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Ian Harding is a 33 year old American Actor. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Ian Harding is a member of the following lists: American film actors , American television actors and Actors from Virginia. Help us build our profile of Ian Harding! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Ian Michael Harding born 16 September is an American actor. Candy Crowns and Ian Harding have been dating since Sep

She lies to the principal and says they are not together anymore. They share a kiss which was identical to the one they had before Alison's funeral in Pilot. This leaves the possibility of a reunion open. He tells her it's okay if she wants to see other people and she responds by telling him that she isn't ready for that.

After hearing people coming she says "goodbye Mr. Fitz" and leaves. At Wildens funeral, Aria glanced at Ezra who attended the funeral with Maggiebut he doesn't look at her. This is probably due to the fact that he was talking with the vice principal at the time. In " Turn of The Shoe ," Aria takes up self-defense classes to protect herself from A because she thinks she's an easy target being small.

Looking for Holden, she meets an instructor called Jake. She has a session the following day and kisses him randomly.

Jun 07,   But even after discovering that Ezra was just dating Aria for his book all those years ago, I am a student at Rosewood High School and I have had a sexual relationship with my former teacher Ezra Fitz since I was a sophomore until now. I have been too ashamed to come forward, but I have come to realize Mr. Fitz is a twisted, conniving Author: Stephanie Marcus. Relationships. Ian Harding has had no other relationships that we know of. About. Ian Harding is a 33 year old American Actor. Born on 16th September, in Heidelberg, Germany, he is famous for Ezra Fitz in Pretty Little Liars in a career that spans -butterfishny.com place: Heidelberg. Oct 16,   Ezria is the name of the romantic relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom. It's too hard to sit in this room every day and call you Mr. Fitz. Okay, I can't pretend like I don't know you. #N#- Aria to Ezra. In the " Pilot," Ezra meets Aria at a bar. The two start Kind of Pairing: Romantic Friendship.

She leaves quickly and bangs her car steering wheel. She is seen to really regret the kiss and tells Spencer she did it because she misses Ezra. At school, Spencer talks to Ezra after class about her college essay and getting into a good school. He tells her that you should always have a second choice, "even if you had your heart set on something else" which could be a reference to Aria.

He makes another reference to her when he talks about doomed romance and Aria and Ezra make eye contact. Later, Jake turns up to Aria's house and says he is interested in her but understands if she's not, because teacher-student relationships can be weird.

She awkwardly agrees and they decide to get coffee together sometime. In " Face Time ," Aria and Jake are walking when Malcolm runs out of a store and asks her why she doesn't come over anymore meaning to Ezra's place. When he goes back inside, Jake asks Aria who Ezra is, and wonders if he is a friend of the family, but she just says he's one of her teachers.

Later, Aria tells Jake all about Ezra and their relationship.

He goes to her house and after she's helped him, he kisses her. Aria rejects him straight away and tells him that she's not interested in that way. The next day at school, Mike comes to her and asks her how she could hook up with Connor. She is confused and he says that they're all talking about it in the boys locker room. Angry, she goes there straightaway and sees Ezra on the way and looks at him.

She goes to Connor to tell him and his friends what really happened, but he tells her to 'quit the innocent virgin act' because everyone knows that she and Mr. Fitz weren't just 'scrabble buddies. He tells her that she shouldn't be in here and she storms off, leaving Ezra staring at Connor.

In Lucy hale ezra dating fact he knew exactly who she was the first time they met and the first time they hooked up. After all the relationship between Shay Montgomery free dating sites in sandton and Ezra Fitz from a hale standpoint anyway wasnt really a relationship at all it . Ian Harding, Actor: Pretty Little Liars. Ian Harding was born on September 16, in Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He is an actor, known for Pretty Little Liars , Ford v Ferrari and Adventureland .Born: Sep 16, Who plays ezra fitz and zoella do and and fitz dating in real life in real life, however, in real little? Is ezra dating aria in real life Watch Next. Most Popular. Music Education Alumnus Goes From the Classroom to Onstage With Sister Hazel. August 21st, Alumni Spotlights Leave a .

Ezra is seen walking up to the doors outside, and looking into the window at Aria. Not long after this, someone completely trashes Connor's car. It is unknown who this is at the moment. The main suspect is Mike, but it could have been Ezra wanting to get revenge on him for being so mean to Aria.

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Later, it is seen that Ezra is talking to the Principal and he asks if Mike was actually seen there, or if there is any evidence to suggest it was him.

He then goes on to ask about Mike's medical history and how the Principal had previously spoken to Aria about it. He says no and Ezra tells him that it could be an error in his judgment to ask his sister about that kind of thing.

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The Principal responds by saying that it could be an error in Ezra's judgment due to his close relationship with the Montgomery family. He cries, getting upset and decides to call Aria.

She tells Jake she has to take a call, but then changes her mind and declines it, leaving Ezra standing alone in his apartment. He tells Emily about how Maggie wants to take Malcolm away but asks her not to tell Aria, because he'd rather do that himself. She urges Aria throughout the episode to talk to him with little success. At the Brew, Aria is waiting for Jake and sees Ezra at the next table.

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He comes over and asks her if there's a time that they can talk as she says she's busy right now. Just then, Jake comes over and there is an awkward moment as Aria introduces the two men.

