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No matter what your needs are hookups, romance, love, etc. Overofficials and civilians mingle every day on MilitaryCupid, a popular dating website for the military niche. Example: Entering for War Department contract Wqm will return information for the contract issued to the Phillips-Jones Corp. Contract and purchase order numbers began anew at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Additionally, each contracting depot had its own specific set of numbers. Therefore, a Contractor Query may contain several results. Specification Number Returns a list of contracts issued for an item identified by its specification number. A known specification number must be entered for the search to be successful. If a specification number is not known, it can likely be found using the Item Name or Contractor Name searches.

Example: Entering D will return the specification date, item name, contract dates, contract numbers, contractors and depot names for the 18 Ounce Olive Drab Serge Wool Coat.

The results will be sorted by item name, depot name, contract date, and then contract number. Stock Number Returns the item name and its size.

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A whole or partial stock number can be entered to return results. Example: Entering Torwill return the item name, specification number, and sizing for Khaki Cotton Trousers. In this case more than one item utilized this stock number, so more than one record will be returned.

The results will be sorted by specification number. Item Name Returns a list of contracts issued for an item specified by the item's name.

Enter any part of an item's name and the query will return the item name, specification number, specification date, contract date, contract number, contractor name, and depot name.

Example: Entering M will return several items with "M" included in the name. When several different items are returned by the query, search results can be refined by re-running the query using all or part of a name returned, or by running a specification number search using the number returned for the item of interest.

The results will be sorted by item name, contract date, and then contract number. Contractor Name Returns a list of items made by a contractor. From toSoviet Army uniforms for all troops except than tank troops were an intermediate shade of brown; uniforms included a field uniform " gymnasterka " shirt with collar tabs and a 2-button breast opening, belt, breeches, garrison cap, and bootsa service dress "kittel" tunic worn with breeches or trousers, and a dress uniform "mundir" tunic worn with deep blue breeches.

Soviet tank troops wore the gymnastyrka shirt, kittel dress tunic in a bluish grey rather than brown colour. Inthe Soviet Army began to re-adopt many Tsarist Army features, notably braided shoulder boardswhich had previously been forbidden since the founding of the Soviet Army as a sign of an undesirable "social class" mentality.

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The reintroduction of these epaulettes in was a relatively inexpensive means of boosting Soviet troop morale. Once reintroduced to the Soviet Army, the use of shoulder boards was never rescinded and they remained part of the uniform until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The distinct bluish grey colour for tankers was eliminated infrom which point on all units of the Soviet Army wore brown.

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The utilitarian necessities of war and economic frugality are now the dominant factors in uniform design. Most military forces, however, have developed several different uniform types, including combat dress, working dress, service or ordinary duty uniforms and to a very limited extent ceremonial full dress. The practice of wearing a form of full dress off duty "walking out dress" has largely died out as the modern soldier prefers the casual clothing of his civilian peers.

Soldiers of the French Armed Forces do however still wear their kepis and a modified form of parade dress off duty, which can be seen every 14 July, during the Bastille Day Military Paradein Paris. All of the above armies wear some form of camouflage uniforms for training and active service. These generally resemble each other and armies in the field are no longer differentiated by the distinctive cut or colour of their clothing.

Camouflage clothing, being cheap, comfortable and practical, has increasingly become the usual dress for daily wear in most armies, superseding the various "service" uniforms which were often the field dress of previous wars. In poorer parts of the third world, especially Africa, the camouflage clothing worn comes from a variety of sources and is of many different patterns, so that an army's dress is definitely military, but to a large extent not uniform.

As noted above, traditional coloured uniforms have long since given way to clothing more suited for actual combat in modern conditions. While by no means extinct, bright colours are now usually reserved for wear by units having ceremonial functions, some bands and officers attending formal occasions.

Elite units normally contrive to having some distinctive features. The United States Marine Corps are well known for their traditional midnight blue tunics and sky blue trousers trimmed in red for NCO and above. These "dress blues" are worn for formal occasions such as the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November. The British Household Cavalry and Foot Guards wear uniforms largely unchanged from for "public duties" i.

