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I asked this question before but I never said what state the state is new your city my friene is 19 and crushing on a 17 year old is it illegal for her to date the guy she likes even if isn't planning on having sex with him just kissing.? I know if u have sex with a minor is consider rape but what about dating? Please help my friend professional answer and no critizism please. Such laws vary from state to state. In most states the age of consent is actually I have no problem with that. Its just two years, two years earlier would have anyone thought anything of that 15 year old dating a 17 year old?

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My friend's sister 13 is dating a 17 year old guy. Now it was obviously the girl who asked him out in the first place. Now this guy is actually in the Sixth Form and I think he is a smart guy with a good future. I really cannot imagine them having sex or anything now THAT will be illegal , but they do kiss and stuff. The girl is also a little bit advanced for her age. They do suit each other, but personally I think it's wrong.

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