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Ezra leaves quickly, obviously feeling uncomfortable with Jake being there. Later at the dance, Ezra is chaperoning and he notices Aria dancing. Jake notices him looking and tells him to give them some space, being generally horrible towards Ezra. They're interrupted when another girl comes to get a drink.

Emily talks to Aria and asks her if she's spoken to Ezra yet, telling her that he's right over there by the drinks. She says she can't because of Jake, causing Emily to blurt out everything about Maggie.

Aria realizes that that is why he's been so down lately and immediately runs over to him. She catches him and he tells her it's fine and that he shouldn't have to dump his problems onto her.

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He leaves the dance. Jake falls asleep during the movie and says he's tired, so he goes home. Aria then decides to go to the Brew and Ezra is there. They discuss something Aria wrote called, 'Found but Lost,' and Ezra says how the reading reminded him of the story. Aria orders a coffee and Ezra gets a top up. They start talking and act just like they used to.

All of a sudden, Aria kisses Ezra, then pulls back.

They both smile but carry on talking like nothing happened. Just then, we see Redcoat watching them through the window who must have seen the whole thing. At the end of the episode, Ezra is made to look guilty of something as we see him in the A lair wearing a black jacket and a black cap. He seems angry and hits the door of the closet. Aria and the rest of the girls are unaware of this and at this moment it's unknown whether Ezra is a good guy or a bad guy.

Spencer gets suspicious and adds everything up to realize that Ezra is board shorts.

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She assumes that he must be A, too, when she figures out that the lair in Ravenswood belongs to him. She struggles with whether or not to tell Aria. She decides against it. He showed Aria Spencer's record, showing that she has been addicted before. Spencer breaks down and yells at Aria, telling her that he's setting her up because he's A. Aria isn't convinced, but then later at his apartment, Ezra lets slip that he knew more than he should have done about when Spencer found a body in the woods.

She decided to go to his cabin to snoop around. When she gets there, the password is B26 which makes her smile. However, the smile is short-lived when she goes inside and sees a manuscript to a book that Ezra has been writing about Alison.

Aria realizes that they knew each other and she assumes that he got her pregnant and tried to kill her. In " She's Come Undone ," Aria finds out that Ezra has left town for a 'family emergency' when she goes into his classroom and angrily asks, "where's Ezra?

Later, she calls his publishing office and finds out that he's in a meeting right that second.

Ian Harding

She's upset and assumes that he's going forward with publishing the book. EscApe From New York. Alison reminds Aria why Ezra is still looking for her and tells her he wants to win Aria back. Ezra wakes up in recovery with Aria and Shana by his bedside.

Upon seeing Shana, Ezra starts to hyperventilate, and Aria rushes to the door and calls for help while Shana slips from the room. Surfing the Aftershocks. Aria is outside of Ezra's apartment, unsure on whether to knock or not. As she begins to walk away Ezra opens his door and the two sharing a longing look. Inside, Ezra tells her about his home care professional and makes a joke about being her favorite gunshot victim which falls flat.

Ezra tells Aria that while he knows he promised he wouldn't come back to Rosewood, he doesn't have anywhere else to go. After asking how he is, Aria asks if he knows about everything that has happened, with Alison.

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Ezra understands that he has to go along with Alison's kidnap story. Aria then asks if he knows about Mrs. DiLaurentis'; Ezra knows it was a murder, and initially he thought it was Shana but the timing doesn't fit. He had everything backward and it wasn't until he saw Shana in New York dressed as 'A' that he knew she was 'A'.

As Aria is about to leave, Ezra thanks for her coming by and letting him see her, and Aria tells him she wanted to see him also. Aria is back at Ezra's apartment, telling him that she should have warned him that Alison might drop by like she did.

Ezra says the only reason he opened the door to Alison was because he thought it may have been Aria. After their goodbye earlier they had both thought it was going their final goodbye. Aria then confesses what really happened in New York, "you don't have to worry about Shana anymore.

She's dead. And I know that she's dead because I'm responsible. When Aria tells him she killed Shana, he takes a moment to process before standing up and asking how he can help.

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Thrown From The Ride. And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me. Leaning forward, Ezra grabs his checkers board and starts to set it up. Aria tells him that Jenna is blaming herself for Shana's death, and if she's to blame anyone, it should be her. Ezra thinks that they should both be blaming Shana as she was the one holding the gun.

As Aria eat a mouthful, Ezra wipes some cream from her bottom lip and licks the cream from his thumb, before realizing what he just did. Ezra tells her that she needs to stop beating herself up, and when she says she doesn't know how she is going to get past it, he stands up, lifting his shirt and shows her his scar from the gunshot wound. Saddened, Aria traces over the edges of the wound with her thumb and tells him that she is sorry.

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How much of Ian Harding's work have you seen? Known For. Pretty Little Liars Ezra Fitz. Ford v Ferrari Ford Executive Ian.

Adventureland Wealthy Prepster. Jump to: Actor Thanks Self Archive footage. Harris voice.

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Phillip Davis. Show all 11 episodes.

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Short Tim. Candy Crowns started dating Ian Harding on Se Spider-Man: Homecoming Pretty Little Liars Posted comments View all comments 12 Jasmin May 9, u are hot. Danimalsw Aug 14, Isn't he dating Sophie Hart or is that just a rumor? TayTayy Jun 23, I absolutely love him, and all of his work. Recommended Lucy Hale. Related Lists. Top Contributors for Ian Harding.

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