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Young-Earth Creationist 'Dating' of a Mt. Kevin R. Henke, Ph. Because radiometric dating utterly refutes their biblical interpretations, young-Earth creationists YECs are desperate to undermine the reality of these methods. As part of their efforts, YEC Dr.

Also, it is quite possible that their sample was contaminated with older zonations of phenocrysts and xenocrysts. From these flawed methods, dates were obtained that ranged fromto 2.

Other samples of volcanic rock have been successfully dated by Nelson et al.

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Dates were obtained: This leads us to grapple with the meaning of 40Ar, which is known only to originate from the decay of 40K. The time needed for 40K to produce 40Ar is 1. Currently, atmospheric concentrations of 40Ar are about 0.

This is relatively abundant, and indicates an ancient earth. So, regardless of whether or not the dates obtained were erroneously high in Austin et al.

This is a common theme in creationist literature. Results of one faulty experiment will be touted for years as proof that one method or another does not work. Always check your sources. Helens dacite: The failure of Austin and Swenson to recognize obviously ancient minerals.

Kevin R. Henke, PhD. The Earth's atmosphere currently contains relatively abundant concentrations of argon 0. Where did all of this argon come from if the Earth is only a few thousand years old? In nature, 40Ar is only known to originate from the radioactive decay of 40K.

Some YECs might argue that the 40Ar could have come from the decay of another, unidentified isotope s. However, this is easier to say than to prove. Any advocates of unidentified parent isotopes need to identify these isotopes, produce any evidence of their former existence, and derive the appropriate decay reactions for them. Other YECs might simply ignore the problem by saying that God created the 40Ar out of nothing 6, to 10, years ago.

Again, this is an ubutterfishny.comoven fantasy and not science. Rather than invoking ubutterfishny.comoven miracles and plastering over the issue with 'God did it', scientists seek more profound, meaningful and useful natural answers. Currently, the only reasonable explanation for the presence of abundant terrestrial 40Ar is that the Earth is ancient. Although the Sun is much larger than the Earth, silicates and 40K are more concentrated on Earth.

The Sun mostly consists of hydrogen and helium, whereas the Earth has too little mass to retain large concentrations of these volatile elements. Instead, the relatively low mass of the Earth and its relatively close proximity to the Sun has resulted in silicon, potassium, iron and other less volatile elements concentrating in it.

Rather than dealing with this evidence, Austin simply states that the origin of the excess 40Ar requires 'more study'. In other words, YECs need more time to invent excuses to explain how abundant 40Ar could ever form on an Earth that is supposedly only 6, to 10, year old.

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WoodmorappeSwenson, and other YECs frequently accuse geochronologists of 'rationalizing away' any anomalous radiometric dates. However, how is the obvious mess in Austin's Figure 4 a 'rationalization'? Why would we expect a young dacite that is full of zoned phenocrysts to give one uniform date?

30 Years Later, the Lessons from Mount St. Helens

How is the reality of Bowen's Reaction Series a 'rationalization'? How are the limitations of Geochron's equipment a 'rationalization'? Certainly, there are times when scientists obtain anomalous results and they can only say 'we don't know why we got these results'.

These mysteries then provide new avenues for further research. Nevertheless, the bogus K-Ar results from Austin's dacite are obvious and Austin et al. Figure 4 in Austin's report, by itself, indicates that ancient zoned grains phenocrysts and perhaps some xenocrysts were common in Austin's dacite from Mt. It's also obvious from Austin's text that he was unsuccessful in adequately separating the volcanic glass from the much older minerals.

Austin should have known that if he wanted to date the AD eruption the phenocrysts needed to be entirely removed from his 'fractions' and that another method besides K-Ar dating would have been required. Furthermore, when Austin submitted his samples to Geochron Laboratories, he failed to heed warnings from the laboratory about the limitations of their equipment. Both Austin and Swenson ignored the implications of zoned minerals and Bowen's Reaction Series on the age of the dacite. Obviously, it's Austin's improper use of the K-Ar method and not the method itself that is flawed.

