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By the late s, Harris reconsidered his view that dating should be avoided, apologizing to those whose lives were negatively impacted by the book and directing the book's publisher to discontinue its publication. In I Kissed Dating Goodbye , Harris popularized the concept of " courting " as an alternative to mainstream dating. In so doing, he raised discussion regarding the appropriateness of his proposed solutions as well as the foundations on which he based his reasoning. Harris proposed a system of courtship that involved the parents of both parties to a greater degree than is usual in conventional dating. In an interview with Family Christian Stores , Harris indicated that "people have taken the message of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and made it something legalistic - a set of rules. That's something that's beyond my control and it's disappointing at times

When I get time I am going to take a look through your blog more. I know Josh personally, and I just want you to know that he has a heart for the Gospel above all things. It was I believe intended as an example of what a God-honoring relationship should be, NOT as a formula for how things must be done.

With that said, here at ground-zero, the EXACT things that were being preached against were hard at work, and to a large extent still are. Most of it really is nothing more than the socially acceptable platform for gossip and meddling in the business of others, all done under the guise of guarding hearts, purity, and the like. I know of several relationships that were under excessive pressure, and one taken to the brink of ending because of what went on.

Someone very close to me swore to NEVER enter into a relationship with anyone from the church because of the legalism that surrounds relationships, and when this person finally did with another member of the churchthe relationship stayed completely hidden from sight for months, and when it did come to light it did so only under the watchful eyes of mature people and pastors. All others were litterally forced out.

There is a useful example here. I was told to my face to tend to my own biz which I gladly did. This couple had no problems because they sought wise counsel from pastors and mature people, and made it very clear that the nosy people around them had best find something else to amuse themselves with.

It is sad that things that Josh Harris taught against and tried to correct with a few messages are still significant problems in his church. I am sure Joshua Harris means well and meant well. However the legalistic nature by which some people take this book is ridiculous. Despite the book having no publicity in scotland I myself have felt a bit of a sting from the same views. In my church I have been friends with a girl since I was something like 6 days old. I myself hold to the dating philosophy that for every rule thats made there are so many exceptions that the rules become pointless in the end.

And so use guidelines and proverbial rules that I handle with what little wisdom I have and the wisdom that I nick from God. I learn my boundaries and I avoid situations that will cause me to fall but do not avoid woman. To be honest wisdom is one of the most vital components to a successfull relationship which is why teenagers usually fail. And why it should be dealt with properlly, but not avoided.

Joshua Harris wrote his book in his late teens and wrote about something that worked for him as a teenager. Thus as a teenager kissing goodbye or at least postponing might be a good thing.

You might want to read my blog entry about one size fits all. There I question whether what Harris wrote applies to all ages. Unfortunately so many people assumed that what worked for a teenager works for all ages. He wrote his book as a quasi testimonial which leaves a lot of holes in the presentation.

These holes include not sharing the problems that have occurred with his approach including at the church he is now the senior pastor at. Harris could do a lot more to correct abuses but for some reason chooses not to.

If you read my latest post about what another SGM leader taught then maybe Harris is between a rock and hard place with other leadership in Sovereign Grace Ministries. Thanks for your hard work on this issue. I have observed that many singles do not attempt celibacy, do not limit their dating to believers, etc. We had three wedding showers this summer. All had met a non-christian, become pregnant and had a baby. Still, no Christian man in the picture.

So, any strategy is an improvement. When he saw a good match, he would bless them and they could date. I agree that there can be many problems associated with dating.

Harris wrote his book based on his experiences as a teenager since he was 21 when he wrote the book. People reading that should take that into account more than they seem to to do, especially when they think this should apply to singles of all ages. Derek-secret relationships?

It can be just as dangerous to keep a relationship hidden as it is to tell the whole world everything. There has to be some middle road in here. I date to get to know someone better. Some say I date too much, but if someone else asks me out, I might go so I can get to know him better before I decide to accept another date.

