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In Iran , the limitations on social networking are enforced, with most social media platforms being banned in the Middle Eastern country. The country has a lot of traditional rules and regulations in place, and it can be a challenge to say the least for citizens to find their way around these rules and regulations. In Iran, the dating culture is something that is entirely foreign to western societies. This is a country whose dating rules are quite traditional, and the essence of those rules is that young men are not allowed to have girlfriends. The population of Iran - the second-largest country in the Middle East - boasts 81 million inhabitants, and so having such tight restrictions on something as wonderful as romantic relationships can be a challenge to enforce.

Iran dating laws

At first the overall mood of the committee was against the bill but after we made our statements they gave us an opportunity to invite psychologists, doctors and sociologists to present their arguments. The truth is that we are really looking at this from a social and cultural perspective and seeking to solve a social problem.

We will not be able to advance reform through these kinds of bills if we continue to look at various issues through a political lens. During the same period more thangirls got married between the ages of 15 and Nevertheless I am hopeful that this bill will eventually become law some day but unfortunately under these circumstances it will take years.

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The proposal called for a ban on marriage for girls under 13 and boys under 16 years of age. But since then, many of the lawmakers who voted for it have now become its opponents, making it less likely that it would receive final ratification.

Would you allow your own relative three-times removed to go through such a marriage, let alone your own children?

Bill to Ban Child Marriages in Iran Facing Implacable Opposition by Religious Conservatives

They can last for months, weeks, days, or even hours, depending on what you decide. It is advocated by most government officials, including former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Jun 16,   Women's rights are severely restricted in Iran. There are legal restrictions as well as heavily inculcated societal and cultural norms imposed on women. Legally, the following laws apply to women in the Islamic Republic of Iran: The husband is the head of the family, and his wife is legally bound to obey him. Article [ ]. Iran - Iran - Education: Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and Roughly four-fifths of men and two-thirds of women are literate. Primary education is followed by a three-year guidance cycle, which assesses students' aptitudes and determines whether they will enter an academic, scientific, or vocational program during high school. Jun 30,   16 Strange Rules, Laws, and Customs to Consider When Traveling in Iran June 30, by Justin Andress View All On 1 Page This might come as something of a shock considering the bad press the nation gets, but it's totally possible to travel to Iran, even in the current global environment.

Others claim that temporary marriages devalue those involved. If I temporarily marry a young woman for three years and then divorce her, would anyone be willing to marry her? It is considered part of the marriage and therefore approved.

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As unusual as this seems to people in the West, this is a part of life for many couples in Iran. Video games in Iran are similar to those played in America. With the influx of Western pop culture, the Iranian government has been trying to use video games to inspire a new generation of Iranians.

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An example would be the government-funded game that explains the fatwa against author Salman Rushdie. An American video game, Prince of Persiacaused developers in Iran to create Quest of Persiawhich subsequently became the most popular video game series in their country.

Jan 28,   Iran's youth find their unconventional way to romance amid strict dating laws In Iran, the limitations on social networking are enforced, with most social media platforms being banned in the Middle Eastern country. Jan 10,   Iran's easing of drug laws could halt execution of 5, prisoners This article is more than 2 years old Lifting of capital punishment for some drug-trafficking offences set to be applied. Today's news headlines report that there were 40, male and female divorcees in Iran last year, adding to the 25of marriages ending in divorce. Unlike in the West however, females can only initiate divorce proceedings with the husband's permission. Divorces are mostly frowned on in Islam.

It has received acclaim outside Iran for its historical accuracy and beautiful imagery. In fact, most Iranian video games are designed as medieval sword-and-sandal epics because of the success of Quest of Persia.

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Unless they are already proven commodities, video games beyond sword-and-sandal themes are a tough sell because of the poor economy. Other Iranian video games are first-person shooter games developed as propaganda. As with movie bootlegging, American bootleg video games are popular with dedicated Iranian gamers who have the money to spend on them. Sincethe Islamic Republic of Iran has been given the lowest rating possible for handling human trafficking.

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The number of teenage girls trafficked in Tehran is somewhere between 35, They are forced to work on the streets, in sweatshops, and in any other operations that the traffickers run. Migrants and others from outside the country are kidnapped and trafficked as far as Europe.

Aug 21,   As if dating weren't hard enough, imagine if you could get jailed or whipped for having a boyfriend. Such is the case in Iran, where young people are smart, informed, and stylish-to . Dec 21,   Legislation Banning Marriages of Girls Under the Age of 13 Remains Stalled A proposed bill seeking to ban child marriage in Iran continues to face stiff opposition amongst conservative lawmakers and religious figures, and remains stalled in parliament. The so-called "child spouse" bill, introduced into parliament in , proposes an absolute ban on the marriage of girls under age 13 .

Due to the volatile nature of many Middle Eastern countries, migrants often go to Iran for work because Iran is relatively stable when compared to more violent countries like Afghanistan or Syria. However, once the migrants arrive, they may be threatened into forced labor situations without pay or even debt bondage, in which they have to work until all money from a loan or other obligation is repaid to their employer.

According to reports by human rights organizations, the Iranian government does nothing to stop the rampant abuses.

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Since the issue was first brought up inIran has made no effort to prosecute criminal organizations that traffic humans. If the woman was subjected to sexual abuse, she would be guilty of adultery and could face the death penalty.

I Married an Iranian Man... Here's What Happened Next

When Westerners think about Iran, they may envision former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spewing hatred against America and Israel or images of Iranians burning American and Israeli flags on the streets.

In fact, most Iranians have a positive view of the West, especially America. Approximately 51 percent of polled Iranians say that they like America. Interestingly, though, only 8 percent of Iranians approve of US leaders.

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Still, in a country where almost every form of communication is monitored, it is believed that Western approval might actually be higher than the polls show.

In Iran, it is still a serious crime to criticize the government.

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Even so, many experts note that Iranian citizens have become increasingly dissatisfied with their government. So how do single folk cope?

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Increasingly, they're opting for a temporary marriage. The marriages, called sigheh or mut'ah, simply require couples to appear before a cleric at a registry office with their ID papers, no witnesses necessary.

The cleric declares the couple "married" for as long as they choose, which might be just an hour. Such unions are said to date back to the time of Muhammad, who recommended them for soldiers, presumably so the men could satisfy their sexual needs within the bounds of Muslim law.

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But now sigheh sites like mutah.

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