Rather than recognizing the flaws in Austin's essay, Swenson simply parrots Austin's erroneous claims without really understanding the chemistry and mineralogy of dacites. Baadsgaard, H. Lerbekmo; and I. Earth Sci. Lerberkmo; J. Wijbrans; C.

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Swisher III; and M. Copi, I. Cohen,Introduction to Logic9th ed. Dalrymple, G. Damon, P. Laughlin and J. Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. Dickin, A. Faure, G. Forster, D. Harrison and C. Funkhouser, J. Hall, A. Harland, W. Armstrong; A. Cox; L. Craig; A. Smith and D. Heliker, C. Helens dacite erupted from through ', J. Hilgen, F. Krijgsman and J. Research Lett.

Hirschmann, M. Renne; and A. Hyndman, D. Klein, C.

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Hurlbut, Jr. Dana21st ed. Krauskopf, K.

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Bird,Introduction to Geochemistry3rd ed. Maluski, H. Monie, J. Kienast, and A. Montanari, A.

Mt. Etna basalt, Sicily, erupted in , but rocks were date to , yrs old. Mount St. Helens erupted in , but rocks were dated up to million years old. ALL of the samples taken from volcanic eruptions of known times and dates . Mar 24,   What Austin did was to exploit a known caveat in radiometric dating; dramatically illustrate it with a high-profile test using the public's favorite volcano, Mount St. Helens; and sensationalize the results in a paper that introduces nothing new to geologists, but that impresses laypeople with its detailed scientific language. DATING VOLCANIC ROCKS. Although Austin failed to properly fractionate and date the minerals and glass in Mt. St. Helens dacite, many scientists have been able to isolate specific minerals from older volcanics and successfully date them.

Drake; D. Bice; W. Alvarez; G. Curtis; B. Turrin and D. McDougall, I.

Dating the rocks of Mt. St. Helens

Nielson, J. Lux; G. Dalrymple, and A. B1, p. Perkins, D. Queen, M. Heaman; J. Hanes; D. Archibald and E. Renne, P. Swisher; A. Deino; D. Karner; T. Owens and D.

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Stern, T. Bateman; B. Morgan; M. Newell and D.

Dating rocks from mt st helens

Geological Survey Professional Paper n. Vardiman, L. Vardiman, A. Snelling and E. Chaffin eds. Joseph, Mo. Woodmorappe, J. Young, D.

Mount St. Helens Crater - Nick on the Rocks

Each one is thought to be hundreds of millions of years old, and therefore should be C dead. These samples were sent to independent labs for C dating. Bones of dinosaurs were also dated, as well as petrified wood. In fact, fossil samples from a large spectrum of the fossil record were also tested. Diamonds from deep mines were also tested. Samples of industrial diamonds from around the world were also tested. This is real observable science. And all of these methods give maximum dates that are that are not in the billions of years and are totally incompatible with evolutionary time spans.

In fact, the modern findings of jumbled dinosaur and sea-life graveyards all over the earth, soft tissue in dinosaur bones, as well as the C mentioned above, all make the old-earth age beliefs look very wrong. Laetoli foot prints in Africa and the Paluxy river footprints in Texas and in the wrong sequences based on evolutionary assumptions.

All the many inconsistentcies simply make the million year old age of rocks and strata untenable. And yes, if the obvious conclusion is that there is a Creator and the Bible can be trusted - it does have deep spiritual repercussions.

Vardiman, A. Snelling, and E.

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Joseph, MO. By Dr. Donald DeYoung. DeYoung authored this non-technical book in order to equip the layperson to defend scientific six-day creation and refute modern dating techniques. For more than five years, the RATE team labored examining modern dating techniques and found that these techniques do not support an earth that is billions of years old. The relevance and processes of helium diffusion, fission tracks, and methods of radioisotope dating are described in a way that the attentive reader can understand.

