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Does he like me as much as I like him? Does she even know I exist? When a girl really likes a guy, trust me, she will want to spend every waking moment with that guy. And if it clicks, she will want to spend more and more time with him. Ah, the friendzone. A dangerous, mythical place where so many perish, but few come back from wholeheartedly.

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So obviously, when it comes to romance and dating and all that, there can be a lot of crossed signals. Sure, you could just go ahead and flat out ask them - but that can be majorly intimidating.

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And if she actually invites along a friend who she says would be perfect for you? Well, you really need to take a hint. Every girl is different. Some women love to get all dolled up every day and wear ultra feminine clothing and never have a hair out of place, while others rock a more casual look with minimal make-up and a simply ponytail.

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I know, I know - people are busy, right? For some people, that could mean carving out a date night every Friday night, or spending Saturday mornings gossiping over coffee with their BFF. If you want real results then act fast! Book a coaching session here. Apollonia Ponti, an international certified coach and founder of apolloniaponti.

She works with ambitious men to attract the woman they desire, build confidence, master their attraction skills and helps rebuild relationships. To get real results with women NOW! Change your life and master your attraction. You can feel confident because Apollonia guides you every step of the way! Book A Coaching Session! Apollonia I really fell hard for her.

I will learn this lesson maybe some girl think of me because I know I can make her happy and I deserve to be treated with respect and love. Hello Daniel, I am sorry this happened I know it's difficult and I am here to help you every step of the way.

Here is an article about letting go that will help you. Please feel free to comment there if you have any questions. Hi Apollonian, I met my girlfriend December last year and we have been dating until her decision to go back to school part time thought school is on strike but she works but which is far away from my current place.

Two weeks ago I noticed she hardly picks my phone calls and hard response to my whatsapp messages and claim She is always busy. She hardly response to my 'I love you' and her whatsapp chat always indicate she is online. I have done so much for her and I really love her. I sent you a previous message with a wrong email address.

Hey Apollonia, What if you don't know if you're the one doing things wrong or if she is? For example, we had an argument a couple of months ago and I have been thinking of calling her or even texting her. Now, the thing is, I have no clue what to say. Every time I want to send the little "Hey" I feel like she's moved on and I'm making myself look stupid.

What would you do? Hi Michael, At the end of the day, what do you have to lose? If you still think something is there text her and if she rejects you it might sting but that's only temporarily.

If she is a good woman and you think you can connect again then try it. Wishing you the best of luck!

Not every relationship with a girl has to be sexual. If it comes down to it and you are trying to explain to her why you want to "just be friends," don't just lie. Don't call her too ugly for you and then try to keep her even as a friend, but honestly the whole girlfriend experience includes physical cts. Finally a girl is attracted to me but I'm not crazy about her? If she's into you but you are not into her, this is a dilemma. Now I wonder why would a girl choose to date me over probably the hundreds of other guys that have way more friends and an interesting life. Maybe I'll be alone because I'm simply a boring dull person. Another way a woman might signal that she's not interested in dating you is by reinforcing that the relationship is strictly Madeleine Holden.

Best, Apollonia. Apollonia sorry for the lengthy comment, idk if its appropriate or notI have fallen for her, she approached even before we knew each other or anything to know abt a technicality in admission procedure, then a thing led to another and we know each other for around 4 months.

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Her responses when we saw each other for the 4 months, i have listed them in a series as per your points. I am way too confused as to what is happening, i would be very grateful if u could help me, just to know if she's into me or not or she just is pretending to ignore me. About the first point, i do know that she has said once to her bestie that she "i would never ever break friendship with him". She doesn't contact avoid it completely, many a times, she would play with my hair, swipe her hand over my knees and hand Also, if i approach, like when u try to hold her hand, she just holds it, but way too lightly.

Dating a girl im not into

Introduction is something that actually never happened much from both sides, but we have talked among us abt them. Abt telling how interested, i don't know what the following sentence would actually mean, she said it around 2 months after we were seeing each other, " I just really wanna be in a relationship with a great guy, i just am a bit scared 'coz of the past".

Hey Appollonia Thanks for your good tips and videos My gf made me confused whenever I talk with her or text her she doesn't show curiousity and interest and stop replying. Whenever I don't reply for 2 or 3 days she starts replying again and same repeated again and again Please guide me either she is interested or not and why she is behaving like this. I would need more information about the relationship in order to answer this question. Seems like there is some immaturity but also a loss of spark or attraction.

Hi Apolonia, Im This girl approached me when we first met in highschool, its almost 3yrs we know each other. I had started working and schooling, was very busy but we had magical dates. She would pratically do anything i asked i was crazy and was very submissive. Out of the blue, She begun not showing up on dates. Eventually she started asking girls I mostly remained centered for her behaviour was actually getting funny like she was my gf. Until one day JULYwe agreed she'd come over.

She didnt show. The following week she reached out telling me she'd starting classes at college. Basically always texting informing me about her daily. I gave brief indifferent answers.

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But then coming Sept. She called me in Oct. It pissed her off that I didnt bother to call back just text. Silence till November, she called asking what she'd done wrong.

When she called and my line was busy shed assume automatically that im talking to another girl so ive ignored her. At the end of the call she acted again like she was the victim, forgetting how she misbehaved in the past.

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Texted 2 days later"I will be my Aunts in 2days 7pmyou can come over. Till now. What's going on? Lastly on the last 2 calls when she asked when she'd meI let her know she'd have to make it up to me first. Very rarely post on social media but when I do shed be the first to like. Advice please. Hi Apollonian I have my gf for three years I am very confused So I think you should get a girl closer to you and date her. If she wants to hang out once she comes back here or wherever you at, hang out with her and keep it like that.

