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Illegal relationship means dating woman other than wife etc. Islam also labels such kind of acts as Haram and does not allow anyone to do so. In a Facebook post, he wrote different accusations about him, as well as he accused him that he forced these women to not to publicised their relationship publically, and this Facebook post spread all over social media in no time. Read it below;. And all of these acts are being done so his character can be questioned by the people who are ready to destroy his image and integrity of Islam. He said that Nouman Ali Khan never used his platform to criticize anyone, nor to take any advantage of any woman or any other scholar ever. After all this, Nouman Ali Khan did not sit quietly, he took Facebook and replied to all of this controversy about him that has been going on for days.

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He said that Nouman Ali Khan never used his platform to criticize anyone, nor to take any advantage of any woman or any other scholar ever. After all this, Nouman Ali Khan did not sit quietly, he took Facebook and replied to all of this controversy about him that has been going on for days.

He added that he is not interested in clarifying the false accusations about him. Read more about this in his Facebook post below. He added that he has never thread anyone, not criticized anyone neither kept any kind of illegal relationship with any other woman.

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After few hours, he put up another Facebook post concerning this, which can be read below. By Staff Desk September 23, Share It. It puts Islam in a negative light and shooting ourselves in the foot. Scholars in any field - physics, psychology, Islam, etc. Some of you reading this probably have undergraduate degrees yourself. Imagine presenting yourself as scholar in your field of study with that educational background. So stop doing it within an Islamic context.

JazakAllah for laying out the issue so beautifully. Therein lies a beautiful lesson for us not to ask needless questions that are not beneficial. There is no point of investigating this issue and passing our judgement on who is right and who is wrong. Take the good from people and leave that which is bad. Having said this, I am very saddened at this situation. May Allah give all those affected sabr and emaan.

May Allah bless you and the words you share that would bring the ummah a moment of calm and peace. I pray this brings some amount of clarity to all its readers and that you and your family be rewarded greatly for the good of this article. Beautiful piece, Zeba. BaarakAllahu feeki. You should also add: someone is innocent until proven guilty. What really hurt me are a number of prominent women usually Muslim feminists immediately, gleefully posting comments about NAK and trashing him with the most vile insults, sharing the screenshots and so on.

This person NAK has done so much for the ummah. He alone has been blessed by Allah to make His book accessible for a whole new generation. My position is still the same on this matter. This write-up seems more matured and logical. I still have some questions though- 1. Talk about the consequences of cursing a scholar but who is a scholar really. This incident has produced probably one of the most vicious display of cannibalism by people who are respected by thousands in this part of the world.

If he is behind the leak, how can he ve a respected mediator? Yahia, You got something mixed up. Just so you know. Victims in what?!! If there is no sexual abuse involved in the situation, on what basis the effected parties are called as victims?! If NAK did not expose any privet issue concerning the involved parties, then they are not even victims!

This is totally weird for me. But I dont understand. If there is allegation of sexual harrashment, police should be involved, asked or not. They must have heard this by now.

They should have come to the possible victims and interviewed them. Think everyone involved live in the same civilized country of 21st century? May God protect NAK, forgive his sins and reward him for his 20 years of excellent job. Well said. I know nothing of NAK but khayr. Some compassion and reflection are needed. If the allegations are true, perhaps NAK is going through a mid-life crisis or he may be imploding spiritually and he needs care. We as a community raised him up and now we are making him zaleel.

He is young. He is a product of the American Muslim community, bitter or sweet, so you created him. Now he is your Imtihaan. The Muslim community, not just NAK, will face the consequences of this.

Thats what I feel this is really all about and thats what shaytan wants. This should be enough for me to think good of him. Good advice. I hope we all can refrain ourselves from saying things we have no first-hand knowledge of. Regardless if he is innocent or guilty. But on a more serious note, for those who suffer emotional manipulations, please reach out for help and take legal action if necessary.