A date means an appointment. In many cultural traditions, dates are arranged by a third party, who may be a family member, an acquaintance, or a dedicated matchmaker. What it seems to boil down to is that for conscientious Christians, seeking a mate borders on insanity. The same people who are desperate to get Christians to marry are making the process so burdensome and repulsive to self-respecting adults that a lot of us would rather just leave it alone than submit to legalistic nonsense.

Never married though I sure longed to be, women never found me attractive.

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My parents are dead. However most of the people from the church I attend within my peer group 20yrs old did read the book and I think it would have been a positive thing if some of them had taken the lessons more to heart rather than telling everyone that they were courting without changing anything about their relationships. I am not saying by the way that people are breaking a strict rules system but rather they appear to be missing a few salient passages in the Bible.

Hello, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have looked at a couple of your and can agree with some onf your findings. I do agree with with Mr. But more importantly, I think there is more significant question Joshua Harris raises that the dating issue itself.

The question is. Welcome to my blog.

In I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris exposes the "Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating" and offers a realistic outline of how to have a biblical vision of marriage. Harris contends that one must begin with a While most Christians agree to seek purity and save sex for marriage, few have been given a blueprint for how that should affect /5. Nov 04,   Directed by Jessica Van Der Wyngaard. With Joshua Harris, Curtis Allen, Daniela Amestegui, Marissa Andrews. Twenty years after "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," Joshua Harris seeks new insights and confronts the book's impact on a generation/10(1). I Kissed Dating Goodbye Quotes Showing of 23 "When God knows you're ready for the responsibility of commitment, He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances." even if it meant kissing dating goodbye." ? Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance.

People can use dating in a selfish way or in a way thinking about others. I am not sure if this sounds right. But as a reader of the book, I feel that the advice that Josh has dished out is pretty useful, especially for us the youths. I feel that personally, the book has some pretty good ideas and it helped me. The title of my blog says a lot.

It is sad that he has never shared this on a broad basis like his book was. These problems have even occurred in the church Harris now pastors and has been their practice for the last 30 years.

Not acknowledging these problems sets people up for failure IMO. I do hope that this blog helps people at least bring up when there are problems if they choose this approach and make adjustments vs.

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You might want to take a look at my definitions page. The courtship system that his church now promotes seems strange in that you have to spend time getting to know the father before you can even spend time courting the young lady.

Steve, thanks for sharing. I have never dated and I do not intend to date until I am ready to get married. I read that book when I was 17ish so it was quite a few years ago when I read it, but I would not change my decision on dating. Courtship and group dating is a much better approach, in my opinion, because of the aforementioned. Thanks for the critique though.

I would urge you to read all of the entries of my blog. One big concern is that it many times teach single to avoid relating with those of the opposite sex vs. It can offer many benefits and learning experiences.

If this blog does nothing else than makes one think vs. I have read and been a part of the above blog for quite a while. The latest entry on that blog and what happened to the 3 year old child is really sad. You ask a good question. Of course one type of control can feed an justify another type of control. That issue being Mr. Personally, I respect Mr.

Harris and believe he is very well-intended. However, I also feel he is misguided, that his approach fails completely with adults, and provides little hope of helping those younger Christians learn how to date before going off to college or a career. Abandoning dating is not the answer. Rather, we need to teach our youth how to date from a Biblical perspective, with appropriate consideration given to their ages.

The modern trend to villify dating is detrimental to our youth. Instead of teaching them to avoid dating, we should remind them that dating is just spending time with someone of the opposite sex, getting to know each other.

It is not a relationship or a physical encounter.

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A date is a one-time event. Dating is, simply, the practice of going on dates. Whether a date leads to a 2nd date, a 3rd date, or to a commitment, be it a relationship or marriage, depends on what you learn on that date.

The Church has a bad habit of bringing people to the cross, dropping them off, then leaving them to figure out what comes next all on their own. Our blog is here to help at least, that is the goal. The truth is His, and the interest is ours.