The military of many countries have adopted the economical expedient of smartening up combat uniforms for parade by adding medalsneck scarves and coloured berets to the terrain coloured camouflage uniforms intended for combat. As an interesting example of the combining of old and new features of uniform the French Spahis and the Spanish Regulares still wear the flowing cloaks, fezzes, turbans and sashes of the North African colonial regiments from which they are descended with modern khaki or camouflage clothing, on appropriate occasions.

The US Army followed a taxonomic structure when naming and describing clothing. Designations can appear slightly different depending on the source, and even from label to label. For example, a specification 98B Officer's Khaki Cotton Shirt could be shown in the following ways: 1. Shirts, Cotton, Khaki, Officer's, 6 oz. 2. Dating us military uniforms - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and seek you. Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. The Best Online Dating Site for US Uniformed Singles All professions are demanding, especially those that require uniforms, and leave no time for a personal life. That's why Uniform Dating is here, bringing together men and women in uniform, and those who admire them, and making their love lives easier.

The British Army generally retains its traditional full dress uniforms only for bands and units performing ceremonial functions notably the Household Brigade. See British Army Uniform for more detail. An attempt dating from the early s to provide other British soldiers with a plainer and cheaper dark blue or green No.

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Parade dress for most British regiments is khaki No. However, the proposed Future Army Dress FA which is currently being developed by the British Army, includes a return to Barrack Dress for all arms, including 'non-iron' shirts and trousers in a similar pattern to that of the current No.

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One example is the King's Royal Hussars who wear their historic crimson trousers with all orders other than fatigue or combat dress. The "trews" or tartan trousers of Lowland regiments have been retained for certain orders of dress in the amalgamated Royal Regiment of Scotland, although the kilt of the Highland regiments is the parade dress.

Mess dress in traditional scarlet, blue or green is worn by officers and senior NCOs of all regiments for formal evening dress. The Operational dress of the Canadian Forces is basic uniform worn by members during operations and all other occasions beyond ceremonial duties.

As an alternative parade dress, camouflage uniforms can be worn with the dress items noted above. The sappers of the French Foreign Legion wear the basic legionnaire uniform but with leather aprons and gloves. The Chasseurs alpins wear a large beretknown as the "tarte" the pieand mountain outfits. Sailors of the French Navy and Fusiliers Marins wear a dress uniform dating from the 19th century with a distinctive red pom-pom on the round cap.

The German Army has retained a form of field grey for dress wear though of modern cut and worn with berets. Some senior officers still wear peaked caps.

DA stamped items range from the Korean War to very early Vietnam War. Look for a two digit number, typically near the end of the code (it will range from 53 to 61) for the exact year of manufacture of your item. DSA stamped items introduced a systematic dating process: thru - Prefix of DSA-1, Suffix of E6Y (Y=Year). Nov 26,   US Army mfg uniforms of WWII had, mfg's name, contract number and date AND date of mfg. Info was ink printed on flimsy cheesecloth tag, sewn inside pockets,and other locations. Many items simply had this info stamped in the cloth that quickly wore or washed out. USMC used ink stamps inside the collar area of HBT/field uniforms. Nov 26,   Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but I didn't see another listing that quite fit. How do you find the date on a US military uniform? I found a uniform for sale and I'm pretty sure its Army, but it could be Marines. It is a Tech seargent uniform that has the jacket, shirt, pants and belt in really good shape. I would like to know how to date it before I consider .

The collar braid stripes Litzenthat distinguished regiments of the Prussian Guard prior tohave become a general feature of modern German uniforms. The Mountain infantry troops retain a more traditional dress uniform. The Nationale Volksarmee of the former German Democratic Republic also maintained a stone grey uniform, following the Imperial German tradition.

Whereas the newly formed West German Army was clothed in US pattern uniforms from its establishment inEast German units retained high collared tunics, "Stiefelhosen" bootcut trousersand "Marschstiefel" jackboots.