And for the ones manipulating, you have to admit that there is a serious problem with you. Please seek professional help. Do not justify or cover up what is wrong. Please take a moment of self introspection. We will all have to return and answer Allah on the day of judgement. May Allah forgive us all. No need for police. Sexual harrassment is a civil matter not a criminal matter. He did not sexually assault anyone. Allah will hold everyone involved responsible.

Seems to me the story is about a regular guy who happens to have a talent in public speaking, looking for a wife by talking to multiple women be it at the same time or not. Glad to know he is human. And so are these women, consenting adults who may have been deceived but nothing more. This should all have been sorted out begins closed doors. Are the mediators going to post messages about the inappropriateness of the leaks? I bet not. If they have evidence and a solid case, let them make it in front of a neutral party or a US court and advertise their verdict.

WHY on Earth is not a single Muslim religious authority, - nor you - Zeba Khan - calling out and condemning those who publicized his private correspondences with whoever he was corresponding with. Why not share equally nasty comments from the other side?

So a man posts a single comment about someone on social media. Spreading the love among his fellow Muslim brethren? And when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is they, in the sight of Allah, who are the liars.

About timeI was thinking you will definitely post something in shaa Allahyou have shown us our places.

The point is not whether Ustadh is innocent or those accusing him have the right intentions both maybe correct, I mean accusers could really believe that ustadh has done it and ustadh might really still be innocent, a misunderstanding basically. I mostly agree with your article except who the victims are. The only victims are his children. The whole situation is embarrassing and women who posted these private conversations should be ashamed and seek Tawbah.

Parents get control of your daughters! The fitna from all these single women is getting outrageous. If this does not concern us directly, then it is not our business.

NAK is not an angel. If he gets stronger and gets closer to Allah then all this fuss would have benefitted him. The only sin that Allah does not forgive is Shirk. Allah knows best. JZK for writing this. I have not been able to sleep the last few days because of all this turmoil. But this article has put everything in its perspective. May Allah swt reward you for this excellent piece of advice. I hope and pray that our global community will see this as a learning opportunity and continue to grow, mature and see beyond the drama.

Indeed Allah Swt is al ghaffaar for those that seek forgiveness. He has spent two decades into this. Infact, anyone can make mistakes other than prophets.

If he did something wrong hopefully he will repent and Allah will forgive. Do you understand why the general masses would find such statements ironic? They would expect silence and patience from the likes of those who made the scandal public. Until a time when full evidence is weighed and deliberated, and not made public especially via fb in drib and drabsgiving both camps a reason to be upset and letting emotions and imaginations run wild.

This is the best article i have read yet, i mean it gives a good summary. No scholar or a person in this world is saint, everyone do sin in life. Thus, I would like to discuss about something that had been bothering me, that I believe is important when it comes to sexuality and gender relations. We live in a liberal, capitalist world where, the fulfilment of sexual desire is classist and is seen as an extension of capital that one possesses.

There is free sex, yet sex is not free of cost. It is a terrible system and Islam has a lot better solution to all the challenges that a liberal world poses. I am of the belief that consented sex is a human right and Islam doesn't deny that. However, islam makes certain disciplines mandatory in the life of Muslims for the beauty Islam would impart in their lives. I would like to recall the idea I grd from one of the lectures of Prof.

against. draw?

Tariq Ramadan, in which he talks about the beauty of freedom that is disciplined. Islam asks everyone to marry. The 32nd aayah of Surah Nur says. If they are poor, Allah will make them free from want out of His grace: for Allah has boundless resources and is All-Knowing. I am a single male with a Masters in Engineering, jobless though, going on my 30 and I know my challenges living in a world were Haram is cheaper than Halal.

Now, I wouldn't wanna argue that marriage is all about sex. It is not. But one of the most important purposes of marriage is to keep us chaste and thus maintain our eaman.

I am not talking about other cts of marriage as it would be irrelevant for the discussion. Now let's take into consideration, how Muslim communities look at marriage. Do we have the kind of Tawakkul that the above aayah demands?

The above aayah promises that "Yughnihmullahu min fazlihi", which is not just the freedom from wants but also richness ghina. Now, that is Allah's promise. How many of us do really believe in it truly? How many from the scholarship has made this part of the ct of marriage in Islam very clear?

