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No question: was a surplus year for memes. Genius social-media users were screencapping, GIFing, remixing, and Photoshopping so quickly, there was practically a new viral sensation clogging up your timeline every day. Still, some memes stood above the rest. Let's look back and celebrate this year's standouts! Gymnast McKayla Maroney's unimpressed face was the go-to Olympic meme - until this August, when Michael Phelps was caught on camera totally mean-mugging rival swimmer Chad le Clos.

When you accidentally tap an add and it goes to the App Store.

PhelpsFace pic. You know that dizzy, panicked feeling you get when your world is rocked by an unpleasant realization? Krabs looks caught up and confused perfectly captures that sensation.

There are people who think that dating is too troublesome while others feel afraid to even try. If you're wondering why, here's our collection of dating memes that will leave you nodding in agreement. See Also: 20 Funny Memes About First Date Disasters. Beyonce Has Been. But I Swiped Right Chapter One. Christian Dating. Date A GirlAuthor: Shirlyn. Browse and add captions to Dating Site Murderer memes. Create. Caption a Meme or Image Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Top Nov. Top Oct. Top Sep. Top Aug. Top July Top June Top May Top Top Top Top . Dating fails & Taco memes. K likes. The name says it all dating fails and taco memesFollowers: K.

For at least a month init's all you saw on your feed. When you two hours into watching videos on your phone and realize the wifi was off the whole time pic. When u filling a water cup with Sprite and then the McDonalds employee comes to restock the cups and napkins pic. I don't know what it is about SpongeBob SquarePants that's so meme-able, but we couldn't have a best-of list without the cartoon sponge himself.

This year it's Caveman SpongeBob, who represents all those situations when your primitive knee-jerk reactions rise to the surface. Like when your doctor asks right in front of your MOTHER if you're sexually active, and you can barely keep from mumbling incoherently and slumping away from the awk on all fours.

When ur at the doctors office with ur mom and the doctor ask if you're sexually active pic. When someone posted a picture asking the world to name a more iconic trio than Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Twitter was more than up to the challenge.

As awesome as the Kardashian-Jenners are, apparently there's no shortage of trios who are more iconic starting with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, many would say.

Dating memes 2016

For example:. Name a more iconic trio In a world overrun with Christmas carols, the masses were yearning for a Thanksgiving tune.

It finally came when someone uncovered a clip of gospel-music legend Shirley Caesar rapping off a list of holiday-worthy comfort food. The clip got remixed with new music, the Internet gave it the challenge treatment and, suddenly, it was everywhere.

Ultimate ?Dank Memes/Mank Demes Vine Compilation? (Best of 2016) Part 1

Under the tag UNameIt, users began using the tune to create hilarious dance videos and celebrity mashups. A Turkey Day tradition was born. Me: "Grandma, what are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

28 Dating Memes That Are Absolutely True

When you're a vegan, but you still wanna eat good on Thanksgiving unameitchallenge ShirleyCaesar pic. When New York-based rapper Conceited pursed his lips and side-eyed during a rap battle all the way back inhe probably never predicted his expression would go down in meme history. Once it was re-discovered by Twitter, though, his look of disapproving skepticism became shorthand for You thought! Users began posting the screengrab with captions documenting life's dubious disappointments, like when you take 20 selfies and not one is Insta-worthy.

Me: "I just took like 20 selfies, atleast one of them has to be cute" Camera roll: pic. This meme had a humble beginning: An Arthur fan simply pointed out to the Twitterverse how much Arthur's clenched fist screencapped from a season one episode resonated with him.

This is just a pic of Arthur's fist but idk how I feel that it's just so relatable. So many emotions in one fist pic. So many emotions indeed.

From there, Twitter went wild using the young aardvark's closed hand to symbolize how we endure countless minor annoyances every day. The interweb has always loved Joe Biden, America's official funny uncle. When you just wake up from a nap and your parents already yelling at you pic.

BONUS: Pomeranian beauty from the last Years

If you needed to express confusion ingood ol' Mr. Krabs was there for you. A teen originally tweeted the swirly image of Spongebob's boss with the caption, "When you just wake up from a nap and your parents already yelling at you," and so the alternate name for this meme is "When You Wake Up From a Nap. Me at the beginning of ; me at the end of Me: Have an early night sleep Inner me: Keep refreshing all your social media for no reason at all pic.

Kermit says what seems to be on your mind, but Evil Kermit reveals what's really on your mind. This meme is the visualization of the conspiracy theory that Ted Cruz is the never identified Zodiac Killer. While the hilarious theory first popped up init came back in full force in during the height of Cruz's ill-fated presidential campaign. The internet fell in love with tiny Drake, and added him along with a Parental Advisory label to just about everywhere imaginable.

A Drake's Views generator even popped up, allowing fans to easily make their "views" come alive. When you realize tomorrow is Monday pic. Apparently Crying Jordan wasn't enough to satisfy the sensitive basketball fans of the internet. Luckily a photographer snapped a shot perfect enough to accompany any overly emotional caption.

Someone in the IR department has a good sense of humor hodor pic. After Game of Thrones finally revealed the meaning behind the character Hodor to be "hold the door," the internet immediately got cracking. Not only did photos of Hodor on "hold door" elevator buttons show up, but designers quickly went into production to create Hodor door stops.

During the Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps' tense way of warming up was revealed when he was forced to do so alongside rival Chad le Clos. Waiter: "checks together or separate? Of all the Arthur memes, the titular aardvark's fist rose to the top of our Twitter feeds pretty quickly. Whenever something infuriating is on our minds, Arthur's little balled-up fist just says it all.

May 23, 18 Online Dating Memes You'll Find Way Too Relatable. May 23, Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter doesn't mean that online dating can't be fun. With these online dating meme collection, you're guaranteed to have a happier experience. Your Profile Said. When Women On Dating Sites Say Happy Birthday Wishes Author: Shirlyn.

While the phrase "dat boi!

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