It began with just me, John, but now we have a second dedicated writer on board. Also, we have sent out invitations to guest writers. We discuss dating, true religion, Heaven, politics, the law, and more, all from a Biblical perspective. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your compliment. I am enjoying the discussion we are having on your blog about dating.

If I do nothing more than help singles think about what is best for them vs. Like you I feel Harris means well with what he wrote. Why people assumed what he wrote should apply to all people to be done the same way baffles me.

Also, those who promote IKDG rarely seem to want to admit the the problems it causes or has caused. I am truly happy to have found this blog.

Is either un-Christian or more Christian than the other? I would say no, because our culture and not our religion determines our musical taste. It is something that was influenced by the culture at the time. God does not dictate what our fashions need to be but He does say they should be modestHe does not say what musical instruments are best for worship of Him, He does not say that our houses have to be built in a certain way although He does say they must be safe- levitical law so why do we assume that the way of arranging marriages must stay the same?

Hi Steve. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will keep all the issues that you pointed out in mind while I read the book. Blesssings, Victoria. It all depends on your own point of view. I want to be so in love with God that nothing nor anyone will distract me. Our church had not taken that kind of a stand.

My parents raised me to be pure and that dates were acceptable, but I should only date someone who was a Christian. All the parents of the girls at my church latched onto the movement as a way to keep their girls pure, by them saying they were not dating. The worst part is there is no infrastructure supporting this. As a single now in a Church with few single females near my age I would love to pick a fight with some of those idealists. Funny how that works. Joshua Harris doomed these people to a system that if they are not at a church that preaches courtship is strange to all but the most persistent suitors.

He should have known not all Christians would start practicing this system. Now he has detractors like me who frankly pray to God for justice for what he did to us and our generation. Welcome to my blog and sorry for the late welcome. It has its own problems. My take on it is that it is an approach that was more designed for teenagers vs. Didnt God said trust Him. God is BIG. He is almighty. My boyfriend was easily able to fool me into thinking he was a great guy because I was so naive.

He was easily able to fool my parents because he rarely saw them. We got married, and our marriage fell completely apart 3 years and 1 baby later after he decided it would be fun to share his wife with his friends. I could write my own book. I have read some of your blog entries and what happened to you is a sad story of betrayal by your husband.

One of my biggest concerns with courtship is that those who promote are quick to share all the defects they see with dating but seem to ignore and be silent about all the problems that courtship has caused over the years.

Welcome again. I saw that you left a comment on my blog and came over here to check you out like you suggested. On my blog you addressed that kissing dating goodbye and having courtship as an alternative may be fine for younger people but possibly counterproductive for older singles.

Are there a couple specific articles that you have linked to here that I could read to see your point a little better?

What parts of courtship do you consider counterproductive? I certainly do not agree with everything that Josh Harris preaches, but I think, to a degree, he has good theory when it comes to this topic. Have you ever read anything by Eric and Leslie Ludy?

I like their perspectives better, actually. What age things change will depend on each specific person. Dating can mean a lot of things. Interesting blog. Cool blog though. Steve, Thanks for the comments on my site. It has been sometime since I have actually read the book, but I do remember discussing it many times with youth group members and various friends. I can remember thinking that this guy has some good ideas, but not all of them are sound.

I see God as designing relationships and wants us to be active participants in them. Of course there should be appropriate bounderies for interactions with the opposite sex, but we should by no means avoid them and then expect God to magically drop Mr or Mrs Right into out laps which seems to be the general idea of many Christian authors. Thanks again. I hope this blog of mine provokes the right kind of questioning vs.

That is the thing, though. All Harris is offering is advice using his point of view as an example. No two romances are going to be alike, and he knows that.

Do you know people who have blindly accepted his doctrine or something? Where does this idea come from, if not? Reading this account it sure seemed like a lot of people blindly or pretty much blindly accepted this. In some churches, questioning what leadership says is looked down upon.