That in Islam, marriage is not seen as an extension of capital, but rather an important ibadah towards completing one's deen. I don't find many. As what is currently happening in the communities, we could easily draw parallels between the liberal world and the Muslim world. It is almost impossible for a jobless struggling Muslim male to seek marriage, as his capital potential is zero, amongst Muslims. This is much disturbing a practice among Muslims no matter where in the world they are from.

I would like to ask if Muslims are really liberated from hold of these capitalistic ghosts? This is because, preachers and scholars have a privileged position in letting Muslims know of the pitfalls of this life of Dunya and thus the culture of wrong gender relations and thereby encouraging easy marriages, the kind that islam speaks about.

But they don't seem to do it, or do it well. Most of them are also in the privileged positions to marry once, twice, thrice or quadruple times and then warn the youth finding it hard to marry after passing every hurdles the dunyavi-Muslims who could have been advised to lower their dunyavi-expectations, by these preachers pose, about the wrong gender relations. It could be a bit more personal if I say that I am someone who makes the dua that was made by Zakariya ASfearing I would be single forever.

But there are people in the Ummah that are going through the predicament I am in and I find no one speaking for us. And I am writing this comment desperately wishing someone from the scholars do speak for us. It carves a deeper wound. Jazak Allah! Thank you for clearing not one but many doubts and Subhan Allah for the guidance.

May Allah bless the ummah wiith wisdom,aameen. Whatever the result of the investigation he has helped me. We are all humans, we all have faults which we balance up against the good we have done. They plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners. Many of these are Dallas Imams who are running a mafia type inquisition to defame anyone who goes against them and their ideals.

He explained in his post. As he said he is divorced since 2 years, and after that with the knowledge of his family he contacted some women with their consent as a marriage proposal.

So it is completely allowed and should not be dramatized.

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I believed the way they blame him for this is to ruin his credibility and his status. Jealousy is there in every field. Jazakillahu khayr.

At this point, all accusations are unfounded and even if they are substantiated, what makes it okay to advertise his mistakes to the public? What makes it okay to even divulge the existence of his private conversations and photos? Humans are curious by nature, so merely making mention of this has already sparked thirsty critters to search on the net and find these intimate details about him. Our brother is most likely going through hell right now so we need to avoid rubbing salt into his wound.

Last but not least, many of us may not realize this but our actions have actually caused a disservice to Islam. By publicizing this issue, the news has not only reached the Muslim community, but the non-Muslims as well, and so we have given leverage to Islamophobes to use this case against us and against Islam. Allah has informed us that all sons of Adam are sinners and that the best of us are those who repent.

We need not ever forget this. These Imams are grown men and are even more knowledgeable about Islam than most of us!

Maybe they should abstain themselves rather than make it our JOB to protect them from their own nafs!

American Professor Randy Pausch famously said, "When there's an elephant in the room, introduce it."So let's talk about Nouman Ali Khan. If you don't know who he is, don't worry. Two million followers on Facebook do, as do hundreds of thousands of students who benefitted from Bayyinah Institute, one of the most well-respected Arabic Studies institutions in the United States. r/islam: Everything to do with Islam and Muslims! While I hope NAK is innocent here, number 4 only means NAK didn't rape. The accusations could have been inappropriate text messages which Islamically is not good (not as bad as zina tho) but still legal in USA. Aug 16, Audio Lecture Nouman Ali Khan - Islam and Dating Islam & Dating! - Nouman Ali Khan.

You ask us to be silent and look the other way. This is why predators like NAK can exist in the first place. The reason why cases like this tend to explode is so we can prevent this to happen again with other Muslim leaders. That they will be held accountable.

Tough Love - Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

Sure, nobody is without sin, nobody is perfect, but the difference is that NAK abused his position and LIED to several people, even going as far as suing other people. If you care about the ummah, you put the safety and well-being of your community first than one single individual!

sorry, that

I am disappointed with this article. The conversation about NAK issue shows how ill-prepared and naive the ummah is at handling issues like these. Wallah this makes me cry. Just focus on your deeds as death and end of time is near.

