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Any marketing campaign without a landing page is an incomplete attempt. The landing page provides laser-focused content to the users and psychological triggers will help you get more leads. These free landing page templates will help you to create an effective landing page in no time. Before getting into the free landing page templates there are some basic principles you must know before making an effective landing page. Landing pages must need a persuasive design and intellectual trigger to make more leads.

If you need a launch page for your website and collect leads before your grand opening, this template is the one for you. With this landing page template, you can give a clear idea of your business. The logical design of this template makes sure, what the user can expect from you.

By placing the conversion elements like forms and subscription labels will help the chances of increasing your lead capturing rate. A portfolio section is given on the homepage to show some of your best works. Showcasing your previous work will help you curate the audience and help you get valuable leads. The sticky top bar with your logo not only makes navigation easier but also gives your logo a better visibility to the audience.

Coffee is a one-page template for restaurants and coffee shop. The precise design of this template makes it a perfect option for landing page template as well.

Free dating landing page

This template is filled with creative design and web elements to make your template stand out from the usual designs. In the top bar, you have space to clearly mention your opening hours and contact details.

Call to action button is placed at the header section itself to increase the click-through rate. Since this template is made for a coffee shop, a brown color scheme is followed. If you have your own color theme for your restaurant, you can use it here. Animated counters and user reviews are given to increase the credibility of your shop.

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Food menu section is also given in this template to help you feature some of your best foods. You can use the gallery section to showcase your foods and share some of your happy customers. Snipp is the best landing page template for creative agencies. With cool animation effects, this template helps you to interact with your visitors engagingly.

The visual effects and the animation effects in this template are smooth and fluid. This template put your work at the top and your business second. If you take pride in your work and love to impress the visitors with your work first, this template is the best option for you.

This template is filled with lots of colorful web elements and background.

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Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, particle animation background in the header and cool scroll effects. This template is primarily a website template with multiple pages pre-designed for you.

But the logical homepage design of this template can be used as a landing page. Unapp is a fully functional and fully loaded website template. The well-thought design of this template helps you to explain your product and services neatly to the users.

Making the content clear to the visitor is one of the main goals of a landing page template. With the Unapp template, you can convey your content engagingly to the users.

The web elements in the homepage of this template are placed at the most appropriate spots to increase your result.

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Since this template follows a simple design, the visual effects of this template are also made minimal. Though the effects are minimal, they can easily draw user attention. Since this template is designed for the mobile application you have plenty of elements related to SAAS websites.

45 Best Free Landing Page Templates With Conversion Centered Design

Transcend is a creative content-rich website template. Though this is a one-page website template, you can use this as a landing page template as well. The creative design of this template makes it a perfect option for creative businesses like designing agencies. Lots of space in this template is used for the text contents. Try to be more precise with your contents and be clear with your message.

How To Make Free Cpa Landing Page - Professional Landing Page For Cpa Offer Promoting - Cpa Grip

As said before, this template has bulletins to pinpoint the important contents. All the navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu if you need you can move them to the regular top bar. In the header also you have the option to put navigation menu options. Visual effects are used to show more related contents within the given space. Other useful elements you get with this template are carousels and animated counters.

Eatwell is a minimal looking template for restaurants. With the pristine clean design, this template neatly presents the food images. Modern web elements are used to help you add more content within the given space. With the long homepage design, you can clearly show your food menu and all your services on one page.

In the header itself, you have a call to action button to show that you are open for reservation. You can customize the contact form for the reservation form or take a look at the registration form template collection for more creative design. In the footer, you have a map widget to show the location of your hotel so that the user can easily plan their route. If you are not a fan of the simple landing page and expect an interactive design, then Inspire is the best landing page template for you.

butterfishny.com is the best free dating site that offers online dating to anyone looking for friendship, short term or long term relationship. You can enjoy all of the following features and much more for free. This is a free join dating site. Contact any member for free! Join today and start browsing through thousands of dating profiles! Jun 06,   mobile friendly landing pages that works effortlessly on iPhone, iPads, and Android devices. FREE to use if you sign up with the website builder! Click on any image to find which website builder supports the template! Website Builder Comparison Chart. Find out which website builder can help you build a beautiful & professional website. Fully Responsive Dating Landing Page Template - $14 This dating page landing template has a kind of dreamy aura about it, perfect for a romantic mood. The landing page of your website needs to be attractive enough to make your potential customers give it a try.

This template is basically designed and developed for the web application based product. But the versatile design of the template can easily bend with any type of website landing page. The best part of this landing page template is, you can use it even as an HTML website template. It also has other subpages designed and developed for you in its package. In the header section, you have options to add big bold texts, subheading and a call to action button.

