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It seems to me that in this personality pairing we have just the right amount of similarity, and just the right amount of difference. In an INTJ ENTJ relationship we can find two individuals with an incredible range of mutual interests, beliefs, life philosophies and general thought patterns. This is the foundation on which the relationship can be strongly built. One of the most remarkable things shared in common in such a relationship is the way of thinking, i. They use their developed sense of intuition to attack difficult issues from a multitude of angles, employing a wide range of potential solutions.

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ENTJs - both men and women - are naturally competitive and want to have a partner with better than average looks. People with this personality type have lofty goals, and they will not allow emotions to ruin their plans, no matter how painful it may be. Similarly, their partners always know where they stand in terms of the relationship as the ENTJ likes to keep things clear and dislikes ambiguity. Because they are always in a hurry to get things done, they may sometimes appear insensitive and inattentive to their partners.

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On the other hand, ENTJs can be sentimental and romantic - the two qualities they are aware of and actively try to keep under control. They want their partners to allow them to demonstrate their many capabilities and stay in the relationship while maintaining their mental independence.

ENTJ have difficulty having nothing to do and will attempt to plan dates and leisure activities to make the most of every hour.

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They enjoy being able to teach others, especially if they are working together on something. They realize that building a strong team is going to benefit them as well, so they are more than happy to assist growth in this way.

ENTJ women are often seen working in more male dominated careers, since they are very business minded. This can be a difficult task, since they will often have to work to gain the respect that they deserve.

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ENTJ women are always up for a challenge, and will use their intelligence and charisma to gain respect and even admiration from their peers. At first it might be a struggle, but they are certainly capable of overcoming adversity. ENTJ women do well if they are around people who are also logic minded, and will be able to work very well in a team. ENTJ women make excellent leaders, and will often grow to become the boss in their career. They are great at leading a team to victory, and will work hard to make sure that everyone is focused on the task at hand.

They are capable of encouraging creativity, as long as they can see a logical outcome.

What It Means to Be an ENTJ Female

ENTJ women can often be seen as intimidating to others, especially romantic interests. They know what they want in life, and push rather hard to obtain these things. This driven attitude can often be seen as aggression, which might scare some people away.

MBTI ENTJ in Love and Marriage

They simply are not lazy individuals, and prefer to keep themselves moving forward. This does not mean they are aggressive, but rather that they are motivated. Anyone who is strong-willed in this way can easily be misunderstood- this is simply something the ENTJ woman will endure in her lifetime.

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So I am sure we will resolve this tonight via a rich dialogue of cognitively packaged and delivered understanding of emotions and concerns that the incident produced on both our parts. I deeply cared always. I do think because we are both so strong willed and confident in our intuition and assessments once we have taken in the data and formulated our thoughts, we can be quite adversarial without intention.

Entj female dating intj male

We almost want to be proven wrong, I love when I learn something new and someone changes my mind. I immediately have more respect for them and value them more for influencing me. But maturity and natural consequences have taught me to be more sensitive and recognize how I make others uncomfortable when I challenge their ideas.

Jul 13, Speaking as an INTJ and having had this conversation with a few people I think the best way of describing those who find INTJs cute are those who can see a diamond in the rough. Many of the things said already are mostly true for the majority of I. Jun 02, What It Means to Be an ENTJ Female. ENTJs are seen as natural leaders, with charismatic and likable personalities. They are not the most common of types, often seen as the bosses in many situations. While ENTJs are uncommon, ENTJ females are even rarer. Here are a few things that you should know about the ENTJ female. ISTJ - These are practical, responsible and private people. These traits appeal to an INTJ. INTP - It is the intellectual and socially awkward side that draws the INTJ to this type. ISFP - Sensitive and nurturing, this type wants to create a caring environment, something the INTJ loves. Slight Differences. INFP; INFJ; ISFJ; ISTP; These personality types are the next best thing for INTJs.

It is actually fun for us even when he heatedly debate and are SURE the other is wrong. I will admit between us, I am more likely to hurt his feelings and am having to learn how to manage my messaging with softer language as he does take more time to process his thoughts and deliver them in a less abrasive and harsh manner.

He likes how decisive I am and how eagerly I attack and solve challenges or at least throw out possible solutions. Where he stews a lot longer and is slow to decide and take action.

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We truly balance each other out and see the best and worst of each other with great understanding and compassion. In my opinion, just from a personality standpoint, we are a perfect match.

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It just seems like they are less able to understand us and navigate us successfully. This relationship is very VERY easy in comparison to others because we do have so much in common with how we approach life and our own personal growth.

No drama.

Jul 07, This is a discussion on ENTJ male approach to dating within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I've currently started something with an ENTJ and I find his approach to dating . So, I am an ENTJ female in a relationship with an INTJ Male. Both of us are in our 40's healthy and well rounded. We both admit to being rather arrogant in our youth and having been humbled by . [-]lionlamentENTJ (Conceptizual's Twin) 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (0 children) I'm in the reverse pairing, female ENTJ with a male INTJ. As everyone else has said, our brains work very similarly and conflict is generally minimal. I've never had such an easy, rewarding, and successful relationship before.

Phase II will focus on accomplishing outward social goals, now that Phase I is largely stable and rocking along nicely. Pros: There are no crazy makers in this relationship, neither are outside crazy makers tolerated or allowed to intrude on this peaceful, rational existence. It works.

No Drawbacks Whatsoever?

Great balance. We have been together for over a year and a half, lived together for almost the same amount of time.

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We have not had a single fight in that time. If we come across a disagreement we tell the other what we are thinking and just talk about it. We like to debate but we are both considered Millennials, 28 and 35, so when we get to a point where we are down to arguing semantics, we will both search Google. We each can concede if the other is right. We accept facts.

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We are very similar in personalities but we also had similar upbringings, belonged to the same part of Christianity, both decided to not be involved with the church, have similar thoughts on religion, etc.

All of these extra things male things even easier because it requires less explanation of things that occurred earlier in our lives because we had similar experiences.

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