I have seen that in various groups I have been involved with. If you read some of my other blog entries you will see where I show how Josh Harris has seemed to ignore the problems that have occurred with this approach that has been in place since in the church where he is now Sr.

As you know, my friend Rob and I maintain a blog focusing on the application of Bible truth in the lives of Christians. We once wrote an blog entry on dating, which was how I originally heard of your site.

I linked to that article in my comment above.

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Outstanding site. You have gained a new reader. Please maintain the fabulous posts and I look forward to more of your amusing writings. I am assuming that you have read through my older blogs posts. I have already said a lot of what I feel I have to say on this subject but as I occasionally get new thoughts I will post new entries. I just found your blog I have heard of I kissed dating goodbye but never read it There are stories about courtship marriages that ended in divorce and in some cases they never made it to the alter.

I read a sad story of one young lady who did the courtship and married at 16 and now at 20 had ot leave her husband because of abuse. This young lady is scarred for the rest of her life because of twisted beleifs. Another courtship dissolves because of religous differences. I feel so sad for these kids. They didnt get protected from broken heart syndrome. I cant see how anyone who led a sheltered life write a book on relationships. Their views obvioulsy came form their upbringing and not experiences.

Thanks for your comments and welcome to my blog. That is one of the biggest problems with those who promote courtship. They are quite vocal in the problems that they feel dating causes but silent about the problems that courtship has caused. Im pretty sure all decent parents think this way. I would like to ask extreme Christian conservatives the same thing when they marry off their 16 year old like my example above or 20 year old with no experience with the oposite gender, like Josh and Anna Duggar.

Like the poster said, you trust your kid to a point. Chapperones are ridiculous for legal adults like Josh and Anna. If you raised the kid right they will know how far to go. Keeping them in a bubble can do as much damage. Hello everyone. So, I just sat here and spend the last couple hours reading through all 71 of the comments on this page! I came back the next week to watch the second part of the series.

Both were very good books!

authoritative answer, curiously

I feel as though I learned a lot from both. Like many other in fact, probably MOST Christians out there though, my biggest bone to pick with the book was the general overriding message that all Christians needed to stop dating and revert to courtship.

Harris had a lot of good to say in his books, but unfortunately, I believe he came down a little too harshly on dating.

Kissing dating goodbye summary

The problem amongst Christian young adults and teenagers at that time was not the fact that Christians were DATING; it was the fact that too many of them were dating without the implementation of any biblically-based boundaries!

He bashed dating a little too harshly. He insinuated that dating is inherently wrong. Or did he actually outright say so? What do I believe? They both have their pros and cons. In deciding which of the two routes to take, I think we as individuals need to first be informed of the pros and cons of each, take into account our own personalities and circumstances, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to which path to take.

Contrary to what some people may believe, this can be done in either a dating OR a courtship situation.


That is why I personally have gravitated toward other Christian relationship books that put more emphasis on how to implement Biblical principles in a practical manner into our dating lives. Which books? Ben Young and Dr. Sam Adams. It consists of simple, practical, down-to-earth biblically-based dating principles, and in my opinion, if you were a youth pastor who wanted to do a book-study in your youth group, THAT is the book that should be used as the basis for talking to youth groups about Christian dating principles.

All that being said, I have no intention of slamming Joshua Harris, or anything about his character. Despite the somewhat extreme and questionable nature of some of his writings, I still maintain a lot of respect for him. One very good purpose that his writing of those books served is that it DID get Christian teens and young adults at that time to check themselves, and start thinking about the way they were conducting their own dating lives.

He awoke an awareness to the subject of dating - something that may have been very necessary at that point in time. This discussion seems very smart and lively. Amanda Maybe someone on here who has the experience you are looking for will give you a call.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye Quotes

It can include arranged marriages where the couple gets married without even knowing the person they are marrying to something similar to the traditional dating. Not all courtships result in long term marriages.

