned to make the donation anyway, after which they engage in a one-night stand.

Leonard arrives home the next morning, whereupon Penny recognizes his "walk of shame" and Sheldon thinks Leonard has a future in becoming a gigolo to rich ladies in exchange for donations.

Leonard also has an affair with Raj's younger sister Priya apparently every time she comes to towndespite a pinky swear with Howard that neither of them would attempt to make a move on her, and Raj giving his strong disapproval.

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Raj strongly opposes this, and Penny is secretly uncomfortable with Leonard dating someone else, eventually breaking down and crying while talking with her friend Amy Farrah Fowler. Once again, Leonard is unaware of Penny's true feelings. Subsequently, Priya pressures Leonard into ending his friendship with Penny, which he attempts with extreme reluctance. Penny complies, though it is clear that she does not want Leonard out of her life.

In the Season 4 finale, Leonard runs into Penny and Raj as they come out of his room in the morning after having slept together, just after Leonard and Priya appear to break up upon Leonard's learning that Priya is soon moving back to India. At the start of Season 5, it's revealed Raj and Penny didn't actually sleep together. Leonard and Priya try to maintain a long-distance relationship via Skype including a failed attempt at cybersex with Priya continuing to treat Leonard like a submissive partner.

Despite being the most eager to have sex, Leonard proves he is quite awkward in these situations. Leonard later goes to a wedding with Amy, and they seem to take a liking to each other, though Sheldon disapproves, karate-chopping Leonard and saying, "She's not for you The attraction is mutual, and they even share a kiss.

Right when they are about to have sex, however, he tells Alice that he has a girlfriend, thus ending the relationship. Leonard then decides to confess his behavior to Priya via Skypebut he is shocked to learn that Priya has also betrayed him, sleeping with her former boyfriend; Priya defends that they both slipped up a little, but Leonard corrects her saying that he slipped a little, while she slipped a lot, bringing the conversation to a strained end.

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In the next episode, Leonard tells Sheldon that he is single, implying that he and Priya have broken up; his actions since then have confirmed their split occurred.

Through the fourth and fifth seasons, Penny was still single and dating, however it's evident she still loves Leonard, as she confesses drunkenly that she regrets breaking up with Leonard. Leonard decides that since they are no longer dating, he can be honest and does not have to pay for everything or do whatever Penny wants.

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The two bicker all evening and sabotage each other's attempts to chat up people in the bar. Penny admits that she likes the new, more assertive Leonard. Leonard sees this as another opportunity to grovel and try to get Penny to sleep with him, so she leaves. On the spur of the moment in "The Recombination Hypothesis", Leonard asks Penny out on a date after he imagines what getting back with her might be like.

Their real date ends successfully and they agree to take their relationship slow in "The Beta Test Initiation. After Penny suggested having sex in "The Launch Acceleration", Leonard breaks the mood by proposing to her accidentally. They later meet and Penny does have the courage to tell him "no" and not break up with him as she did two years previously when he told her that he loved her. However, their relationship is still obviously strained.

In the season 5 finale, Leonard and Penny watch Howard being launched into space while holding hands to comfort each other. With the start of season 6, he wants a reluctant Penny to define their relationship in "The Date Night Variable".

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In the "Higgs Boson Observation", Sheldon hires grad student Alex Jensen to review his childhood journals for any potential ideas that might win him a Nobel Prize. After Amy and Penny observes Alex and Leonard in the Caltech cafeteria talking, Penny, although having reservations with her relationship with Leonard is bothered with the thought of him with another woman.

Penny introduces herself to Alex and drags Leonard to her apartment to have sex. Penny finally does admit her love to Leonard, in " The 43 Peculiarity ". Penny and Leonard awkwardly stare at each other before running off in opposite directions. Leonard, though, is buoyed by optimism over Penny's admission. Alex Jensen asks Leonard out to dinner in "The Egg Salad Equivalency", which boosts Leonard's ego because two beautiful women are interested in him, however, Alex's interest makes Penny insecure.

Leonard later confirms his commitment to Penny and reassures her that nothing will happen between him and Alex.

She admits that she is very happy with him, but she also admits to commitment issues and the thought of being married forever really "freaks" her out.

Leonard then tells her that when she is ready to get married, she can propose to him. In the season finale, Leonard leaves for an overseas job for four months and Penny is confident enough in their relationship to wait for him. In the season 8 finale, Penny asks Leonard to marry her that night in Las Vegas. Leonard happily accepts, but during the journey, after Penny expresses happiness that they will get married while knowing everything about each other, Leonard confesses to having shared a drunken kiss with another woman while on the boat in Europe, though he adds that the woman started it and he rejected her.

Penny becomes hurt by the revelation, and even though she claims to forgive Leonard, there is clearly tension between them, leaving the season ending in a cliffhanger as to whether or not they will go through with the wedding.

At the beginning of season 9, Leonard and Penny marry, although not without some initial problems. They both reveal that they were subconsciously trying to sabotage their relationship, feeling unworthy of the other. Leonard, concerned that he was trying to sabotage his relationship with Penny, meets with the woman he kissed on the boat. She barely remembers the incident and quickly grows bored with Leonard's ramblings, taking a sarcastic and dismissive tone toward him.

From that meeting Leonard comes to terms with his insecurities and he and Penny are able to become more comfortable in dealing with their mutual fears about their relationship. Leonard seriously tries to move into Penny's apartment though Sheldon has serious objections and makes them compromise to spend multiple nights a week in Leonard's old room. Early in season 10, the couple is very happy to be finally living alone after Sheldon moves in with Amy.

In season 11, Leonard, Howard and Raj are trying to recover the bitcoin they mined years ago now worth thousands of dollars. It is revealed that the bitcoin is in Leonard's old laptop which he gave to Penny while they were dating in Season 3. Penny then said that she gave the laptop to Zack after her breakup with Leonard.

After retrieving the laptop from Zack, he shows the couple a video in the laptop that Penny made after her breakup with Leonard showing a drunk Penny apologizing to Leonard and regrets breaking up with him. Leonard is touched by the video and realizes that Penny genuinely loves him and not just out of desperation or pity.

In season 12, Penny announces that she doesn't want to have any children which Leonard somewhat reluctantly supports her decision. Later Penny's old boyfriend Zack Johnson and his new wife wants Leonard to be a surrogate father to their kid since Zack is infertile. Penny reluctantly agrees to let Leonard do it until Leonard finally changes his mind not wanting a child in the world that he can't raise. At the end of the season; however, Penny accidentally gets pregnant with Leonard's child, and changes her mind about wanting children.

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Jul 30,   7 She Endures Leonard dating Priya. Breakups suck. But misery loves company and it's often a small comfort to know that our ex is probably just as sad and lonely as we are. So when they move on first, it definitely Liz Hersey. Now Leonard and Priya are dating and since she lives with Raj, Leonard and Howard decide to have dinner there instead of the normal venue which disturbs Sheldon. Sheldon stops by the Cheesecake Factory where Penny tells him he has to accept that the gang will be hanging out at Raj's place more butterfishny.comal network: CBS. When Does Leonard Start Dating Priya, county government of makueni tenders dating, cut him loose dating quote, inmigrantes en estados unidos yahoo dating/

October 29, Season 7. Episode May 8, May 5, Retrieved February 5,

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