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Getting over a crush on a best friend can take time. Preserving your friendship is important, but you'll need time on your own to deal with the overwhelming emotions and move on. In some ways, you may always love and care for your friend: that just means your love was real. But by examining your emotions in a healthy way and taking steps to move forward, you can overcome the initial heartbreak and appreciate your friendship for all it is. To get over a crush on your best friend, try spending a little time away from them so you can process your emotions.

Try talking it out with your friend, especially if they knew you liked the person. If you had spent a lot of time chatting with your BFF about your crush, it can feel extra confusing if something starts brewing between them.

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According to Hasha, any type of communication is better than none at all. I'm happy that you two seem to have found happiness together, but please understand it may take some time for me to feel comfortable with it.

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Hasha says that the two keys to maintaining your friendship are communication and boundaries. While one fight or betrayal isn't necessarily grounds for a friend breakup, it is important to make sure you're surrounding yourself with healthy relationships. If your so-called bestie routinely makes you feel bad or does things that hurt you, it might be time to end the relationship. Having a crush on your best friend can cause you to neglect other friendships.

As you develop meaningful relationships with other friends, you'll gain emotional support outside of your best friend. Invite a friend over to chat, see a movie with them, or even send them a text to let them know you care. Don't distract yourself constantly with friends. Spending time alone is important, too.

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If you need some space from others for a while, let yourself have that time. Go out with other people, when you're ready. Once you're ready to fall in love again, re-enter the dating scene. You don't have to fall into a serious relationship right away: date a few different people for a while and have fun just getting to know them. Join a club, volunteer somewhere new, chat with a classmate or co-worker, or visit your local bar. Understand that you won't find someone exactly like your friend, however.

Accept that falling out of love takes time. Getting over a crush takes time as your heart heals.

My Crush Is Dating My Best Friend (Not real names) Ok so a few months back I told my friend Amanda I had a crush on her. She told me she liked me back but we never did anything because of COVID but we still talked constantly. My best friend Thomas told me that he thinks Amanda had a crush on him a while back. Aug 20,   So- brief back story. My "best friend" Nicole and I became roommates after the love of my life broke my heart. He'd gone off to date what I thought was my best girl friend. Obviously, that friendship ended. So, after living in close quarters in a college dorm room, Nicole & I became fast friends. We grew very close in a very short period of time. If *my* best friend is dating my crush, great! Awesome! I hope they hit off really well, especially if they have an established relationship already. As for myself, I will continue to play video games, eat food, take dumps, sleep, watch videos of.

In a way, you might always love and care for this person. What matters is moving past the pain and opening yourself up to loving again, even if not for a while. Don't beat yourself up if you're still pining for this person.

You can find new love in the future. If you're not careful, you may become bitter from the pain and start to hate your friend. Don't let yourself fill with negative emotions. I've been trying for years to get over my best friend. All these feelings are weighing me down with guilt, but if I tell her I'm afraid it'll be awkward and I'll lose her. What do I do? Paul Chernyak, LPC. Having courage and being vulnerable is important, especially in relationships.

You may find that being open not only helps get rid of your guilt but may make the relationship stronger as well. If it does not work out, then at least you won't feel guilty anymore and won't spend your time on someone who does not feel the same way about you.

Not Helpful 10 Helpful I might be moving away from my best friend who is also my crush we speak every day. How do I get over him? Make sure to clearly tell him your concerns and feelings. He may still want to have you as a friend in his life. Technology has made connecting over long distances easier. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Nothing is wrong about loving your best friend.

Regardless of whether the relationship is best or meant to be, feelings are neither good nor bad. They just are. Not Helpful 12 Helpful How long does this usually take?

I have the exact same condition. I want to come back as her best friend as soon as possible. Falling out of love is different for everyone. It may take anywhere from days, weeks, or months. Give yourself time alone and set healthy boundaries with her so that when you're ready for the friendship, you can approach it in a healthy way. Not Helpful 4 Helpful If you feel comfortable, you could share your feelings with him so he knows why you need space.

If not, however, let him know that you're going through a hard time. Tell him that you care about him and that this is not his fault but that you need some time alone. Talking it out in person can help if you feel like there is more to discuss.

