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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. An old friend of Felicity's comes to visit. The new guy raises some questions. What happened in Felicity' s life that got her involved with a guy from Gotham?

So, she is a bit scared of telling him that she is a virgin. But he is such a gentleman with her. For Felicity, Oliver was her first and only man in her life. And for Oliver, Felicity was the one who really mattered in the end.

Vampire and the Geek by felicityollies. Oliver takes a break from studying only to come back to his room to find his best friend and a vampire? He has no idea how much his life is about to change. Everything Changed In the Bathroom by spaztronautwriter. Felicity Smoak is ready to be done with high school and move on to better things at MIT.

But when her boyfriend, Cooper, drags her to a graduation party and she accidentally gets locked in the bathroom with her nemesis, Oliver Queen, her outlook begins to change. Right Girl by SmoakingGreenArrow. Felicity meets Oliver after she transfers to Starling Academy, a high school she never wanted to step foot in. The Heist by wrldtravler.

Oliver forgets something, Felicity does what she does best and helps him retrieve it, and nothing goes according to plan. A Bringer of New Things by onanomnomotopoeia. One Night by suttons-brady. Felicity paces back and forth in her bathroom, fingers playing with each other in front of her stomach and her bottom lip pulled between her teeth.

How the hell did she get here? She prides herself on being smart - on being a genius, actually. Hell, she skipped eighth grade! So how in the hell had she ended up here, burning a hole in the floor of her bathroom, waiting for a flimsy plastic stick to tell her if her life is over?

Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl Felicity Smoak has a plan. But what happens when her roommate Iris drags her to a hockey game one night? Probably nothing. Six months after the birth of their daughter Mae Oliver and Felicity live in Boston as a young family. After appearing out of nowhere, a strange man named Oliver Queen walks into the office of Overwatch Private Detectives, looking for someone from his past. He offers millions of dollars in cash to the agency to solve her murder, but doesn't give them any information besides that she died at the hands of someone in Star City.

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Someone powerful and extremely dangerous. Felicity is intrigued. And a little smitten, but I mean, who wouldn't be? She isn't the only one either as he almost instantly becomes part of a love triangle between the constantly warring Lance sisters. But as they slowly find more and more information about the murder, Felicity can't shake the feelings he brings up in her and she's convinced he feels them too.

So, why does he keep distancing himself from her? When Team Arrow comes across a puzzling case, Felicity Smoak is at a crossroads pun maybe intended. Felicity discovers just how far Oliver's stubbornness will take him- and decides it's time for her to get a say.

Elio and Oliver are together, still living in the same building in Manhattan - and they deal with their relationship as it grows. With a few bumps in the road Long distance relationships are nothing easy, especially when your boyfriend is a famous twitch streamer who has far too many friends to collaborate with.

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Oliver Queen, also known as "Arrow" in the MMA fighting scene was rising in his career when a horrible car accident took the life of his fiance and almost killed him. Five years later and tons of physical therapy and he is back to reclaim his title with the help of trainer John Diggle and his PT wife Lyla Michaels.

She moved from Ivy Town to make a clean start and is asked by John to take Oliver as a client. They try to fight their feelings for one another, both reluctant to go down that path, but their pull is too strong.

However, when a shadow from Oliver's past shows up will it bring them together or pull them apart? Oliver's at the park with Anya and realizes that a certain brown-eyed toddler is getting a little too friendly with his baby girl. He called out to her and went straight into his office with Felicity following behind him, tablet in hand. The morning kiss was part of Oliver's strategy to establish Felicity as his girlfriend inside the company.

The first time he did it they'd been in the middle of the lobby and Felicity almost fainted. Now, almost five days since the elevator incident, she had to admit it wasn't getting any easier. The plan seemed to be working, though. People's attitudes towards her were less harsh.

Sure, she still got dirty looks from time to time, but mostly from other women and it looked a lot more like envy rather than hate. Turns out Oliver was quite the attentive fake boyfriend, all charm and elegance.

Add that to his natural protective stance plus those killer blue eyes and you had yourself one hell of a catch. There was only one problem; Oliver was a little too convincing. Blame it on his mad acting skills, but whatever harmless, platonic crush Felicity had on him before this started, it had turned into a four-headed, delusional monster now. Oliver unlocked the screen to reveal an article from Starling City's online tabloid The Puppeteer. The photographer had caught Felicity in one of her usual lost girl looks, making that little o with her mouth again.

Oliver never noticed the smile on his face. This has certainly been a tragic year for our favourite outcast and billion-dollar heir, Oliver Queen.

With his new job as acting CEO of Queen Consolidated and his mother facing charges for her participation in the conspiracy that led to hundreds of deaths, including that of his childhood friend Tommy Merlyn, one would think Oliver didn't have time for anything else.

However, nothing stands in the way of romance for our controversial playboy, who's been recently spotted several times with the same mystery blonde.

An informant within the company says the couple had been hiding their liaison for quite some time now. They don't even bother hiding anymore, which is good because they weren't fooling anyone. You just had to take one look at them to see they're a lot more than boss and assistant. To tell you the truth we couldn't be happier to hear Oliver has found a new love in his life after being miraculously rescued from the deserted island where he spent the last five years. Considering the way things ended with his last formal girlfriend, Laurel Lance, it's safe to say the guy deserves a break.

Now that Miss Lance is acting as co-counselor in the Moira Queen case, we expect Oliver's ex and current girlfriend to be crossing paths pretty soon. Exciting news for us drama lovers! Now we will definitely tune in to follow the biggest trial in the history of Starling City and hope we get to catch a glimpse of the new happy couple.