But you should be going out and getting other girls and stop worrying about this one your talking about. Because from the way it sounds it sounds like she has someone else beating her pussy up.

So go out there get another girl who lives closer to you and date her and stop contacting the one your talking about. Now because your busy. Busy beating up some other girls pussy.

Anyways good luck bro.

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Why does this girl keep blowing hot and cold on me. When she has alot to drink she will snuggle into me etc and she says she loves my humour but couple of days later her texts our dry and cold. I done what you said and distanced myself and went travelling in cub a for two months so hadn't seen her then she stated to interact with me again and show interest laughing etc then couple of days later back to being dry etc doing my head in advise appreciated thank you.

Hi Apollonia, I have been going out with a girl for about 3 months now.

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Before we had a great time. She would smile at me and wanted to have conversations now it seems like anytime we are in a group she always smiles at everybody but when i go to say something she just stares at me and then she goes back to smiling and having a great time. I love her and she says that she loves me but whenever we are in public she doesn't act like it.

Also she smiles at my friend which is a guy.

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I don't think that she is into me anymore, but i feel like if i lose her then I will be stupid. I don't want to break up.

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Should I ask her what she thinks of our relationship at this moment or should i wait. Im a senior in high school and she is a freshman. I feel like after i graduate she is going to break up with me anyway.

Should i be patient and wait to see what happens. This is also my first real relationship that i had. Im terrible at reading emoitions.

Sometimes she is happy and it seems like she wants me but not in pubic. Mabey its because she doesn't like to show stuff in public. IDK anymore.

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Please help me. I don't know what to do anymore. Exact same thing is happening to me. Except the privacy part. Privacy is like important here and even i dont want my relationship go public. There is this girl i met in my last coaching. We were in different batches. She used to smile at me whenever we met in interval or after the class ended. I also noticed that she used to smile at my friend too who is like a step forward than me in terms of girls.

But thankfully he left d coaching and the path was clear for me. This thing is like 1 month back now. I was going to leave that coaching, and we started talking a little bit in my last few days. I started dropping her home after the class. I specially brought d car to coaching to impress her and so that we could talk in the car. I took her number. We started talking on whatsapp but what i noticed was that she replied very short to my messages.

It was like i used 3 lines for my texts and hers were one liners. She never looked enthusiastic. I thought she was not into me. And by d way i come from a rich family background, my father is at a good position in state govt.

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And we both are doin' preparation for competition exams and she is like good in studies. In one of my last days of d coaching after dropping her home i proposed her anyway and poured my heart to her about how i started liking her after she smiled at me. To my surprise she accepted d proposal and we talked for like half an hour when she told about her past experiences about boyfriends.

She told me very frankly about her past relationships about how she was commited to a guy for 2 years and they were goin to marry but something went wrong.

They broke up. And another boy whom i know personally proposed to her but she rejected her. She was very frank. We agreed that we would not waste each others time much and keep our focus on studies.

This one often goes in tandem with another sign on this list: constantly flaking on plans. If she's flaking on you, failing to initiate plans, or the dreaded combo of both, it should be pretty clear that things aren't going well. You deserve better than a partner who is tepid and unenthusiastic about spending time with you, so cut things off if she's never initiating plans.

It will save her having an awkward conversation with you later about how she likes you, but just not like that. Much like meeting friends and family, locking in future plans is a key sign of commitment. If she blanches and changes the subject when you suggest making New Year's Eve plans six months in advance, it could be a sign that she hasn't imagined staying with you that long. After he offered to pay for my flight, I had to come clean about the real reason.

Because there are genuine reasons your partner might be reluctant to make long-term plans, such as money worries or concerns about not being able to take time off work, you're going to have to use your instinct with this one.

By asking the right questions and taking stock of how often it happens, you should be able to get a pretty good read on whether an aversion to future plans signals a deeper disinterest.

If you see a pattern forming, the relationship is probably dead in the water. This one is about as straightforward as it gets: if she's told you, in words, that she's not interested in you, then you don't need to keep analyzing her behavior or look for signs that maybe she didn't mean what she said. Plenty of women spoke to were happy to make themselves completely clear about not being interested in a guy. Clear rejection like this is a horrible feeling, but there is a silver lining.

You don't need to waste your time trying to mind-read now: she's let you know straightforwardly that she's not interested, so you can move on to someone whose feelings are reciprocal this time. Sometimes it's hard for women to be direct with men. Because women are socialized to always be sweet and compliant, saying a straightforward "no" can be difficult, and may even expose them to retaliatory violence.


So, if she's saying anything along the lines of "I'm not really interested in seeing anyone right now" or "I'm pretty busy with work, which doesn't leave much time for dating," she's telling you, as kindly and indirectly as possible, that she's not interested in pursuing things with you.

Don't push her on this or call her out for "lying" if she gets a boyfriend in three weeks or posts vacation pictures on Facebook: She was trying to let you down gently in a way that protected her own safety. Most people tell the odd white lie or two to spare other people's feelings, so take the hint and move on like a mature adult: You'll both be better off if you don't make a fuss or try to probe her on her true feelings. There's nothing worse than really liking someone who doesn't feel the same way about you, and if one or more of the above signs are cropping up for you, you're probably feeling pretty dejected right now.

However, it's ultimately healthier to call off a relationship that's only limping along with one party's active involvement, so if you think that's what's happening in your situation, do the brave thing and move on. When you eventually meet someone who is as enthusiastic about you as you are them - and you will! Want more stories like this? Search Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications.

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