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Find out who you're meant to be awesome roomies with in the Land of Ooo. Image: Via athingforthings. Via athingforthings. Image: Via Via Image: Via roomdes. Via roomdes.

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By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Scroll To Start Quiz. I can experiment more with my life. More free time. More money for me. I haven't figured that out yet. I'm a great listener. I have empathy for others. I'm not the clingy type.

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How should I know? Someone funny and charming. Someone who is happy and outgoing. Someone intelligent and independent.

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Someone who gives awesome hugs and kisses. My gorgeous eyes. My personality. How smart I am. My hair or body.

Adventure time dating quiz

A romantic kiss. Staring into each other's eyes. Cuddling while watching a movie. Saying "I love you" to each other. Actively listening to everyone.

Talking up a storm. Thinking about lunch for tomorrow. Eating or drinking silently. Sebastian and Mia from "La La Land". Kim and Edward from "Edward Scissorhands". Ellie and Carl from "Up". Once in a blue moon. Of course not, I never feel lonely.

It may sound old-fashioned, but in a study of more than 17, people, 84of guys said they pick up the tab most of the time. More than half of women say they offer to pay, but many hope the men. Are you spending a lot of time kissing frogs instead of royalty? Are you feeling your unsuccessful love life starting to weigh on you? That may be because you're spending your time on the wrong sort of people! Jump into this quiz to learn which type of people you should actually be going after. Aug 13,   Who's Your Adventure Time Girlfriend? Lookin for love in the land of Ooo? Well, here you can find your Adventure Time soulmate. Created by Mons. On Aug 13, What's your favorite food? Lookin for love in the land of Ooo? Well, here you can find your Adventure Time soulmate.

Only during the holidays. Yes, and it sucks. Stay at home and watch a movie instead. Offer to bring some soup or medicine to your date's house. Enjoy the date by myself. Cry, because this always happens to me. September - December.

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July - September. April - July. What is the colour of your hair? Princess Bubblegum.

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Your match is Marceline! She is the vampire Queen and she love music and parteeyyys! Breakfast Princess.

Jul 25,   The First Date Adventure is now available to 4th year and above students in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Finally players can plan a date with their crush and earn some cool cosmetic rewards along the way! First Date Adventure Part 1. Complete the first 8 asks of the First Date adventure and earn a gold reward! Task 1. May 06,   Title guys. Read it! This quiz is mainly for the guys, BUT it can also be for girls as well! So don't worry! Just For Fun TV Adventure Time Girlfriend Report. Your Adventure Time Girlfriend! smol grill. 1. 6. What's you favorite color? (I'M SORRY) Any color really All colors are nice. Pink because it's so lovely. Red, Black, Grey, or. So if you're ready to change your relationship status from "single" to "taken," then it's time for you to take our fun dating quiz now! Read More. Like a Disneyland adventure. Like butterflies in the stomach. I don't know, I've never felt it. Take This Dating IQ Quiz and We'll Guess When You'll Meet Your Soulmate. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min.

Your match is breakfast princess! She likes smart and heroic guys and she likes to be outdoors. Engagement Ring Princess.

Which "Adventure Time" Character Should Be Your Roommate? Find out who you're meant to be awesome roomies with in the Land of Ooo. by Kevin Tang. BuzzFeed Staff 1. Pick an apartment. Love & Friendship TV Adventure Time Date Adventure Time More. Report. Add to library Discussion 94 Follow author Share quiz. Which Adventure Time Guy Would You Date? Victoria. 1. 5. What Is Your favorite Color? Blue,green brighter colors. Orange,black,darker colors. Red or black. Rosario Dawson On Keto, CBD, Trader Joes, Justice League, Riverdale, And More | Once Never Forever. Sponsored by Connatix. Women's Health cover star and actress Rosario Dawson plays "Once, Never, Forever," the WH version of "f*ck, marry, kill," and gave her hot takes on everything from cauliflower to CrossFit to Whole Foods.

Your match is Engagement Ring princess. She likes funny, charming and heroic guys. Muscle Princess. Your match is muscle princess!

She likes guys who are strong and handsome. You might be the one! Hot dog Princess. Unfortunately more students head to the Courtyard as they finish their lunch head to the Artefact Room for more privacy. It appears Talbott was concerned and let Penny know about your issues. This leads to a Pep talk which takes place over a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete. Penny puts a positive spin on things and cheers you up.

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She will also reflect on the Celestial Ball if you attended it together. Head over to the Courtyard with Penny to get some fresh air after all the hiding.

You will immediately notice Merula and her cronies laughing at you, either walk away or confront them. Regardless of your choice Merula will approach you. She is surprised that Penny has nearly convinced you to ask your crush out and decides to tell you why that would be a terrible idea in a 1 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

Why is Merula so interested perhaps she is feeling a bit jealous? After listening to the conflicting viewpoints between Penny and Merula, head over to Bill Weasley for some advice.

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Meet Bill in the Great Hall to being Part 1 Task 7 of the First Date adventure where you will explain the struggles in dealing with your secret crush. Ask for advice on asking out your crush. Bill will be hesitant and a bit self-depricating.

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Convince him to give advice in a friendship activity which recommends of each attribute and costs gold. Answer the following questions:. Why would you trust my advice? After finishing the activity Bill finally decides to lend some advice. He wants to meet at the Three Broomsticks for a talk. Meet Bill at the Three Broomsticks to listen to everything he knows about dating. Listen to his advice in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

He says you should plan the date before asking your crush out.

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And believes Hogsmeade is the best location for a date as it will feel special vs sticking around Hogwarts Castle. Tonks and Charlie show up to help plan your date which ends Part 1 of the First Date adventure.

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You will be rewarded with gold. The second part of the First Date adventure consists of 8 tasks and involves preparing for the date and asking out your crush. You will be rewarded with a new cosmetic outfit upon completion.

Now shop for joke items in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete. Tonks and Charlie wwere just hoping to clear your mind and help plan your date.

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Plan date locations with Tonks and Charlie, meet them at the Three Broomsticks. Tonks will wonder how lively of a spot you would like the date to be at. Now evaluate date venues in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete.

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First you will have to wait 3 hours or pay 55 gems to continue the search for a perfect date spot. It seems like a nice, quiet spot for a date. Investigate the shop in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete. Meet Andre at Flying Class for some help! I went with Classic for now. Now head back to the Three Broomsticks and meet Bill to reveal your crush. Now discuss dares in a 3 hour activity which requires all 5 stars to complete. After more prodding from Bill you will have the opportunity to reveal your crush.

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