I think it was a friend for the Historical Society who called her and told her about it.

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Bottom line is she wants me to take you home and officially introduce you tonight. Felicity shook her head emphatically.

Arrow oliver and felicity hook up

Her palms were sweating just thinking about it. There was no way she'd be able to go on with the actual thing. Now all we got to do is stick to our story as convincingly as possible. This is not some person out on the street, this is your mother. She knows you, she's gonna know it's not real. The traffic light turned red and Diggle slowed to a halt. They were two blocks away from Felicity's building and he was driving Oliver to pick her up before heading over to the Queen's mansion.

He glanced at his friend in the back of the car.

Oliver Queen is a boss of the Star City mafia when he meets and and falls in love with Star City socialite Felicity Smoak. While on their honeymoon their yacht goes down and they are presumed dead. Five years later they unexpectantly show back up alive and Oliver is now also a Captain in the Russian Bratva. What if Felicity Smoak stopped instead of walking down to the Bat cave she decided to interfere and talk to Tommy Merlyn now that he knows about Oliver and Team Arrow. AU version on what could change. some things stay the same a lot of things changes. In the Starling City of Earth-2, Oliver reminds himself of his mission, and his reasons to. Follow/Fav Like an old married couple. By: PaceyRowe. Five times Oliver and Felicity are mistaken for a married couple and the one time they actually are. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - [Oliver Q./Arrow/Green Arrow, Felicity S./Overwatch] - Chapters: 6 - Words: 14,

You're getting yourself into dangerous territory by playing house with Felicity. I said I would protect her when she joined us. This is me protecting her.

You don't realize what this is doing to you or to her, and I'm not talking about your reputation. Felicity is a woman, you are a man.

Things happen. Diggle pulled up to the sidewalk and Oliver saw Felicity standing outside of her building in a one shoulder blue dress and her hair pulled to the side in a loose braid over her bare skin. She wasn't wearing her usual glasses but he could see her bright purple lips from the car. If my mother can take Roy and his criminal record I'm sure she can take you. Felicity took a deep breath and prepared for the worst.

Once they got to the house Oliver helped her out of the car and told Diggle to give them a call if anything came up at the foundry.

Oliver ? Felicity ? Logan { "Did you love my mommy ?" } [AU-their child] ??

Now you're telling me you can't have dinner with my mother. We'll be fine. You're smart, you're funny and you look beautiful. Now just stay close to me and let's get this over with, alright? Oliver pushed the front door open and called out to let his mom know they were home.

Felicity took in the inmensity of the house. For a moment Felicity got distracted by how different Oliver was around his mother. He looked sweet. The way he smiled and moved around her, it warmed her heart. She was glad she got to see that private side of Oliver, that little-boy look in his eyes instead of the sea of troubles that always plagued them.

He shouldn't have waited so long to bring you over. Now, Felicity, tell me about yourself". The three of them talked for a while over drinks and appetizers. Oliver was sitting down next to Felicity on a big XIX century couch while his mother asked questions from the arm chair across from them. I can see what he meant. I'm glad Oliver has found an ally in you as well.

He deserves good people in his life, especially now. Felicity felt wrong lying to Oliver's mother about the state of their relationship but at least she could be honest about this. Oliver rested his hand on her shoulder.

The musky scent of his cologne quickly wrapped around her and she had to fight the urge to dive into his body and just disappear into dreamland. He looked at his 'girlfriend' and again the world became a blur for her. There was nothing but his eyes.

Felicity wouldn't be more shocked if Thea had said she knew Oliver was the Arrow. Whether Thea was saying this for her sake or Laurel's, she didn't know. Either way, all she could do was listen and try not to break. Felicity and Oliver are secretly dating, but it's not what they both want. Unexpected appearances threaten to destroy everything they have. **Award: Best High School Characterizations** Gentle by @smkkbert. Words: 8, // Chapters: 1/1. What if Felicity lost her virginity with Oliver while he already lost his a long time ago. Arrow - oliver and felicity secretly dating - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you.

She thanked him, making a mental sketch of the way his lower lashes threw shadows over his cheeks and the way his eyes softened when he smiled. Moira watched them curiously. Her son hadn't been the same since he came back from the island. She'd made a mistake at the beginning trying to push him to pick up where he left off as if nothing happened. Now she understood, a lot had happened, he was scarred he was broken.

But so was she and so was the rest of her family, she couldn't judge her son anymore. She loved him now for who he was, a man full of secrets but with a kind heart inside him.

She was afraid other people wouldn't be able to see him for who he was now, both good and bad. Even Thea held him up to the memory she had of him as did Laurel. Moira feared Laurel might still be in love with the Ollie that left her to go on the Queen's Gambit all those years ago. But now, looking at him with Felicity, Moira was starting to believe her son could heal.

Arrow fanfiction oliver and felicity secretly dating

Perhaps he could find love again with a woman who looked at him like he was the world. Felicity didn't want him to be anything other than what he was, that much was evident. They shared some more small talk as per promise, mostly about the company and the excessive media coverage the trial was getting.

That was until Thea and her Arrow enthusiastic boyfriend showed up. If Felicity thought the worst was over once they won Moira over, she thought wrong. Thea's boyfriend, Roy, was having a freak-out party of his own having to deal with Oliver and his big brother act, but Thea had her eyes set on Felicity the whole time and she didn't seem pleased with whatever she was seeing.

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