Navigating The Nouman Ali Khan Scandal

Excellent article. I wish Muslims are this even-keeled even when the matter concerns a non-Muslim. Thank you for the article. It has some great points that will help our community become better. There are a couple points I wanted to mention. I feel NAK has done so much good for this community. He has made our society and world so much better. Human beings have a habit of punishing others more than what is just.

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So when a victim comes forward and says someone reputable has harmed them, most times people dismiss the accusation just because the person that harmed them could of course not have done the terrible actions just because they are so highly regarded in society. We need to change this thinking.

I pray the right things will happen, we all continue to strengthen our faith, and become better people because of this situation. I think this article attempts to deal with the situation in a rational manner, but falls short of doing so. The recommended responses are all at a personal level yet the crux of the issue is that personal matters have now been made public.

The greater issue here is how is the community to respond when personal issues are made public. To me, I think there needs to be a community-level lessons learned here as well because chances are that this wont be the last time something like this occurs. Somebody did an investigation of the screenshots. It is so sad that muslims are wasting time on gossip when much more important things are happening in the world. May Allah protect the Muslims and ease their suffering wherever they may be.

Islam and dating nouman ali khan - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Watch a Funny Talk on Islam & Dating By Nouman Ali Khan. by Family and Society Team. Get to Know Surah Ar-Rahman - With Brother Nouman. Sep 23, Illegal relationship means dating woman other than wife etc. Islam also labels such kind of acts as Haram and does not allow anyone to do so. A guy, Omer M Mozaffar who calls himself a friend of Noman Ali Khan for more than 20 years has accused him of having the illegal relationship with different women. In a Facebook post, he wrote different accusations .

So well said Saffia. Do you say that because the minor student agreed to the relationship with the teach, then it should not be made public? As a non-Muslim I have remained neutral and feel that innocence remains until proven guilty.

I just pray for all involved that a mutual understanding is found without a deep divide continuing to grow. When it comes to the matter of men, all men are guilty until proven innocent. Time and time again men have shown that they are not in control of their desires, that they are prone to violence, war and hatred. God forbid they are put in positions of power, majority of them will fall to temptation and transgress.

Muslims tout that Islam respects women, but Muslim men practice little of it. Airing dirty laundry of men is not allowed but women are raped and burned with acid, killed, subjected to male violence every day - whether she is pious or not. When a woman transgress, her dirty laundry is not only aired but she will be shunned by society if not killed.

What you said is true,but irrelevant. Making only the man accountable and under public scrutiny is unfair. This article might have some good intention but it might have not served its purpose.

In its undertone it assumes, NAK is guilty and hence we should forgive him and not accuse the scholars who have point out his fault.

But some how indirectly the article fails to convey that message. Have not millions of people benefited from his work?

Islam and dating nouman ali khan

We are all sinners, why are we then chastising NAK for something he may have done privately with consenting adult? Why try prevent him from doing lectures? We are upset at the people who thought it would be a good idea to publish these in public and then advice everyone to ignore it!!

Incredibly foolish to say the least. However, I will state that failing to condemn sexual misconduct by a religious leader is exactly what got the catholic church in trouble. Get off the high horse, find out the truth, and either condemn the man or condemn his detractors. Waffling is a bad move. Beneficial article but wrong timing in my opinion.

Why bring up this discussion in detail when the best thing to do is stay quiet and let everybody move on in life. As you mentioned everybody makes mistakes. Excellent appraisal on current matters on this sad issue. We should not indulge in backbiting. How revolting is this public behaviour. Take a moment to consider the great work he has done,may Allah support him and his work Bayyinah. Inshallah his honour will be restoremay he and his family find sukinah from Allah.

Allah surely knows best. Bismillah, this article is full of wisdom and great reflection.

sorry, that

All else seems like allegations and false accusation. Still, let Allah be the judge and not us. May Allah keep the Ummah united and not be divided by such an infamous false scandal, ameen.

