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T oby Jugs have been around since the early 18th century. They were revived by Doulton in the 19th century, who developed the idea into a range of character jugs. Today, their popularity shows no signs of waning and they hold their price at auction sales. Their appeal is wide reaching because Doulton jugs are varied both in their craftsmanship and their subject matter. The first Toby Jug was made in the early 18th century.

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A unique Doulton introduction in was the Character Jug, the early examples were designed by Noke himself. In the first jugs, John Barleycorn and Old Charley, were introduced and were swiftly followed by many other familiar faces. The range was quickly expanded to include small size jugs inand then a short lived medium size in The beginning of WWII brought the inevitable slowing down of production of new jugs, although prototypes were being made such as the rare wartime commemorative white Winston Churchill Character Jug of Falstaff D - Lighter - Royal Doulton.

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Look for a number in the upper right hand corner of the underside of the jug. Royal Doulton stamped a number there which, when added to the numberwill give you the date the piece was made. This number was stamped on the Toby jugs from the year on.

Toby jugs - porcelain mugs in the shape of a seated man in a tricornered hat holding a mug of his own - were first made in the 18th century, and have continued to be popular ever since. The Royal Doulton factory had been manufacturing rather plain Toby jugs since This is a list of list of Royal Doulton figurines in ascending order by HN number. HN is named after Harry Nixon (-), head of the Royal Doulton painting department who joined Doulton in This list includes the HN number, the title of the Royal Doulton figurine, the designer(s), the date introduced, and if discontinued, the date discontinued. Apr 04,   The Royal Doulton company first began in London during and has since become a global brand that produces some of the most well known and loved porcelain, dinnerware and collectable pieces. Throughout the ages there have been a variety of different stamps used to mark authentic Royal Doulton ornaments and tableware. In saying this, [ ].

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References Worldcollectorsnet: Toby Jugs Tias. Tips Look for special handles referring to the character of the jug. From the s on, these became increasingly significant.

The Royal Doulton - Dickens Character Jugs Collection. In , Miniature figures of Charles Dickens characters were produced at Royal Doulton's factory in Burslem until and there have been variations in ceramic bodies, size and backstamps over the years.

There have also been limited editions of handle design. Other factors which aid dating and can affect value includes colour variations.

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For instance, the first clown range of jugs produced in the s had red hair and multi-coloured handles, but due to the war time restrictions on supply of materials, the hair during the war years was changed to brown.

Between and hair colour had changed to white.

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Red or brown haired clowns are two-three times more valuable than the white ones, but the most valuable if the one-off black haired clown, commissioned by a family whose grandfather was a black haired clown. Old King Cole designed by Harry Fenton had a yellow crown in and a green handle and is vastly more valuable than the versions produced after untilwhich had reddish-borwn crown and handle.

The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme. Dating Royal Doulton products from their Doulton marks means you sometimes have to check very carefully. Factors other than the Doulton mark can help in more accurate dating, particularly pattern names and numbers and date codes or artists monograms. The Royal Doulton firm who also makes figurines has made toby jugs dating back to the s. The Royal Doulton lion and crown trademark is used on toby jugs. The Royal Doulton firm made it a practice to mold the name of the character into the back of each jug too. A unique Doulton introduction in was the Character Jug, the early examples were designed by Noke himself. The 's had already seen Doulton's new take on the traditional toby jug, but it was these new Character Jugs that really caught the public's imagination.

Even more valuable are the versions which contain musical movement, produced in Occasionally, jugs have been discontinued after a limited period for an unexpected reason and this too affects the value. One notable example was in with the Clark Gable character jug, produced for the US market.

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Around 2, were sent to America as a trial but the likeness was not approved by his estate. Doulton recalled and destroyed all those unsold and stopped further production.

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The exception is the original prototype of the Groucho Marx figure which included two of his brothers peering around the cigar shaped handle. High production costs led to their removal from the production line. Another coveted jug which was withdrawn because the image was disliked, was that of Churchill, designed by Noke in Strictly speaking this was a loving cup rather than a character jug as it had two handles.

One of the rarest character jugs ever made, characterised a schoolboy Toby Gillette, who had his wish made true on the 'Jim'll Fix It' programme. Only three copies were made. Two sold at Sotheby's for ?15, each the third is in the Royal Doulton Museum. DATING DOULTON BURSLEM. By Henry Doulton had established the name of the Doulton Lambeth art wares and set up factories making sanitary, industrial and architectural products in Rowley Regis, St. Helens and Smethwick. He decided to accept an invitation to invest money in Pinder, Bourne & Co., Burslem, a medium-quality earthenware factory. Toby Jugs have been around since the early 18th century. They were revived by Doulton in the 19th century, who developed the idea into a range of character jugs. Since , Doulton had made Toby jugs in a conventional manner. Harry Simeon started to add colour in the 's. This inspired Charles Noke, a Doulton artist and modeller to.

Two coloured versions were also produced.

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