The scroll animation gives an interactive feel to the users and also helps you to give to explain product features effectively. With this template, you get features like vertical tabs to explain features, neat line icons, carousels, and neat animation effects.

Sublime, as the name implies it is a glorious and awe-inspiring landing page template. With the full-width design and clean layout, this template will mesmerize the users as soon as they land on your site. The perfect combination of colors makes this template look trendy and eye-catching.

Again like Inspire you can also use this template as a website template since it has multiple subpages prebuilt for you. The visual effects of this template are clean and minimal. Minimal animation effects and the trendy color synergize this template to be an effective landing page.

Like the Inspire this template is also primarily designed for the web application.

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With the big footer section, you have ample amount of space to add other important links related to the product and your site.

You also have the option to add social media profile links at the bottom. Unlock is more than just a landing page template. This template plays a dual role, this can be used as a simple landing page template or a product website. But can be included in a product tour based landing page template. The homepage of the template is neat and simple; it does not provide you many web elements on the homepage.

But the homepage does provide you many options to take the users to other related pages. With this template, you get simple visual effects for the web elements and hove effects.

Out of the box this template is mobile optimized, speed optimized and cross-browser compatible. Apps is one of the truly effective free landing page templates in this list. The Apps template not only follows effective landing page design, it also follows the modern web design trends. This template ticks all the boxes of modern web design. You get gradient color scheme, colorful icons, three-dimensional web elements and bold clear texts.

This is a one-page template with smooth scrolling effects. Since it is a single page template the homepage is made longer to fit all web elements and sections. Each section is made big enough to handle both texts and bigger multimedia contents. Barber is another trending looking landing page template. But this landing page is for barbers.

It all needs to be in order, the quality of your product and the amazingness of your web presence, to reach the success you would like to attain. With our free landing page website templates, the page part of your success is almost complete. Grow the number of downloads and conversions and make your product known. Looking for landing WordPress themes.

Design wise this template just follows some traits of the Apps template mentioned above, since both of the templates are from the same developers. But both of them have minor changes and uses different web elements as both of them is designed for different niches.

With the Barber template you get a full-width design and since this template does not follow any line or borders the web elements on this template feels like floating.

In the header section, you have a big hero static image and a call to action button. The designers have used drop shadow effects to make the web elements look distinctive from the background. You also have the option to add video, the player open as a lightbox so the user can have a complete control over the video content.

The Frame is a business class professional website template. By default, this template is a multipurpose template, so this can be used for various sites. The advantage of a multipurpose template is you get plenty of web elements, which may come handy as your website grow.

As this template follows business class design, all the animation effects are clean and can be used for any professional sites. With the big content blocks and segments, you get plenty of space to add both the multimedia contents and text contents. The interactive scroll effects help you to narrate your services and your products effectively to the user.

Download dating responsive landing pages

Since it is a one-page template the user can know all about your product by just scrolling; no switching to other pages and no loading time. The use of lightweight line icons and neat fonts makes this template even more attractive. The Present is a classy looking landing page template.

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With the dark skin theme, all the web elements and the texts look appealing and give a rich feel. This template also includes multiple pages, so you if you need you can use this template as a product website. Even though it is a multi-page template you get a reasonably longer homepage to help you place all the important segments.

The Present template also uses a product explore design just like the Unlock template mentioned above. To maintain the design consistency the icons in this template is customized. It is a flexible website template which can be used as a landing page for any type of product. Fancy is a corporate style landing page template.

The smart design of this template makes it a better fit for both the landing page and creative agency.

With the full-width design and lots of white space, the web elements on this template are neatly distributed throughout the template. The parallax effects between each segment give this template a lively feel. This template uses a blue and violet color gradient as the color scheme, which looks trendy as well as professional. The best part is, even for the web elements the gradient color scheme is followed; it makes this template visually appealing.

Other extra features you get with this template are animated skill bar, blog section, and carousel.

dating responsive landing page design Download flat, clean and converting dating responsive landing page design templates to promote your dating niche website with lot of traffic and conversion. Convert your visitor to real customer with our effective and responsive dating lead capture landing page design templates. With millions of members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles and swingers for discreet hookups and casual sex near you. AdultFriendFinder - The World's Largest Online Adult Personals for Adult Dating, Swingers, Sexy Adult Photos, Amateur Member Videos, and Adult Chat. Landerz template will help you make a beautiful landing page. The creator has made this template ostentatiously beautiful using modern web elements. Trendy fonts and crisp looking elements will make it difficult for you to believe it is a free template - but hey, it is one of the best free landing page templates.

CA App Laning, as the name implies this is a mobile application landing page. This trendy template uses modern design cutouts and web elements with different shapes. Since the CA App Landing is a single-page template you get a longer homepage to house all the web elements and the sections neatly.