If you feel like you left the conversation at a good place, however, just play it by ear. You may not need to bring it up. Not Helpful 3 Helpful This depends on the situation.

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If you think the vulnerability would strengthen your friendship, then that could be a good idea. If you think this would make the crush harder to get over, consider not telling them. You might end up arousing more painful feelings. Not Helpful 5 Helpful My friend and I normally kiss when we greet or saying our goodbyes.

Now how do I avoid such to happen? Because it kill me and if I don't kiss her, she gets mad at me.

You don't tell your friend. You just let it happen and stay quiet. If you really care about your best friend then you want what's best for him/her. And sometimes that means putting the happiness of others over ourselves even if we guarantee oursel. Best Friend Dating My Crush. the girl I have a crush on I think is the best girl in the world which clearly proves that there are definitely other girls out there that you will think are better. level 1. 3 points 1 year ago. Did your friend know she was your crush. level 2.

You could open up to you about her feelings and ask to set new boundaries. If you don't feel like telling her is the best idea, however, just let her know that kissing makes you uncomfortable and ask her to respect your feelings. They say they might go out with me, and I can't help but hold on to that hope. How to deal with this? Try dating other people. Holding one to one person, especially if they aren't dating you, can lead to loneliness.

If you date around, you may find someone else with positive qualities. My best friend and I are really close. We're together all the time in school.

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We are practically inseparable. He always talks about his girlfriend.

When your good friend dates your crush...

What should I do? Spend some time apart from him for a while and let yourself process your emotions. If he talks about his girlfriend often, you could also change the subject or ask him if you could talk about something else. Not Helpful 21 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Keep yourself busy. Wallowing in your feelings will not help: before you know it, you might end up neglecting other friends or activities you love.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Don't compare every new date with your best friend: you'll only feel like nobody can measure up.

My "best friend" dating my crush?

Appreciate your friend's positive qualities, but recognize that others can have good and different attributes. If you're upset, reach out to a friend or family member who can offer advice. Venting and listening to their counsel can help you move forward. You don't have to be in a relationship to find happiness. If you haven't found the right person yet, this is the perfect time to focus on yourself. You can't have a healthy relationship with others until you're comfortable with yourself.

Stay away from your friend's social media.

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Checking up on their Instagram or Twitter constantly will make you long for them more. Helpful 57 Not Helpful 4.

Best friend dating my crush

If sadness persists for a long time while you're getting over your friend, seek professional health. You may have depression. Related wikiHows.

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More References Personal interview. About This Article. Laura Bilotta. Co-authors: ated: April 30, Categories: Crush Heartbreak. We all Skype, and by the end of the night- She tells him to add her on Facebook, so they can randomly talk. This worries me, but.

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He's not my boy friend- and she's my best friend. I should be able to trust her. Here we are- less than a week later, I'm pretty sure. And she's talked to him into wee hours of the morning, had to ditch out on me because of it well- she was tired from staying up til AM and then came home to take a nap instead of do her homework like she should have- then had to stay home to do her home work, and of course- talk to my crush.

Any way. They've officially started dating. Even though they've never met face-to-face. Even though I've got a crush on him, and it was clear. Am I wrong for being upset at her?

Should I just be a supportive friend and get over it? I only told my closest friends i had a crush on him maybe about 2 weeks before the summer holidays including this girl called Katie. Katie and I are quite close and i specifically told her i had a crush on Dan. I told her before anyone else, even my bestest best friend.

So she knew i liked him.

Later that day she accepted and they were going out. Everyone was saying what a cute couple they were and it hurt my feelings so much.

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Everyone likes Katie and Dan so obviously they were gonna end up dating. Not everyone likes me especially not the popular people so i know i'll never have a chance with Dan. It's now the summer holidays and they're still dating but i secretly hope they break up so Dan will realize just how much i love him i'm not trying to sound mean here, i'm sorry if it sounds like i'm ranting I have been the one who dated the best friend s crush and trust me it doesn t feel good here goes my story I think you also need to be more assertive or wait until someone who deserves you comes along.

I think those guys are aware of the kind of girl your friend is.

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