This is way too long and so redundant, and does not lead us anywhere. This not an issue of personal liking, but rather a matter of Islamic principles. If it is the first they should be talking to law enforcement not to people on Facebook.

If it is the second they need to bring four witnesses who saw him in the act or their punishment according to the Shariaa is to be flogged 80 times and be branded untrustworthy individuals whose testimony will never be accepted. Even if they have witnesses, where did these so called Scholars learn that Zina and indecent behavior should be publicized and shared with millions on social media?!!

If their vague accusations simply refer to inappropriate behavior inconsistent with Islamic etiquette such as flirting with women or using improper or sexually suggestive language, then they should offer him advice privately and not expose him in front of millions of Muslims to show self righteousness as if they are pure and free of any sins or failings.

I can only pray to Allah to guide him, forgive his sins and our sins and reward him for all the good work he has done, which benefited countless Muslims and left a positive impact on their lives. Very well sai jazak Allah khair.

We should leave this matter between Allah swt and himAllah swt might have already forgiven his sin if he had any. We love his teaching and his work. He is amazing teacher and doing great job for muslims. We love you NAK and we love you for sake of Allah swt and the benefit we got from your lectures. May Allah swt makes things easy for you and guide all of us Ameen.

I wish Muslim Matters did not publish this. I have lost respect for Muslim Matters for publishing this. May Allah guide us all. I ask all to continue to watch it again and again and again regardless of what transpires. Please watch them through out your life and memorize them. However, all people connected to him must persuade him that he needs to make a public apology and he should admit that he has been a bad and unislamic example when it comes to gender relations.

If he does not make admit this, then he will lead many Muslims, especially the youth, to think lightly on matters of inappropriate gender relations. And such matters are not lightthey are very sinfulthey can be serious.

Yes, Nouman, you are true about that. But you are a public figure. So, what Nouman had done Allah knows but it seems he has done some bad things because he did not deny these texts, selfiesthen he must tell the millions of people whether old or young and especially the youth of the present and those in the future who will inshallah see his brilliant youtubesthat he has repented and he must say that he has been a bad and unIslamic example in the area of gender relations.

If he does not say he repented from those specific actions but minimizes it and acts inaccurately as if no one looks up to him, then he will be misleading many youth. The NAK case has brought up so many issues of relevance to the Muslim Community in America that it will be studied and discussed for a long time. The accusations were posted on social media. In response, this teacher denied the allegations. The following day, a website was created with images of chat screens purportedly showing conversations between this teacher and some females as evidence of his wrongdoing.

In general, from my perusal of Facebook posts, the number of those who lamented the posting of these accusations and private conversations by far exceeded those who saw it as a good thing. In fact, this argument can barely hold air let alone water.

consider, that you

If that were the case, who would be the guilty party if the conversation were consensual? Very well, going along with our suppositions, we would shame the man to protect the victims. Now suppose that the man was only a little more famous than the women. Would he be the only guilty party or would the women also be a little bit guilty? If we begin to admit that the women are somewhat morally responsible beings, that they are capable of moral actions, then both the man and woman would be guilty.

But due to the power dynamic theory, the man is still more guilty than the woman. Question: would we still want to publically expose the crime in this case in order to protect somewhat guilty women from becoming victimized?

If the man and woman are equally both famous, or equally not famous at all, then they would both be equally guilty of consensual conversation. I doubt anyone would argue for public shaming in this case.

The whole argument that legitimizes exposing the sins of our brothers and sisters in clear contravention of established Islamic moral principles rests on the idea of a power dynamic which presupposes that women are emotionally and morally weaker than men!

But there was one other piece of evidence that was revealed in this case, and it was a receipt which was purportedly showing money paid to one of the women to keep them quiet. However, if the teacher paid the money to keep a women quiet, is that not proof that the woman was blackmailing the teacher? There is one other point to be made concerning power dynamic. What if a woman seduces a man by promising sexual favors or simply shows a little skin or uses one of the many other arts of seduction well-known by the fairer sex?

Finally, who would decide who wins the power dynamic and therefore is morally accountable so that we can publically shame him or her and protect the victims?