To make the navigation even better a sticky top bar navigation is used, in the navigation bar itself you have the option to add signup call to action button. This template uses two colors as its color scheme; the violet being the primary color and the pink acts as a secondary color. The combination of the color looks elegant on the clean white background of this template. Other useful features you get with this template is animated counters, carousels, and neatly designed pricing table.

In the pricing table, you have the option to highlight the best package for the user. If you are looking for a stylish website template to elegantly display your product then, Colid is the template for you.

This template is designed and developed solely for the mobile application, so the core features and elements you get with this template help you to promote your application. To help the user note in which section they are now, an indicator is used in the top navigation bar.

The Colid template is full of visual treats and elements of surprise which will make the user raise their eyebrows. Icons used in this template is also unique and make this template stand out from the crowd. This one-page template is long enough to handle bigger content blocks and elements. Other useful features you get with this template are pricing table, carousel, accordion, and a neat contact form.

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Susan is one of the few free landing page templates that gives you premium template features. With the Susan template, you get two variations, both the templates follow identical layout with different web elements and segments.

Based on your need select the template that best fits you. In the header section, you have a big image slider. The image slider is designed with interactive animation effects that you get with the premium add-ons like Revolution slider. With the revolution slider you can select and customize different animation effects, but with this template, you have to settle with the effects only given in this template.

With the long homepage, you have enough space to add more features and images about your products. The hover effects and the visual effects on this template keeps the user engaged and also helps you to say more about your product within the given space.

Glint is an album style website template for the creative agencies. The full page design of this template makes it a perfect fit for the landing page templates as well. When we speak of the album style design the biggest drawback is the scroll effect.

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The user has to scroll twice or thrice to reach the next or previous section. In the Glint template, this scroll effect feature is handled very well, the user can enjoy a smooth experience with this template. To help the user enjoy a distraction-free website experience the hamburger style hidden navigation bar is used in this template.

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The navigation bar is on the left side of this template, in the navigation you also have the option to include social media profile link. Overall a perfect and flexible landing page template for all types of products and services.

If you are looking for clean looking floating style free landing page templates for your mobile applicaiton, this is the one for you.

The smart design of the template and the shadow effects for the web elements make this template feel like popping out of the screen when viewed in full screen.

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Since this template is optimized for the mobile devices, the user will have the similar web experience even in the small screen devices as well. The use of trendy colorful icons made this template visually appealing. Since this is a one-page template to let the user know which section they are viewing a small underline is used in the sticky top navigation bar. Other useful features you get with this template are pricing table, carousels, and neat custom gradient icons.

Dup is a bright colored multipurpose template. The smart design of the template makes it an easy fit for both the landing page use and website template use.

With the bright red color as the background, the white colored boxed width contents are clearly visible and get user attention easily. With this template, you get the option to include video easily into the template. The video player opens as a lightbox so the user can enjoy the multimedia content with full control.

Other useful features you get with this template is carousels, animated bars, and email subscription button. The Dup template best suits for simple landing page where you expect to share only the core feature of the product and services to the users. Bobsled is from the creator of the Dup template mentioned above. You can see some design traits of the Dup template in this also. Bobsled is a mixture of boxed-width and full-width design, which makes it unique on this free landing page templates list.

The main content area is wrapped within a clean white box while the contact detail is given in an open full-width area. The trendy blue and violet color of the template gives a peppy look. Be the landing page for a product or service this template can handle both. The web elements of this template will help you illustrate your product or service in an interactive way to the user.

In the footer, you have the option to include social media profile links. To give users a distraction-free website experience this template also uses hamburger style navigation menu option. Inmotion is the most refreshing landing page template in this free landing page templates list. In the header section, you have the option to add video content, you can use this place to add your product intro video.

Since this template use HTML5 framework you can add video inside the template easily, or else you can add video from the Youtube and Vimeo easily. The Inmotion template helps you to create a simple landing page with which you can explain a particular product or service.

The visual effects of this template manage to keep the users engaged. These are some of the best free landing page templates you can make use of for your site. Some of them give you premium template-like features and also follows the conversion centered design. While few them are simple and just do their job, based on your need select the best template for you. Whether you are looking for adult dating, gay, singles or couples dating - NaughtyFind was created to address all of your dating needs.

It offers more features than most of the best dating sites online. There are many free dating sites, but only NaughtyFind gives you the freedom and features to find potential dates in the most straightforward way. Take a look and decide for yourself.

This website was created with our members in mind first and foremost. I hope you like it. Your account has been confirmed. Please log in from the home page. Already a member? Sign In.

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