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At his death, Dr. His parents owned several businesses, including a chain saw distribution company. A math prodigy in high school, Dr. Cacioppo was the first in his family to attend college. He received a bachelor of science degree in economics in from the University of Missouri, where a chance meeting with a psychology professor persuaded him to abandon a law career and pursue a doctorate in social psychology at Ohio State; he received his in He and Richard Petty, who was also a first-year graduate student at the time, engaged in so many intellectual arguments that they became roommates, painted an entire wall black and used it to map competing postulates. MacArthur Foundation research network in and the University of Chicago faculty in In addition to his wife, Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo, director of the Brain Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Chicago and a research professor at the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience there, he is survived by two children, Anthony and Christina, both from an earlier marriage, which ended in divorce.

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The second is the Tattiebogle driver for Xbox controllers, which should work for both wired and wireless using the receiver noted above controllers.

For Wii users, the program DarwiinRemote and the Wjoy driver should allow you to crudely connect and configure the motion-sensitive Wii Remote, but if you have trouble establishing a connection using these drivers in OS X These last tools are useful especially if you have a controller that only has driver support for Windows.

When connected to the Mac, the button inputs will be registered, and universal drivers like USB Overdrive should be able to recognize them and allow you to assign global or application-specific settings to them.

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