Do you think your words please God? I have put together my thoughts here. Your comment is internally hypocritical. You just criticized the people here for being critical. If you have a position, then calmly explain it with respect for your host. Ironically by the end of the school year the numbers had risen and I had an abundance of year-old girls attending. I expressed my critical view of Harris' book and warned them that God doesn't promise happily ever after.

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They should simply live a pure life because it pleases God, not because it would land them prince charming as Harris book insinuates. If they do marry, I told them to choose wisely, and that means asking basic questions like - how many kids do you want, where do you want to live, will you travel for the husband or wife's career, etc.

There is much wiser counsel from other books than Harris' book. At the time I wondered if I was doing the right thing by dissuading them form Harris' book. Now in retrospect, given the divorces of some of his most devoted advocates, I'm glad I suggested other books. This was about 11 years ago before e-harmony came around and Neil Clark Warren had commercialized his work, but Warren's book listed down all the questions people should ask themselves and each other before getting involved.

Ben Young's "Ten Commandments of Dating" was very sensible, but Warren's book was the most well conceived based on Warren's decades of private practice in dealing with couples. Bought this for my 17 year old son who had just gotten out of his first serious relationship.

So I bought him this book. I read this book when I was his age. Two generations of men have been positively effected by it. This is a book all teens should read. This book has helped me through ALOT of relationship pain i reccomend it for anyone who needs to remind themselves why its worth the wait! One person found this helpful. So this book isn't for everybody.

Can this book's principles be useful? But if you're looking on a how to get from point a to point b, I would think that this book will be disappointing to you. This book attacks an individual's self-seeking nature. The bottom line This book is worth a read if you struggle with selfishness, vanity and worldliness.

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Great book keep purity, holiness before marriage, in the eyes of God, the God intended. In an age and a world which has indoctrinated us into believing anything goes before marriage and everything else is down right weird, strange and being honest thats why we have teenage pregnancies sexually transmitted diseases and children who are in adult relationships because we have believed that lie.

From a born again believer who wants a life of purity for her children! Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote.

Please try again. It's deep. It's about changing the way we approach dating and how we view the person we're in a relationship with. I would highlight that this book is aimed at Christians, or anyone with a similar view. I actually didn't finish the book because I had already read a very similar Christian dating book with similar principles. Nonetheless I give it a high score because for the chapters I did read I do feel that it was a good read and good teaching.

Great book, even if you don't agree with everything he says, it's great to look at another perspective. I believe one of my friends is borrowing it at the moment. Girls are desperate to read it - but if boys want to impress girls they need to read it! Load more international reviews. Every teenage boy and girl int he world should read this. Couldn't recommend it more. Great obok and very helpful for teens and young people to spend their time before marriage wisely.

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Arrived shortly after delivery date but pretty standard with everything that is going on. Book is in perfect condition. I bought this as a gift for a friend and she absolutely loved it, so much so that as soon as she had finished this book, she bought the next one.

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This book was recommended to me by my friend, I enjoyed reading it so much. Although I'm in a courtship now, I still find it useful. Thank you for this. God bless your soul. This takes u back to the God-fearing days where a man and a woman will not even touch each other until their marriage day.

This book helps you lean on God with our feelings and dealings with the opposite sex. THEN, we can pursue a relationship commitment. I wish I had read this while growing up. It gives you focus and direction, as opposed to hollywood movies idea of dating. Highly recommended for people regardless if you're dating or not! Really good book. Their method isn't perfect either.

Nothing in life is perfect. Anyway, I'm sure I have bored you quite enough. On with the book. I've only read it once and that was a few years ago, and would rather not read it again.

From what I remember, his writing style was extremely repetitive and he repeated the same ideas overand overand over again. I literally had to take a break after reading a few pages at a time. I find that passage ridiculous. Was he implying that our hearts are only capable of so much love before they crash and burn? You love your family, you love your friends, and you love your pets. You love certain musicians, artists and writers. I'm sure that loving more people, whether they'll become part of your past or stay with you for a long time, is NOT going to make you unworthy or undesirable.

