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I bought a w solar panel and then the challenge - a solar generator system with the capacity to cope and be portable. ED:Fortunately, there are some cheaper options mentioned above too - like the Poweroak and Uking. I had an old toolbox in the garage and ordered a ah sealed lead acid leisure battery with a good size to power output. I had some bits and pieces lying around the garage, but needed to buy three 12v sockets, a 12v amp isolator, overkill but small enougha fuse box and some 12v cable from Halfords. Installation was pretty straightforward.

Stereo amp: one positive wire to each positive output on the amp, same with negative. Make sure you get corresponding positive and negative to each sub.

Amusement Park Date - 90 Day Fiance

Stereo amp running bridged mono : It's normally the outter positive and negative leads, but refer to the manual.

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