My guess is that it will be the one with the pictures. We would hope that those who initiated this accusation and posted the private conversations issue a public apology to the teacher. We would also suggest that the rising tide of feminist ideology which originated in the West among the whites be thoroughly opposed in the Islamic community as it seems to be making inroads. It seems to be prevalent among religiously minded hijabi Muslims as it is amongst secular or atheistic cultural Muslims which makes its presence all the more pernicious.

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I love Islam I sin every single day multiple times a day. MaybAllah guide us all. I have one question for Omer M, though. Why did he expose NAK who he claimed to be his friend for 30 years. I would like to ask a serious question to MuslimMatters. Here you have a good article telling us to stay silent and not start slandering. How compatible are those values with what this article is trying to say?

Zeba: Sorry, but you are adding to the mud-slinging here. There is no proof. We all know things can be doctored. We all know there is such a thing as politics and slander. Only Allah kniws the truth here. I am extremely disappointed that MM would publish this. The one in favor of the articles are kept and against are mostly deleted. I have lost all respect for Muslimmatters. This is hypocrisy at the highest level.

At least practice what you preach! I urge all Muslims to comment in favor of our respected scholar and Ustadh so these people have no choice but to delete this baseless article.

with you agree

Assalamu alaikum. I am also disappointed that my comment got deleted. I live in India and was completely unaware of all the controversy raging in the US. There are many of us who gain a lot from Bayyinah TV, but totally uninterested in the personal life of the teacher. I hope you will avoid such articles in the future, insha Allah.

There are plenty of logically made fb comments that supported NAK. But the writer chose to give a screenshot of a comment that will serve her agenda.

Making tauba and apolozising to NAK is not enough. You need to apologize to us for making us witness this dirty politics. Every person on this earth is a sinner. Does that mean everyone should stop sharing the knowledge! This will become chinese whisper.

Theres an element of truth he may have admitted to some of the allegations, victims and witnesses may have come forward but it will be mixed with a vast amount of lies and falsehood from others.

Apart from Prophets and Messengers, all humans fall into sins and error even the Scholars and Students. Do not tie your knecks around a personality, Mahdhab, Imam, Shaykh, Talib, organisation, institute. Truth is not known by the people. Know the truth and you will know who the people of truth are. Know the evidence from the Book and the Sunnah and you will know who is upholding it. If anyone falls, dont fall with them.

Dont let your emaan drop because of another persons death, turning in to Ahlul Bidah, or even a Kuffar. Be strong as an individual and stick to the truth until death.

The word "dating" stirs a lot of controversy among Muslims, but we should confess that dating among Muslim youth has become a reality and we have to deal with this reality. In this video, Nouman Ali Khan, Omar Suleiman and Abdul Nasir Jangda talk in an engaging and funny lecture where they discuss the concept of dating in Islam.

If you want to follow blindly a man of truth, then follow the man of truth from the Salaf and the Ulamah who died upon the truth. Yet concerning the religion, they were silent. Silent when it comes to mocking the Aqeedah, Shirk, Bidah, saying these issues are not important for the Ummah?

Explaining the Quran with the words, the language. Which is contradictory and alian in the field of Tafseer. Quran to be explained by Quran. Quran by the Ahadeeth, Quran by the words of the Sahabah. So these local speakers are silent in relation to the errors within the deen but outraged at a mans sins. Especially when a speaker teached in a hall with brothers on one side and sisters on the other side, and they can see each other.

The speaker looks at the females directly, cracks a joke, flirts while brothers and sisters laugh loudly, so this is a fitnah that has to stop, least sisters should be right at the back of the hall away from the speakers eyes and the brothers or a partition is put up or they are in a separate hall. Indeed this is a fitnah for Br. NAK and it is a purification for him and raising of rank. Providing he knows and makes tawbah and returns, if he is innocent than Allah will make him free from these claims.

As for not rectifying then more humiliation will decend. May Allah protect us all. Make us all be sincere seekers of ilm and act by it. Just adding, we have a serious problem in the west.

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