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According to an article on MSN's Lifestyle section, "The average age difference between married couples is 3. Although each person and each relationship is unique, there are some general guidelines that can help you have a more successful relationship with someone who is a decade older than you. Openly communicate each of your intentions for the relationship right from the start. As most people age, there is less of a desire for wasting time on relationship games. Whether it's a short-term fling or a lasting relationship, you need to both have the same goal in mind. Address major life issues if you intend on dating the man for a while or becoming seriously involved.

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Home Open Mic. One to many very sweet, very attractive, very worthy but vulnerable women fall into waiting for the non-committal man to set a rock onto one side of the scale, in hopes that the side which weighs the heaviest will be their side. You women who read this are looking for an answer on how to get a guy who's on the fence to fall for you, and I'm sorry to have to say this because I know it hurts, but you can't. You're free to stay in denial, return to Google, type in the exactly the same search inquiry that got you here and resume the search to find what you want to hear- that there's hope, when there's not. Here's the thing about non-committal men which you have to learn: they're both a blessing and a curse, but to gain the blessing to which they offer you're going to have to play their game, like a mime to an onlooker, and if your heart is already in his hands I don't recommend trying this until you can detach yourself. This isn't to say that this relationship has to be a vile game; in fact, you're not going to want him to even expect you know what he's doing. You're going to resume being sweet, fun-loving, and easygoing, because you have no reason not to.

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Posted by Sandy Weiner in dating after divorce , love after 40 , self-esteem in dating , single women over 40 0 comments. As a dating coach, I know the red flags to look for in a relationship. I advise women not to date a man who is recently separated or divorced. I tell them not to begin a relationship with someone who is not emotionally available. I caution women to beware of men who do not want a relationship, only a casual connection, usually accompanied by weekly booty calls. I have seen the pain that comes when a woman gives her heart to a man like this. But many men are disguised as soulful, wonderful, sexy, and alluring.

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