Until Waffenrock English: service coat or tunic - was the generic term for military uniform. This included dress uniforms, parade uniforms, and also epaulettes or shoulder boards with rank insignia, as well as uniform cuffs, badges and other insignia. The uniforms are basically regulated into several categories which are:. Each uniform category consists of different types which usually consists of type I until type IV four types.

The uniform regulations are basically different for men and women. The ArmyNavyand Air Force basically have the same regulations for the uniform, but differ in terms of color and certain designs which represent their respective branches.

Some examples of the types of uniform worn by members of the TNI are as shown below:. General Gatot Nurmantyo wearing Full dress uniform No. An Indonesian Army soldier wearing Full dress uniform No. The uniform worn by the Military police corps. The traditional headdresses of the BersaglieriHorse Artillery and Alpini are still worn by the Italian Armythe Bersaglieri even wearing their flowing feathers on steel helmets as part of their combat dress.

Officers of all branches have a dark blue dress uniform of modern cut while the Corazzieri Cuirassiers of the Presidential Guar Mounted Carabinieri and cadets of the Military Academy of Modena wear ceremonial uniforms which date back to the 19th century. Individual regiments with a long history, such as the Lancieri di Montebello and the Granatieri di Sardegna occasionally parade honour guards or other detachments in their pre dark blue uniforms. The Russian Army has retained a number of features, such as officers' epauletteshigh boots and long greatcoats with collar patches for all ranks, which can be traced back to Tsarist days.

The Kremlin Regiment has in recent years been issued with a special ceremonial uniform which closely resembles that of the infantry regiments of the Imperial Guard immediately prior to the First World War. Women's uniforms in the Russian Army feature a skirt instead of trousers and a garrison cap instead of a beret or peaked cap.

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Since the uniform or its main details has undergone a series of changes in,and The Spanish Army has reintroduced a number of dress uniforms dating back to the pre Monarchy. These include a variety of parade uniforms worn by various units of the recreated Royal Guard as well as the traditional dark blue and white uniforms of the Guardia Civil and the blue tunics and red trousers of the 1st Infantry Regiment. While only worn by limited numbers of personnel on special occasions, these uniforms include such distinctively Spanish features as the "Ros" shako of the infantry and the Royal Guard, and the Tricorn of the Civil Guard.

Officers of all branches wear dark blue or white gala uniforms for social and ceremonial occasions. In recent decades, many militaries around the world have gradually simplified the range of uniforms issued.

For example, most U. As an example of modern practice, the US Marine Corps has a distinct blue dress uniform, but other uniforms include khaki button-up shirtsforest-green coats, and combat camouflage. In other services where camouflage is normally a non-issue, such as naviescoloured uniforms are still issued, e.

The United States Armed Forces allows every branch to develop and use their own uniforms. Popular disdain among US troops for the beret headgear as part of the "default" headgear for wear with the ACU uniform led to a regulation revision inwith the standard "default" headgear for wear with ACUs now being the ACU patrol cap, which provides a much better degree of sun protection for the eyes. The U. Army has since developed the OCP uniform starting ingoing back to a green camo pattern, with coyote brown undershirts, boots, and belt.

Military uses different camo patterns when deployed in different combat zones in theater. Based on recommendations made during a comprehensive briefing by Task Force Uniform on Feb. Mullen agreed to production of both a BDU-style working uniform for all Sailors E-1 to O and a more practical, year-round service uniform to withstand day-to-day classroom and office-like environments where the service uniform is typically worn.

On 6 June the US Army announced that its green and white uniforms would be superseded by the Army Blue Uniform as a universal service uniform in the historic colours of dark blue for tunics and light blue for trousers.

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The new service dress was introduced in and became obligatory for all ranks by The breakdown is of sage green, foliage green, sand tan, and a green blue arranged in elongated digital stripes.

The purpose of the colors and patterns in this uniform serve to help one blend into the concrete-like color of the flight line on which the uniform is most often worn outside. Aside from ABUs, the most common uniform to be worn would be dress blues, which incorporate a light navy blue for bottoms, and the same shade to match the top jacket. Underneath the top jacket either a long sleeve or short sleeve sky blue shirt may be worn with a tie or neck tab whenever wearing the top jacket.

