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Milo Dolezal Posts: 7, Reputation: It may be that the original plumber didn't pay too much attention to what he was doing and ran hot water line to the fridge. Originally Posted by Milo Dolezal. Let it run. The reply above that there were no customer complaints in years and years of tapping hot water lines is almost amusing. And even if they were aware of it, technicians that have no idea what they are doing would convince them that it is perfectly safe and sanitary. Hot water tanks contain anodes inserted into them that deteriorate, plastic dip tubes that slowly disintegrate, brass fittings that may contain lead, years and years of accumulated crud, with who knows what chemical composition. Aug 31,AM.

We do have a newfound love again, but why.

After all this, then make the decision to stay with your ex or leave him or her. Keep in mind that some problems will always be there, and you will have to change your reactions to them.


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