A loving heart is a truly beautiful thing. If you actually believe that, it will show, trust me. I know that not everyone who is for courtship thinks like that, but quite a few of them do.

If you have that mindset, how will any guy or girl be able to approach you and want to start a relationship with you in the first place? Think about it. That's just the short version of all my thoughts.

If I go on too much longer, my fingers won't be able to type for a while. Like I mentioned near the beginning, if couples who courted are truly happy that they did itkudos to them. Josh Harris had good intentions, but I suspect this book has done more damage than good.

So, in summary: I'm tired of Christians who practice courtship treating this book like it's the pinnacle of nonfiction, and homeschooling parents since these beliefs are the norm in many homeschool circles must stop micromanaging their adult children's lives. It's just wrong on so many levels. On his website, he is now accepting stories from IKDG readers on how it affected their lives. Old news, I know, but it's a step and I can't help but feel proud of him for sincerely trying to understand.

Jun 22, Donita Luz rated it really liked it Shelves: a-must-havecool-authorfriend-recommendationrea non-fictionchristians. By inflating the importance of feelings, we neglect the impt of putting love in action. When we evaluate the quality of our love for someone else simply by our own emotional fulfillment, we are being selfish. Feelings governed them, and finally, when the feelings ended, so did their relationship. It was a bit "A relationship based solely on physical attraction and romantic feelings will last only as long as the feelings last.

It was a bit judgemental and one-sided for me I'm not being angry or offended, I'm just merely stating my observations note that I'm not a Christian as well. It was the author's own conviction and commitment. But what made me like this book was the fact that it wasn't trying to force those information down our throats.

It was always trying to pose questions and the possibility of what can happen for certain things that happen in our life. I Kissed Dating Goodbye isn't all about dating and love. There were talks of impurity which we might all agree that society doesn't see important in relationship anymore.

It teaches us the necessity of break-up which we all know is hard. There's a good chance they won't understand at first or will think you're making up excuse for bringing a relationship to an end. Don't try to argue with them to prove a point. Overall, it's a good read and if you're open-minded on other's religions, this is still a highly recommended book for everyone. Oct 28, Kacey rated it did not like it Shelves: non-fiction. Coming from a happily married woman, I found this to be a stupid composition that follows a typical Christian formula of twisting Scripture to suit the point the author wants to make.

Common sense, rather than blowing up your every state of being into assuring yourself of your godliness, will get you further in my opinion. Only made a splash because it was written by a young, attractive male who claimed to have quit dating for good. Don't listen to me, though, read it Coming from a happily married woman, I found this to be a stupid composition that follows a typical Christian formula of twisting Scripture to suit the point the author wants to make.

Don't listen to me, though, read it for yourself and make up your own mind- unlike the author would have you do. Apr 13, Jenny Reading Envy added it Shelves: read-long-ago. Bull honkey. This philosophy destroys intimacy and feeds the guilt culture that is overly a part of modern Christian families.

Zero stars. View all 7 comments. I read this book when I was a broken-hearted nineteen-year-old. At the time the idea of kissing dating goodbye and doing it in the name of God seemed like a grand idea. I think it was largely because I had no dates to kiss goodbye, so it gave me some noble reason to beyond the fact that girls didn't like me and the fact that despite my liking them I was terrified of them.

I think Harris has some very valid points as best as I can remember, but they are a bit extreme and maybe even unrealistic. Anytime you set up a system of thought like that it can lead to feelings of guilt and legalism.

I am prone to that sort of thing anyway, and I definitely dealt with it after trying my hardest to adopt the ideas in this book. If would feel guilty if I just liked a girl. In some way, I'm thankful that I went through this time in my life because I do think it has balanced out and saved me from just randomly chasing after girls for the fun of it. On the other hand, I don't know that I would have ever done that anyway. I think this book is good for high school kids, but it's probably not very practical once you get older.

I saw Joshua Harris speak a few years ago, and I knew it would be really chessy and youth groupy. But you know what? It wasn't. He was a very good speaker, and everything he said was solid and scripturally sound. Oh, and he didn't talk about dating.