The jacket is reserved for more formal events. Placed on the outermost tunic, Airmen may pin their ribbons and career badge as optional with their name plate as the only mandatory item.

For head gear a flight cap of matching shade to the pants and similar in appearance to the former Army green garrison cap and the shoes are a black high polished dress shoe.

The good news is there are dating websites out there specifically for military personnel. We scoured the web and found the 11 Best Free Military Dating Websites for singles in the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or any other branch of service. These sites also work for single civilians who want to date a man or woman in Brittney Mayer. $ - $ Sale. Save up to: $ (%) DLATS Army Moisture Wicking Tee, Tan DLATS Green Boot Socks. List Price: $ Log in for Exchange pricing. DLATS Army OCP ACU Trousers. DLATS Army OCP ACU Coat. Army OCP Nametape with Velcro. Army OCP Nametape Kit Sew-On (Uniform Builder Item Only) DLATS Army Patrol Cap (OCP). The first U.S. Military uniforms date back to when General George Washington chose to use the blue uniform coat with state facing colors, and white waistcoat and breeches.

Other, but not standard, head gear includes the flat top mess dress cap and the appropriate beret career field beret. Blues, though the second most used uniform, receive far less service than ABUs. Those performing duties not suited for the formal dress uniform may wear ABUs instead.

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One purpose of military uniforms is to clearly distinguish combatants who are protected by the laws of war from other persons carrying weapons, who do not always enjoy such protection. Another purpose in historical times was to make it difficult for deserters to avoid detection; military uniforms were so distinctive with many metal buttons and unique colours that they could not be modified into unrecognisable clothing.

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If the commander raised and equipped the troops out of his own pocket, the appearance of the soldiers was also designed to impress his superiors.

Attractive or distinctive uniforms could make a military career desirable to young men the "peacock" factor.

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As late as the British Army found that regiments with particularly striking off-duty or parade uniforms found it easier to attract recruits. Thus the four Rifle regiments in their sombre dark green had a higher public profile than the great mass of line infantry in scarlet.

During the Boxer Rebellionthe Muslim Gansu Braves under General Dong Fuxiang used traditional Chinese clothing instead of western-style uniforms, reflecting the opposition of the movement to foreign influences.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the typical colour scheme included bright and highly contrasting colour arrangements which made it easier to distinguish units in battle. Coloured uniforms were useful in enabling commanders to spot troop locations on battlefields that were often completely obscured by smoke from the black gunpowder used in both muskets and cannons.

Large flags were another aid to co-ordination and location for commanders. However, with the growing prevalence of accurate rifles and other ranged firearms as standard weapons for infantryit was found, from about the s on, that these colours made soldiers easy targets for enemies to shoot at a distance.

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These weapons used a new smokeless powder that generated far less smoke leaving the battlefield un-obscured by smoke and making brightly coloured troops into highly visible targets. In reaction, the various militaries, beginning with the British Armychanged the colours, predominantly to such ones that blended in more with the terrain, such as khakigrey or olive drab for the purposes of camouflage. In addition, this idea was followed with uniforms suitable for particular climates and seasons such as white for snowy regions and tan for sandy ones.

Many modern military forces now use a system of combat uniforms that not only break up the outline of the soldier for use on the battlefield during the daytime, but also employ a distinctive appearance that makes them difficult to detect with light amplification devices, such as night-vision goggles NVGs. These modern "digital" print uniforms present a somewhat splotched appearance, generally of somewhat muted colours, that provide visual concealment in a variety of surroundings.

Pocket outlines on the front of the jackets are offset from vertical, so as to present a less distinctive straight line for the eye to follow while using NVGs. Marines considered adopting CADPAT for their new pattern, however, the Canadian government owns the copyright for the pattern which it had been developing since The Canadian government supplied information and manufacturers to help the Marines with the development of their own computer-generated digital pattern pixelated uniform.

Mass-produced uniforms are a good way to equip thousands of soldiers quickly and efficiently.

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