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I have been in an exclusive relationship with a man for 6 months now. He has shown up in every way AND more. I had major surgery and he stood by me, slept in the hospital, and took care of me at my worst for my 3-week recovery. He just took me on our first trip away. He wants to see me every day and I love that. I asked what would change with the title? Or should I move on at this point?

I was with him every step of the way-surgery, chemotherapy, staying with me as he needed care and support. Now hes through it and hopefully cured, I found myself needing surgery. Nothing serious or life threatening, but he was no support to me at all.

When I mentioned it. Im now questioning myself as to how I spent 5 years with this man. Ive ended the relationship, wishing I had done much earlier. Who ever u r that wrote this just made me cry. Me and this man, its our second time around. He is exactly what u said. This is krazy. You love him, but he only enjoys your company.

Meanwhile, you might be wanting a family - a husband. I suggest you get someone else. Oh my!!!! I am in that situation right now. Seems impossible that I will ever have a guy that is loving, genuine, caring and not afraid!!!

Thanks for the insight!! You have summed me up better than I could. I understand myself more.

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Weird but amazing. You speak truth. There are men like that. So before I went out of town on a trip that he wobbled about attending, but eventually scheduled workI asked him what was going on here. Damn Helene. You know my life. I had to comment and give you your props.

Thank you. Soooo annoying when men try to pull this. Brace yourself for it ending. Makes me smile as we are curently debating about the topic of freedom in relationship in another thread.

Some of my questions would be: 1.

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Sure, we want to see more actions than words. Sure, we want to see words and actions aligned. But we also want to see progression in the relationship. A relationship that does not progress will eventually die. Nothing beats progressing towards more emotional intimacy and more commitment. Safety is a big one, thanks, Evan for the right choice of word. People can fake words and actions and even plans. Sure they can also be faked, but at that point the effort would not be so much worth it for the player involved.

My suggestion to the letter writer is to have the discussion that Evan suggests, but also carefully evaluate how the relationship actually progresses beyond being lovely and all the fluff of meeting friends and family. It can lead you to a three-year status-quo relationship that the other party would have zero intention to progress towards marriage.

If what you want is a solid and happy marriage, you need to encourage the relationship to progress into that direction from the beginning, and not be afraid to talk about your needs early on. Not on date 1! Really glad that the Letter Writer is asking herself the right questions at the six-month mark! I dated a man like this for 18 months. Why am I here?

Honey, do yourself a favor, and RUN. The right man will be PROUD to call you his girlfriend as my new boyfriend does every chance he gets!

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The other possibility is that, while he cares and enjoys being with Kris, he still wants to keep his options open for meeting other women, should someone else more appealing come along. A good guy will be happy to call you his girlfriend after two months. I totally agree with Helene and Steve. I have been exclusive with my guy since January and he has actually done less than your man, and my guy has no problem calling himself my BF and letting all of his friends and family know.

So I see a real problem with your guy not wanting that emotional responsibility. Only when you know his reasons will you be able to make the decision to either ride it out or move on.

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Good luck. She just needs to open her eyes and see the relationship for what it is.

True, but useless. I heard the same things.

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True, but also useless. My ex was there for me too. Not wanting to live up to expectations is the biggest red flag there is IMO. Totally apathetic.

Late to the party, going through the archives. He heard me say I had expectations of my last boyfriend - which is true. And I came second after everything, even the laundry.

That was so not ok with me that I ended it. You had expectations of your boyfriend! My reply: I have standards. Standards are good. Valuing myself is good.

He Acts Like a Boyfriend But He Doesn't Like the Title

I aspire to a committed LTR. Especially early on each person gets to bow out. No pressure. Dating is for discovery. It seems to suggest an emotional distance for which there does not seem to be a cause, from her letter. If literally every other sign of a real relationship is there, the boyfriend title should not be a difficult thing to add, in time. Sit down with him in a relaxed environment have a beer, wine, coffee whatever.

Girl im dating doesnt want a title

Tell him you are having doubts about your relationship. You have been there for me and I appreciate that a lot. After this much time with someone I like so much, and who likes me too I hope for a man who wants to be my boyfriend.

It is something I need to feel safe and happy. Breaking up sucks, but not every relationship can be nurtured into something more.

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If he does put up a fight, then go from there. Or - you can hedge your bets. If he wants to keep his options open, you should, too.

You can continue to see this guy or not. Not his business what you do in your private time. Be busy, enjoy your life, see your friends and family, take on a special project at work.

I was already dating two other guys non-sexually when I met my now-husband, and just added him to the mix. It was great, as I always had a date whenever I wanted one, and eventually two of the three stepped up and declared themselves, and I picked. Completely agree. I would scale back physical intimacy, as you do not appear to be in a committed relationship and begin multi dating.

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It is a reasonable action, as he is giving you very important information that he either wants to keep options open or is not truly commitment minded. These are the type of people that will date you, then fall completely in love with someone else and be married within a year. Perhaps he views you as wonderful company and has feelings for you yet not as a future partner.

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Who wants to be the placecard holder for Mrs. I am sorry, but it is doubtful that you will have a meaningful future with this man. I dated a man when I was 26 he was 33 who acted like this. Excuse me? We had already been dating eight months by then. Like the young fool I once was, I accepted his lame excuse. By the end of my tenth month of dating him, he was checking out other women whenever we went to restaurants together. I broke it off, simply because I deserved better.

Yes, he acted like my boyfriend. Yes, he brought me flowers. Yes, he encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

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Yes, he was charming, but he was not the right man for me. Now, that I am in my late thirties and in a healthy, happy relationship, I cannot fathom being with someone like him again. By the way, my guy asked me to be his exclusive girlfriend five months into dating. I pretty much agree with all the commenters here. I dated a guy about a decade ago who was recently divorced. Big mistake well, it was for me since I was looking for someone who wanted marriage and family, and he was just getting out of that and not in that mindframe.

He wanted to date me and continue to spend time with me, but on his terms. Which meant that this situation would be at his convenience only, and he had no intentions of sacrificing any time and energy for me or catering to any emotional needs or concerns that I might have. From that point on, I realized the importance of titles.

So true. Your post really helps me!!!! Meanwhile, stupidly I am two years in!!! Did your boyfriend have a bad breakup, perhaps the girl he expected to marry? Now, he is renegotiating everything with you?

When I had my own version of this situation, I knew that I was moving. He was as confused as you. I explained it was because I was moving. So a Is your boyfriend bringing his past girlfriend issues into the relationship? Lame, but something you can definitely work on.

Some people like to come around on their own time. Maybe this guy is not forever, but enjoy the moment and realize that sometimes folks come along when we need them. Ask your boo to hang twice in one week and see what their response is.

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If there is any waffling, move along. Maybe you're both traveling all of the time for work, or even living in separate cities.

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No excuses. Not everyone loves text banter, but if whatever you've got going on is moving towards relationship land, you should both miss each other when you are apart. We are all busy. We are all trying to juggle our schedules. You are not special. Don't go crazy stalker mode, but pay attention. If you are going on two months of dating and you haven't met your semi-significant other's friends, you might consider what's going on.

Have you made an excuse for your "halfsie" one too many times when he's ditched on a happy hour with your people other than just you? Onto the next one. It doesn't make you uncool, it makes you a person with self-respect. As one who has spent years in purgatory because it felt easier than saying how I truly felt, don't make my mistake.

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