Jul 31, Kierstyn Elisabeth rated it did not like it.

I desperately tried to enjoy it, understand it in entirety, and implement all of its concepts into my life. I could not do so. I have been raised Christian and have accepted the faith as my own these past few years. I am completely in love with Jesus Christ and I believe the Bible with all of my heart. My friend, who loaned me the book, adored it and uses it as the manual for her romantic life. My mother could not have been more pleased that I was reading it.

I did not appreciate it for the most part. I dated a lot. And I had a blast doing it. I only dated guys who could, yes, be potential marriage partners-God-loving, hilarious, attractive, intelligent guys-but I did it because first and foremost we were friends and second: it was fun! I went hiking, bowling, skating, to the movies, and many other fun activities with guys sometimes in a group and sometimes not.

I am OK haha. I came out fine. If you end a courtship, and you are seriously thinking about marriage, your heart would get broken too. My friendship with my best friend a girl ended in high school, and crushed me ten times more than any breakup I had with a guy. Relationships with ANYONE, of any means, are risk, and instead of trying to avoid that risk by following rules, we should embrace them and learn from each other.

We should approach any decision we make with care and caution. To be smart about any relationship we pursue is important. But I think everyone is uniquely and wonderfully created by God, so different things work for different people.

Ok, tell that to the people who fell in love in high school and have lasting, happy marriages today. And is it really so black and white that we should completely eliminate an entire facet of our lives until a certain time just to avoid pain? Harris thinks so. I do not. In this book Joshua Harris tells you to, as the title suggests, to kiss dating goodbye, suggesting that here is a better way to approach romance than simple "dating" could ever provide. He urges you to ask yourself "what is your motivation in relationships, pleasing yourself or serving others?

Joshua Harris's first book, written when he was only 21, turned the Christian singles scene upside down and people are still talking. More than , copies later, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, with its inspiring call to sincere love, real purity, and purposeful singleness, remains the benchmark for books on Christian butterfishny.com, for the first time since its release, the national #1 bestseller /5. Jul 27,   In , Joshua Harris's book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" ushered thousands of young evangelicals into purity culture. Two decades Author: Liz Lenz. Chester Raccoon, whom readers have come to know and love through The Kissing Hand and its sequel, A Pocket Full of Kisses, is facing another dilemma common to the lives of many children: he and his family are moving. The trees in Chester's part of the forest are being cut down now he and his family have to find a new home.

This book does not say In this book Joshua Harris tells you to, as the title suggests, to kiss dating goodbye, suggesting that here is a better way to approach romance than simple "dating" could ever provide. This book does not say that dating is sinful and explains that rejecting typical dating does not mean that you'll never spend time alone with a guy or girl.

Under his suggestions for the many different reasons to read this book he suggests it if you: 1. You just got out of a bad relationship, and you don't want to be hurt again.

Not dating sounds like a great idea. You just haven't felt comfortable with dating, and you're looking for alternatives.

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You're ina great dating relationship, and you're curious why anyone would choose not to date. This book is full of wonderful suggestions such as dating your wife or husband once you are married and many others. Feb 15, Altovise rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-and-loved. I first heard of Josh Harris on a Christian radio station.

I was driving and listening to him talk about the pitfalls of modern dating. I was so captivated by his message, that I sat in the car listening long after I arrived at my destination. I went and purchased this book the next day. After the first chapter, I put it down. It was a lot to take in for an ex-feminist, control freak like me. I talked to my dad about it and decided to give the book a chance. My love life has never been the same. It taught me that if I had continued to give away my heart to lots of boyfriends, I may have nothing left to give my husband.

I'm not saying that this concept is easy to accept. I had to stuggle to read this book without rolling my eyes. Joshua backs all of his writing up with Biblical text. He tells it like it is. This book is wonderful. Jun 16, Robyn rated it did not like it. And secondly, I still don't see even one small remote difference in "dating" versus "courtship". It might as well be about "don't be a stripper, instead be an exotic dancer!