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Long before Madam Curie and the invention of radiation detectors. Perhaps you could give more information on this c14 dating of fossils? I could understand if perhaps one or two people are now lost in history so to speakbut I see you also mention there are MANY such examples which is really lucky because then its obviously well documented what they were, what data came back, who done the analysis and more importantly WHY they ALL done the analysis without question when they all knew c14 is not present in fossils.

See heres an example of a creationist paper that can be reviewed and both the raw data, the testing method, the results and absolutely everything can be reviewed I looked around online on sciencemag, pubmed and other creationist sources and found no such information.

So since you published this article obviously you succeeded to find the information where I failed. There are lots of examples of C14 found in dino bones.

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The most well known example was in This includes documentation of an Allosaurus bone sample that was sent to The University of Arizona Tucson to be carbon dated. The result was sample B at 16, years. The Allosaurus dinosaur was supposed to be aroun years. The samples of bone were blind samples. Mickel, seems like you are not familiar with C14 and how it is very different from other forms of radiometric dating. C14 is used on bones and buried plant and firewood samples all the time from anthropological digs.

Nov 01,   Any method of dating samples is a popular topic of attack in the Young Earth Creationist front. After all, the age of the earth makes or breaks their case. A popular example among them is Mt. St. Helens, from the supposed ability of a new river channel to mirror the Grand Canyon at a 1/40th. Mt St Helens Dating and see how easy it is to message a girl and meet for sex in minutes, you'll never need another dating site. These girls know exactly what they want in the bedroom! Even finding college girls who Mt St Helens Dating like to fuck doesn't have to be a struggle / The conventional K-Ar dating method was applied to the dacite flow from the new lava dome at Mount St. Helens, Washington. The whole-rock age was +/- million years (Mya). Ages for component minerals varied from +/- Mya to +/- Mya. These ages show that the K-Ar method is invalid. Source.

The dino bones were blind samples. The labs were not told these were Dino bone fragments, but the labs test bones and partially fossilized bones like this all the time. C14 is only good for maximum dates of 80, years or so. But every time someone does test for C14 in Dino bone fragments - its always found. But more importantly you also did not comment on the main points of the article here. The assumptions of long age dating techniques like U-Pb have been shown to be wrong.

Here is an article by an independent research group that explains C14 dating and its issues, as well as their procedures for testing dinosaur bone samples - not just for C14 but also for Collagen. The soft tissue includes not just proteins like collagen, but also apparent red corpuscles inside a small vein-like structure.

The entire story of dinosaurs going extinct 65 million years ago is completely disintegrating. Note: Collagen is a protein found exclusively in animals. It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is typically found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments as well as the cornea, cartilage, and bones.

My wife and I saw you in Morrison Il sunday and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!!! We asked you for the power point presentation because it was so informative and felt that it could be spread around to our large email list!!! My suggestion would be the next time you make the presentation that you would take a video and send segments to youtube!!! I am a personal acquaintance of Dr. John Baumgardner, who investigated the radiocarbon thing for a long time while he was a Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico member.

He collected over ninety reports in 14C radiometrics peer-reviewed journal articles which revealed a trade secret- they had such a problem finding natural sources of 14C-dead carbon for equipment calibration that they settled for using material that gave low, uniform-level results.

Thank-You Allen for your comment. This prevalence of 14C in supposedly ancient samples is repeatable, verifiable proof that our planet cannot be millions of years old.

I love this article, I am a young earth creationist, so I am not trying to ridicule anything in your article but I would like you to change where you explain that 14C turns into 12C rather than 14N. Causes the credibility of your article to be lost somewhat.

Thank you! Scientists have acknowledged that the C dating methods are unreliable for material which is more than 80, years old, as you have said, so why would the results of such dating be significant? As far as I am aware, there are multiple methods, and therefore, a variety can be used in order to verify the age.

Please note that only C can be used on the dino bones, and they show conclusively that the bones are indeed less than 80, years old.

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