Jun 01, Aliyah rated it liked it Shelves: read-in I read this book a bit apprehensively considering the multitude of opinions that swirl around it and the fact that the author himself has recently apologized for it and said he disagreed with the premise of his own book. That said, there were some helpful suggestions, thoughts, and ideas. There were also assumptions, suggestions, and thoughts in this book that were unhelpful. I won't go into lots of specifics but below are some more general thoughts about the book.

One issue with the book is that I read this book a bit apprehensively considering the multitude of opinions that swirl around it and the fact that the author himself has recently apologized for it and said he disagreed with the premise of his own book.

One issue with the book is that it is quite formulaic and rules-focused. Of course, formulas are often what we want to read - it gives us control and a defined route ahead. Maybe that's why this book sold so well.

Responses to "A Critique on the "Kissing Dating Goodbye" & "Courtship" Practices" Kris Says: April 30, at pm | Reply. It was my observation at our SGM church that the attitudes Josh Harris preached against in "Courtship Smourtship" were alive and well and this was at least 2 years after he preached that sermon. Nov 26,   There are times when a kind of weirdness settles over evangelicalism, when for a while people are swept away by strange and flawed ideas. This usually happens when Christians are attempting to counter ideas that are prevalent outside the church. Instead of reacting in a measured way, we collectively over-react. I think the purity and courtship movements were two . Goodbye. Now there's a book with a message people would read! I decided to call this book I Kissed Dating Goodbye because I want to be up front with you-there are some radical ideas on these pages. Most other books on dating will tell you how to make dating work for you. This book tells you how to make your life pleasing to God-.

But when the focus is on the formula and the rules, the heart gets left out. Though many of the guidelines and rules suggested in this book are helpful, and most have good reasons behind them, there seemed to be a lack of motivation for the heart. Ultimately it's the heart that matters - you need to get your heart in the right place rather than just try harder to follow a list of rules.

And I don't think the author was saying to just try harder to follow a list of rules, but in part, he came across like that. Maybe part of the issue was that he may have assumed readers would already have the 'right heart' coming into it, since it was aimed at Christians.

I just think many would have appreciated more focus on the heart behind wanting to pursue purity. Purity is obviously a huge focus of this book, and there really were things in this book that were helpful on the topic. One thing that stood out to me though, was the strong focus on physical purity - almost to the point that physical purity was equated to purity as a whole.

Physical purity is most often what we think of when we hear the word purity, but there is so much more to purity than just the physical. People can be 'impure' without ever crossing any physical boundaries.

I think it would have been really helpful if Josh had covered purity of the mind and heart more. Another thing I noticed was a lack of grace.

For many reading this book, I think a lot of guilt and shame could be felt - some is helpful and necessary, but I think there could be some that is unnecessary. Joshua Harris said in an article that a regret he has about this book is that it de-emphasized grace - the grace that is so central to the gospel - and I could see what he meant as I was reading.

Honestly, I don't want to bash this book. There are things in it that are biblical, helpful, and applicable. As the author outlines, there are a lot of issues with modern dating and it's good to be aware of that and think that through. At the same time the alternative suggestion needs to be carefully thought about. I'm glad I read it, because for me, it has created the opportunity to think about the things I've mentioned in this review and things I haven't mentioned too.

I just think it needs to be read prayerfully and with discernment. Thought-provoking and good to hear reflections on the book from Joshua Harris now, and other people too. View 2 comments. May 05, Katie rated it really liked it. The title of this book is different, which is why I picked it up in the first place. The book isn't so much about giving up dating as the title implies, it's more about not dating seriously until you are ready to get married, and to use the time gaining a strong relationships with good friends and especially with Heavenly Father.

The author, Joshua Harris, really drives home the idea that singleness is not something to dread, but to realize it as a gift. Aug 21, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: nonfictionmemoir-biosex-genderspirituality-religiondisappointments. I really didn't appreciate this book.

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